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The Golf Club is launching on the Xbox One this week, and if you are a PC player you may have actually been playing the game for weeks as a beta-tester if you are at all excited about it. If you are a PS4 user, your time is coming later this month.

With a price tag of $34.99 as a complete digital title, are you at all excited about The Golf Club and what it is bringing to consoles? Does the course editor interest you? Cross platform-sharing features?

Sound off by voting in our poll and comment with your buying plans for The Golf Club!

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# 1 mcmax3000 @ 08/18/14 10:37 AM
Absolutely. I mean, I guess I already have, because I bought the early access version on Steam, but the Xbox One version is the one that I'm planning on putting actual time into.
# 2 bowld @ 08/18/14 10:42 AM
Buying for PS4 as soon is its out. Really looking forward to it
# 3 Dino @ 08/18/14 10:44 AM
Yes - I will download as soon as it hits the XBL Store tomorrow!

Look forward to making my favorite old hometown courses.

I hear the online multiplayer ghost play as well as real time works really well.

And the fact that my friends on both consoles and PC can share created courses in the game is truly groundbreaking in the console gaming world. Hope they have a successful launch.
# 4 PAPERNUT @ 08/18/14 10:45 AM
Most anticipated game of the year for me. I plan on buying it on both Xbox and PS4 if the Xbox version pans out this week. I would never buy other games like this for multiple consoles, but a developer that gives us this type of customization, plans to support their product afterwards, and has been up front and communicating with fans from the start deserves my $70.
# 5 ubernoob @ 08/18/14 10:46 AM
This is the first golf game (grabbed it on PC long ago) I've bought in... at least 10-12 years.

Absolutely worth it.
# 6 bcruise @ 08/18/14 10:55 AM
You left out the "Already bought Early Access" option.
# 7 mestevo @ 08/18/14 11:16 AM
Leaning no in the absence of a 'maybe later' option. I've got the arcade golf game for a quick fix and a lot of good games coming out in the near future that I've already started delaying purchase of.
# 8 speedtrucker @ 08/18/14 11:29 AM
yep, was gonna wait for a bit before buying it but when the EA Access thing went fully available, I decided to go and trade in my BF4 and FIFA14 for $60+ at GS. less what I used towards EA Access, that gave me just enough for The Golf Club so I'll be setting it to download tomorrow while I'm at work.

really really interested in this game, its been said before but it is like SimGolf but with a solid golf "play" simulator built it.

I love the lack of boosting and equipment perks that took over EA-TW, especially seeing a golfer in a space suit using a "Nike" driver hitting a Nuke Golf ball 370 yards down the fairway, missing all the course designed hazards by 60+ yards...

I'm interested in playing user and friend replicas of famous courses as well as comparing my friends personal designs against my own. this is also great in that my PC overlord buddies, PS4 buddies and us XB1ers can all share them together. hopefully in the future cross-platform tourny/leader boards will be tracked. that would be absolute awesomeness if a clubhouse could track scores across all platforms.
# 9 burjeffton @ 08/18/14 11:31 AM
I'm really excited about TGC, and really disappointed it's not on PS4 this week. Day 1 buy.
# 10 GlennN @ 08/18/14 11:35 AM
Nah, hard for me to get excited for any golf game. The next one I buy will be the first.
# 11 aimiami @ 08/18/14 12:30 PM
Yes. I havent gotten a golf game in forever simply because theres no course customization and this looks awesome. Especially since you can share maps across platforms.
# 12 brandon27 @ 08/18/14 01:30 PM
I'm torn on this one. I really want to pick it up, because it looks like a solid golf game, and the course customization is big.

I'm apprehensive about it though due to the lack of licensed real courses, golfers, and the fact there isn't much in the way of offline modes, which is all I want to play.

I'm not sure what to do here.
# 13 greenegt @ 08/18/14 03:30 PM
I can't wait!
# 14 porkys8077 @ 08/18/14 04:10 PM
Yeah I will be picking it up for the PS4.
# 15 LingeringRegime @ 08/18/14 05:10 PM
Without a doubt.

This is the golf game I have been waiting for all my life.
# 16 DirtyJerz32 @ 08/18/14 06:11 PM
Only decision is what system I'm buying it for.
# 17 Jellobiafra @ 08/18/14 07:01 PM
Any reason why it ain't on ps4 at the same time??
# 18 Ghost Of The Year @ 08/18/14 10:05 PM
If this was on the Vita it'd be a Day One get; as it stands I can wait till February. By then I will have my fill of the new Madden. Then I should be able to get a good price for a copy of the Club for the ps4.
# 19 mike24forever @ 08/18/14 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by 32
Only decision is what system I'm buying it for.
No decision. Buy it for both like me!!!
# 20 Cod @ 08/18/14 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by bcruise
You left out the "Already bought Early Access" option.
This...I've owned it for a few months now.

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