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Check out the latest NBA 2K15 video footage from Gamescom. This one features Euroleague teams, Real Madrid vs. Bayern München.

Post your thoughts!

More links to NBA 2K15 gameplay video footage can be seen here, if you missed it.

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# 1 countryboy @ 08/15/14 12:06 AM
was windy where this video was taken?

Game looks really good. Can't wait to play it!
# 2 ForeverVersatile @ 08/15/14 12:44 AM
I Like what i saw as well, lots of positives in this video.
# 3 bballshawn24 @ 08/15/14 01:00 AM
much better gameplay. but its something about basketball games that isnt the same since 2k11
# 4 king doe @ 08/15/14 01:08 AM
good video, really liked what saw.
# 5 FaM0us Skins @ 08/15/14 01:12 AM
The gameplay looks good so far.
# 6 lvnba @ 08/15/14 01:17 AM
This is more like it. The game looks very promising, the pace is cool.
# 7 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 08/15/14 01:27 AM
Who is the guy dunking at 3:10?
# 8 Phreezy P @ 08/15/14 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by mars5541
Who is the guy dunking at 3:10?
Looks like Rudy Fernandez

Finally a player that looks like they actually know the sport of basketball to an extent.

I liked those camera cuts and contact animations at the rim and on the perimeter.
# 9 DaWolf @ 08/15/14 02:13 AM
Now thats what I call shaky cam!
# 10 UniversalNoob @ 08/15/14 06:12 AM
That Bayern guy has a horrible style of play... Hope it won't be this easy to win this way this year.
# 11 El_Poopador @ 08/15/14 06:30 AM
Couple things I took away that's different from what I'm seeing mentioned so far:
  • Spacing looked about the same as 2k14, which has me worried. CPU defenders sagging way off their man which clogs the lane, but the AI teammates they should be guarding don't move to get open or get them further away. Multiple times I saw all five CPU defenders right around the key, almost like they were lined up for a free throw.
  • Passing still looked floaty.
  • CPU passing was not intelligent. They weren't passing the ball to keep it moving and get an open look, but rather just passing back and forth around the perimeter like in 2k14.
  • Every time a CPU player caught a pass, they did a jab step.
  • Too many points in the paint and seeming too much attacking the basket in general, especially from Euroleague teams.

That being said, there were some positives. I liked that the CPU took some pull-up jump shots off the dribble. Those were largely nonexistent in 2k14. Some of the new camera cuts were nice. Dribbling from the user seemed a little more fluid.

Overall, it just didn't look much different from 2k14, at least in the areas I was focusing on.
# 12 kgbrolic @ 08/15/14 06:58 AM
Mr. Shaky Cam in full effect. Great video though.
# 13 kgbrolic @ 08/15/14 07:00 AM
At least this guy can play unlike that other n00b. Now I am starting to see the glory in its proper light.
I like the passing and the movement looks way more real.
# 14 Rams_3 @ 08/15/14 07:06 AM
Can't wait..game looks really good. Let's hope nba live is good to. So we the consumer can have 2 games this year. Keep up the good work 2k.
# 15 BenBobOmb @ 08/15/14 07:30 AM
I hope they get updated Rosters for the Euro teams this year, too. Right now this was last years Roster on Bayern Munich.

The game looks good so far.
# 16 Junior Moe @ 08/15/14 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by BenBobOmb
I hope they get updated Rosters for the Euro teams this year, too. Right now this was last years Roster on Bayern Munich.

The game looks good so far.
Yeah. They still have Mirotic on Real Madrid, he signed with the Chicago Bulls.
# 17 Mintsa @ 08/15/14 07:46 AM
That was the best video so far. Can't wait to get the game. Cant wait for a demo (hopefully).

Was it just me or did that game really have a "euroleague" feel to it ???

It seemed different than the Heat/Spurs gameplay.
# 18 Eman5805 @ 08/15/14 07:57 AM
Ball on rim physics appear different.

Unless that's just the way it looks with that red and black ball.

And the post layups are much better looking.
# 19 Ward13 @ 08/15/14 09:21 AM
Any word on if euro teams are fully customizable this year? I want to create some guys and invade the Turkish Airlines League!
# 20 Jakeness23 @ 08/15/14 09:25 AM
I would love if we could draft guys from the Euro teams in MyLeague, and use those games for scouting them. I'm thinking within the next 3 years we'll (hopefully) get FIBA and/or the Olympics along with Euro teams.

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