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EA released a pretty hilarious video declaring the start of Madden season. The video features Kevin Hart and Dave Franco and has some rather funny moments. Check out the official PR below and watch the video above:

"Today EA SPORTS officially kicked off Madden Season with a humorous ad campaign video featuring Kevin Hart and Dave Franco. The video demonstrates how friends become frenemies during Madden Season, when rivalries heat up and you’ll stop at nothing to get the win. The full video is available here.

In addition to Hart and Franco, the spot also features cameos from other up-and-coming celebrities and young athletes including Colin Kaepernick, LeSean McCoy, Dez Bryant, Von Miller and Damian Lillard. Even the guys from the popular YouTube show, Epic Meal Time, join in on the fun. In a first for the Madden NFL franchise, the spot makes its debut online several days before it will hit broadcast television."

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# 1 jmurphy31 @ 08/15/14 10:30 AM
I have few words after watching that video. Its right up there with those weird old spice commercials.
# 2 slappymancuso @ 08/15/14 10:39 AM
I think you can just paste the iframe code right in. At least the preview is making it look like that will work.

# 3 thinkjoey @ 08/15/14 10:51 AM
i must say....as a Niner fan

Kap looks awkward
# 4 mestevo @ 08/15/14 10:57 AM
What did i just watch, lol. Bizarre and unexpected, mission accomplished. It's all over my Twitter timeline.
# 5 ratedmoney @ 08/15/14 11:01 AM
Cool video, I liked it. But the video shows how I felt about Madden say 10 years ago lol
# 6 bxgoods @ 08/15/14 11:04 AM
This was awesome, they had like everyone in it lol. Kevin Hart is a idiot.
# 7 deej93 @ 08/15/14 11:21 AM
Idk I thought it was kinda dumb ha
# 8 marshallfever @ 08/15/14 11:31 AM
Too funny laughed at the "blah blah blah" rap lol
# 9 JoedicyMichael @ 08/15/14 11:56 AM
Bro Kevin Hart is in everything!!!!

Enjoyed it tho!
# 10 Gorilla Glass @ 08/15/14 11:58 AM
Pretty good video.

Kevin Harts a funny dude lol
# 11 number1thumbs @ 08/15/14 12:06 PM
annoying...reminds me of Madden, so mission accomplished i guess
# 12 tril @ 08/15/14 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by marshallfever
Too funny laughed at the "blah blah blah" rap lol
same here. that part was comical!!!!
# 13 Jm0ney2001 @ 08/15/14 12:15 PM
If it was madden season. I would be playing out right now. So obviously it's not madden season
# 14 Whaaaazuuuuup @ 08/15/14 12:21 PM
Ok...here my lil promo of Madden15..."That commericial dont mean JACK if the game is WHACK!! Now hows that for a RAP....CLAP CLAP!!"...ok im done....
# 15 Armor and Sword @ 08/15/14 12:32 PM
LET IT BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 16 trey2k198003 @ 08/15/14 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by XxJustAguessxX
Yeah so tired of kevin hart, he's from my city but damn it's just too much. Video isn't even funny.
both yall sound like haters lol its cool though freedom of speech all about it lol
# 17 Bowinkle08 @ 08/15/14 12:43 PM
Originally Posted by trey2k198003
both yall sound like haters lol its cool though freedom of speech all about it lol
i agree with them. im happy for kevin hart and all his success but he goes overboard sometimes. too antzy and hyper for me.
# 18 CWSapp757 @ 08/15/14 12:56 PM
I'm not sure how they sound like haters because they are sick of Kevin Hart. I mean, you literally can't escape the dude.
# 19 Sheba2011 @ 08/15/14 12:59 PM
That was stupid but hilarious at the same time. Just like most of Kevin Hart's films.
# 20 neifro @ 08/15/14 01:05 PM
Take it to the house LeMicheal.....

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