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GoodGameBro has posted a couple of more Madden NFL 15 videos. The first one is a matchup between the New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers. It's a CPU vs. CPU match showing off the broadcast angle.

The second clip shows off the defensive camera angle with the Carolina Panthers battling it out with the San Francisco 49ers.

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# 1 thinkjoey @ 08/18/14 10:56 AM
might have to increase the int sliders a bit, but my favorite play was when Palmer threw it too far outside and it went out of bounds

The receiver attempted to make a catch. Much more realistic. So excited for this game
# 2 SageInfinite @ 08/18/14 10:57 AM
LMAO @ the punt in the Saints Panthers video. I have never seen a football bounce like that.
# 3 capa @ 08/18/14 11:31 AM
For the most part I love what I have been seeing in all the M`15 clips shown already. My one fear is that the amped up defense this year will cause the CPU QB sacks to skyrocket through the roof. I don't want to see 8+ CPU QB sacks per game and I hope the AI is smart enough to throw ball away at times.

All in all the game is looking great but when they concentrate on one side of the ball improvements sometimes these anomalies can happen...hope not...

# 4 z.arthur23 @ 08/18/14 11:47 AM
Love the defensive camera angle...Does anybody know if you'll be able to use the defensive camera with more than one player? For example...if my buddy and I are playing on the same team in couch co-op, can we use that camera and control two defenders from that view or will we be forced to play the way have been in the past? Thanks for any answers!
# 5 drj32 @ 08/18/14 12:07 PM
CPU vs. CPU??? Is it possible???
# 6 Bowinkle08 @ 08/18/14 12:49 PM
i have mixed feelings about the defense cam. i think i would only use it when playing as a linemen. also, the in game audio sounds amazing. it has def been revamped.
# 7 Hassan Darkside @ 08/18/14 01:15 PM
One thing that I didn't like in both videos was the CPU QB taking sacks on screen plays. Was hoping that'd be addressed as it rarely happens in the NFL.
# 8 malky @ 08/18/14 01:20 PM
Too bad CPU VS CPU view is not in franchise mode, SMDH
# 9 KareemEasy @ 08/18/14 01:57 PM
So many INT dropped
# 10 spidertour02 @ 08/18/14 02:09 PM
Am I the only one bothered by how edited all of these videos have been? It's pretty obvious that EA has some sort of deal with these guys because they're ALL editing the videos in the same way.

It's not a killer because we've seen plenty of unedited direct feed from the livestreams. It just ... bugs me, somehow.
# 11 tril @ 08/18/14 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by SageInfinite
LMAO @ the punt in the Saints Panthers video. I have never seen a football bounce like that.
was about to say the same thing. looked good then I saw that bounce on the punt.

the game looks sharp other than that
# 12 Jakeness23 @ 08/18/14 03:30 PM
I have yet to see anything that would entice me to buy this or even rent it.
# 13 Anaxamander @ 08/18/14 03:41 PM
Thank god they finally put the defensive cam in Madden. I used it for years in NCAA. It made defense actually feel different than offense, and I sorely missed it when I played Madden.
# 14 Grey_Osprey @ 08/18/14 04:08 PM
The bounce on the punt reminded me of golf ball hitting a cart path. Not good.

Hopefully tweaking the IG and INT sliders will help with the screen pass sack issue and dropped INT's.

edit: I do like the Defensive camera. Nice!
# 15 bubba4 @ 08/18/14 05:05 PM
The broadcast view doesn't look right. It looks kind of like a modified press box view. And I do hope they fix the down and distance graphic on the field. If the game is in "broadcast" view, then the down and distance graphic should be positioned underneath the offensive players on the line of scrimmage and it should be able to be read from left to right. And, for cpu games, could they please remove the circle under the player with the football? It is not needed. I am a broadcast presentation fan and EA seems to be regressing every year from their high point in Madden 12.
# 16 Da-Man @ 08/18/14 05:45 PM
It looks like they don't have stadium specific broadcast cams this year.

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