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EA Sports has just released two NHL 15 gameplay videos, which shows off the gameplay, new camera angles (Dynamic Low, Dynamic Medium, and Dynamic High), commentary and more.

Watch the embedded videos above or click here for video #1 and here for video #2.

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NHL 15 Videos
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# 1 scitychamps87 @ 08/15/14 03:29 PM
I love what I see. Amazing presentation . Gameplay has a nice tempo. Still some bugs but overall looks good. Doc and Edzo sound great. I just want to see Doc lose it though!"HE SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES!!!!!!!!"
# 2 El_Poopador @ 08/15/14 03:30 PM
So that's what a next gen sports game looks like? Seriously, that was amazing. Graphics and presentation were phenomenal. Commentary wasn't as amazing, but still good nonetheless. I'm impressed.
# 3 Sheba2011 @ 08/15/14 03:30 PM
Overall it looks a lot better, still seeing some cheap goals though hopefully tied to whatever difficulty they are playing on.
# 4 Likwidkewl @ 08/15/14 03:33 PM
Looks like a day one purchase for me!
# 5 77Hockey @ 08/15/14 03:33 PM
That Legwand goal in the 2nd video is so dirty.
# 6 shogunofharlem3 @ 08/15/14 03:35 PM
Graphics and presentation are amazing.

The goalies seem to do the same thing from 14, they give up the top corners too much, they end up on their butts after a save attempt, they do that awkward hug post animation and worst of all they reset to that butterfly position and sit there static immediately after a goal.

Will be interesting. Hopefully the next video shows someone that actually dumps and chases so we can see some scrummin' in the corners and boardplay in action.

Fair to say that defensive 360 stick control did not make it in again. Seems to be the same old poke mechanic....ugh. OH, and the 0.1 second goals have made another return.

Really hoping the best. With no competition the gamers deserve a great hockey game.
# 7 njdevils14 @ 08/15/14 03:35 PM
Really like what I saw

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# 8 TerminallyOdd @ 08/15/14 03:37 PM
On the surface, gameplay looks similar. I don't mind too much since I found NHL 14 enjoyable. The presentation brings it to a whole other level though, and has been something that's been missing from the game for years. Graphically, things look pretty nice as well. While I don't think it meets NBA 2K14's level of realism, seeing that in full 1080p at 60 fps (not the compressed, 30 fps Youtube version) is going to be a treat.

Doc does sound like he's half asleep though. That's a shame...
# 9 csamuelsvt @ 08/15/14 03:38 PM
Impressive they got nbc AND nbcsn in!

Love everything except docs commentary at times. His "score" intensity is lacking big time. Wonder if it's better later in the game?
# 10 sweetjones @ 08/15/14 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by scitychamps87
I love what I see. Amazing presentation . Gameplay has a nice tempo. Still some bugs but overall looks good. Doc and Edzo sound great. I just want to see Doc lose it though!"HE SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES!!!!!!!!"
Hopefully it's contextual. In other words, he does it on a last second game winning/tyng goal. (fingers crossed)
# 11 PhillyGuy11826 @ 08/15/14 03:44 PM
Doc's intensity is what makes him a great announcer. Not surprised that it's not really there but it's still disappointing.

The soundtrack in this game is why I need custom soundtracks. Hopefully they'll be able to add it in a game update but I doubt we'll see it until NHL 16

I'm so sick of that Fall Out Boy song.
# 12 Arrowhead21 @ 08/15/14 03:52 PM
Everything looks pretty damn good except two things seem to be directly ported from the last gen versions which is the goalies (they behave exactly the same as on 360, I dont even see different animations) and the sound effects (slap shot, puck off glass, etc) don't seem like they were changed either
# 13 bad_philanthropy @ 08/15/14 03:57 PM
Looks good visually. Gameplay looks like NHL 14, which for me, is a good thing. I just don't think we're going to see that quantum leap in gameplay and animations with the economic framework of contemporary big developer, licensed, sports gaming.

Looking forward to putting another 100+ hours into an NHL game.
# 14 SAMCRO_55 @ 08/15/14 03:57 PM
Like what I'm seeing presentation wise, really helps with immersion. Hopefully late in the 3rd of a close game Doc gets more excited. Seems to be playing a little bit slower which is welcome. Some small animation changes on cuts look good. Hits still OP but hopefully tuners can fix that. Jersey move a bit too much but that's not a big deal for me. Looking forward to hours and hours of be a gm come this fall. here's to hoping eashl made its way into the game as well.
# 15 adayinthelife @ 08/15/14 04:00 PM
A lot familiarities there, but hopefully it feels different. The same could be said about FIFA and Madden last year on the PS4 just looking at videos, but I found both games to feel 10 times better when actually playing. Goalies do look awfully familiar though.

Graphically things are looking better than anticipated - liking the look of the new player models in motion for the most part, as well as the freeflowing jerseys and puck. Can't wait to set up my own camera angle and lose that puck shadow (I really, really, really hope this is still an option).

Hitting/general collision physics look essentially the same as they have been for the past few years - not very good. 3 guys running into each other and all falling over backwards in the one video? Is this tyke level hockey? Come on.

Hopefully now that they've put these videos out in the wild we'll start seeing some more gameplay from different angles, different situations, etc.
# 16 riichiieriich @ 08/15/14 04:01 PM
It's going to suck missing out on the slick presentation and smooth gameplay if they don't have EASHL this year.
# 17 AdamJones113 @ 08/15/14 04:06 PM
Graphics and presentation look superb.

Is it just me or did anyone else not see that much Vision AI? I was watching defense in the zone, and the defense seemed lukewarm (Ryan O'Reilly just skating parallel to Parise and giving up comes to mind).

But I really want Human-CPU gameplay before I pass judgement.
# 18 Cletus @ 08/15/14 04:13 PM
A lot of offense and defensive lapses in the video. Most of it seemed to be tied in to the people controlling the players though. Still didn't see cpu guys using poke checks, but it was 1 vs. 1 and they switched to the closest man and played worse D than the cpu did. I'm not sure they would show much defense because it's hard to make a trailer and still impress the casuals with defense. The puck on the dump in looked pretty good. It also looked like the puck didn't float through guys to magically land on another person's stick.

I'm still going to buy it day one, but the puck still going through pucks and people worries me. I imagine the sliders can fix stick on stick collisions somewhat, but I doubt anything can be done about body. Goalies look better, but still give up goals they shouldn't. They should give up goals because they're out of position instead of just guessing wrong, if that makes sense. It's hard to tell if neutral zone is any better because the game speed was a little too high for me.
# 19 ratedmoney @ 08/15/14 04:16 PM
Looks like alot of fun, ive always enjoyed playing NHL games. Sadly I really dont know the rules, and wouldnt have a clue as to some type of strategy to playing hockey. I always just free styled it on a lower level.
# 20 hgg @ 08/15/14 04:26 PM
Skating looked bad...
or what do you guys think?

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