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By now you've had to have read the rumors circulating around the internet about the possibility EASHL is not in the Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 versions of NHL 15.

What do you think about the possibility of this? How would it impact your buying decision, if at all?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leave a comment about how your buying decision will be affected by EASHL being in or not in the game?

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# 1 BaylorBearBryant @ 08/16/14 10:35 AM
Hey EA, maybe next Battlefield, you could take out Conquest mode and force us to play 1 on 1 Deathmatch?
# 2 CarryTheWeight @ 08/16/14 10:39 AM
Still buying day one. Not an online gamer in the least and I haven't played one game of EASHL since it was introduced.

As long as offline Be a GM isn't removed, I'm more than fine with what we'll be getting.
# 3 LuGer33 @ 08/16/14 10:52 AM
Kind of a loaded "still buying" option.

EASHL is my favorite mode and I'm not happy with its *likely* omission from next-gen NHL. So I certainly care, but I also like the NHL, like other modes (like Be A GM and OVP) so I'll still be buying the game.
# 4 Richzilla @ 08/16/14 11:05 AM
With world events these days the fact that people are up in arms about a video game mode being omitted is laughable.

With that being said I have pre ordered and don't care if the mode is in place or not.

For those that are upset over this...It does seem kind of silly that when we change gen's we loose things....Back in the old days each new step up or new version gave us more as an incentive to keep buying year over year.

Sadly it seem's like the best years of EA Sports are behind us.

Hope they prove me wrong.
# 5 Peter_OS @ 08/16/14 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by CarryTheWeight
Still buying day one. Not an online gamer in the least and I haven't played one game of EASHL since it was introduced.

As long as offline Be a GM isn't removed, I'm more than fine with what we'll be getting.
Same here. I could care less about any online play. Never played one game of EASHL.

Give me the single player experience, with 1 to 4 players off-line and a GM mode and I'm happy.
# 6 Sheba2011 @ 08/16/14 11:18 AM
Could never get into EASHL no matter how hard I tried. Like the others have said as long as GM mode is still in the game it is a day 1 purchase for me.
# 7 bowld @ 08/16/14 11:24 AM
Doesnt have any impact on me as EASHL wasn't really my thing anyways. Also, at this point its obvious that it wont be included as EA would have issued a statement by now if they had good news to deliver
# 8 Stormyhog @ 08/16/14 11:40 AM
I never really play any of the modes they put in. I usually get bored with them rather quick. I strictly play offline exhibition or quick game setting up matchups with the real life rosters. Not a fan of fantasy teams and stuff like that doesn't interest me.
# 9 stooge 1010 @ 08/16/14 11:47 AM
I don't play online at all, so it doesny bother me either. a definite buy for me.
# 10 Gotmilkman24 @ 08/16/14 11:51 AM
I use to be a offline player, but then I found eashl and played a few games and I have never gone back to offline play. Meeting people online and playing 6v6 is the best experience in any sports game I have ever played. If the mode does not make it to gen4 I will most likely skip nhl 15. I want a game that will hold my attention. Offline does not do that. EASHL is the only reason I still play 14. I mean its 2014.. who wants to play alone?
# 11 snc237 @ 08/16/14 12:03 PM
Once I started playing online I completly stopped playing franchise mode in games, I love the Competitiveness of online. Then when EASHL came out it was like I was playing a new game if nhl. If there skipping out this year I guess I will just play more ranked but that mode was a great change of pace and will be missed if it's not out this year.
# 12 Entiae @ 08/16/14 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by Gotmilkman24
I mean its 2014.. who wants to play alone?
People still have different preferences.
# 13 k2thaz @ 08/16/14 12:23 PM
i'm an offline GM Mode person so I don't mind it. But alot like NBA2k when they took out Crew I know it bothers people. They shouldn't take things away from dedicated fans.

But yea, I'm stoked for the game and can't wait for it
# 14 SidVish @ 08/16/14 12:34 PM
I have never heard of EASHL so I'm still going to buy it whether it's in or not.
# 15 KennyJ1976 @ 08/16/14 12:48 PM
I've been playing the EA Sports NHL series since NHL 13 and have never played 1 second of EASHL or HUT, so I definitely won't miss it. I have no desire whatsoever to play with fantasy or make believe type teams in any sports game.
# 16 Millennium @ 08/16/14 12:53 PM
Won't buy current gen. Have a group that is going 360 if it isn't in an early patch.
# 17 Majingir @ 08/16/14 01:11 PM
I really don't care if this stuff is in the game or not. Only time I ever go online in sports games is just to download roster updates and stuff. Less online stuff the better,cause then it means the developers have to put time/effort into offline mode instead of having online gimmicks + hurting offline gameplay because they want online gameplay to be diff/less realistic(like in NHL series)
# 18 fnz21 @ 08/16/14 01:37 PM
I assume EASHL is some sort of online mode. I'm a strictly offline player. NHL 15 will be my first title on the PS4 (I actually still have to buy one). I'm a Playstation guy, and most people I know have Xbox's. Besides, if I want to play against someone, I'll just have them over.
# 19 spidertour02 @ 08/16/14 01:42 PM
I'm still buying. I don't care about EASHL because I play offline.
# 20 IHadAlexisTexas @ 08/16/14 01:57 PM
No purchase for me, offline franchises are fun for a few weeks, but they get stale very quickly. Unbelievable that they would elect to cut the mode, hopefully it blows up in someone's face career wise.

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