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Sean Ramjagsingh, producer of NHL 15, is stopping by OS this evening for an open chat with NHL fans. In the comments below, you can ask Sean anything and he will answer as many questions as possible on the heels of his interview he did with us today.

If you haven’t done so yet, we’ve covered many of the basics of today’s news in our interview, that there will be no EASHL, GM Connected, OTP, or Life the Life in NHL 15. So don’t be that guy who asks the question which we’ve already answered! However, anything is fair game, and Sean plans to stick around for awhile and answer your questions under the EASportsNHL username.

Keep in mind that we will be patrolling the thread, cleaning up duplicate or ill-tempered posts — keep the questions clean, constructive, and to the point. Please remember that we are enforcing a Zero Tolerance policy towards anything that isn't constructive to this discussion. Think before you reply. We want this to be a constructive and positive experience for all participants!

So with that, ask away!

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# 1 MMChrisS @ 08/19/14 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by iloveparkmin
hey Sam, is Be A GM mode still in NHL 15 ? i am considering pre-order it if it still in there

Read the interview linked first
# 2 meatmets @ 08/19/14 05:08 PM
Were any thoughts given to delaying the release of NHL 15 on Current Gen so that EASHL and/or OTP were given a chance to be in on release day?
# 3 billman29 @ 08/19/14 05:08 PM
With the Arizona Coyotes having announced in February they will wear their 1997-2003 sweater atleast once during the 2014-2015 season, can we expect to see these sweaters in NHL 15?

Additionally, were any new sweaters added to either the XB1/PS4 or X360/PS3 versions of the game?
# 4 TheLetterZ @ 08/19/14 05:08 PM
Sean, it often felt on the previous generation like every player and team played very similar styles and strategies, rather than playing true to life in a diverse way. It led to an experience that frequently felt repetitive.

What improvements can we expect in next-gen NHL 15 regarding players and teams playing more like their real-life counterparts?

Thanks for taking the time.
# 5 caudi26 @ 08/19/14 05:10 PM
Rammer, my obligatory question that I ask every year.

What is the soundtrack for the game?

(we are destroyer by anberlin should totally be in it....)
# 6 NyquistFan @ 08/19/14 05:11 PM
Are there Online Shootous on next gen?
# 7 huntt26 @ 08/19/14 05:12 PM
How many alternate uniforms are in the game?
# 8 Nickflyers @ 08/19/14 05:14 PM

Do players feel different(I.e Crosby can do things that Shawn Thornton can't do, Grabber skates circles around Hal Gill, Daniel Briere can't knock Chara down)?

What kind of improvements were made to BAGM, notably the progression and drafting?
# 9 huntt26 @ 08/19/14 05:16 PM
How long can we play the pre-release game with EA Access? Madden only gives us 6 hours.
# 10 garyjr33 @ 08/19/14 05:16 PM
What new stuff has been added to Be-A-GM? Can salaries now be front or back loaded? Will teams be playing like their real life counterparts in the game? Will strategies be more dynamic in the sense that the team will change its strategy if you are giving them nothing halfway through the game? Very excited for this game.
# 11 csamuelsvt @ 08/19/14 05:17 PM
Hello Sean thanks for doing this.

Will Doc's commentary show excitement in the 3rd period/Overtime? Will we get his trademark "SCOREEEE!"

For instance, Is his excitement during play now games toned down and then saved for bigger games in the regular season/playoffs?

Many thanks!
# 12 13whitebread @ 08/19/14 05:17 PM
Hey Sean first of all thank you from me personally for changing the commentary duo. I know in time it will be just as good as Gary and Bill were at the end. I was wondering if there will be any early launch parties like there were in Canada in the states?

I live in Hockeytown I was thinking places like the Original Six might be a good way to market the game next year any thought would be helpfull. Thanks again for the NHL series it is purely my favorite sport to watch, play and video game
# 13 Steve_OS @ 08/19/14 05:18 PM

Can you talk about the improvements to NHL 15 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3?
# 14 theclapperton @ 08/19/14 05:18 PM
Just wondering if we will ever get a look at some NHL 15 on Xbox 360 and PS4 before launch.
# 15 bowld @ 08/19/14 05:19 PM

Will the improved/detailed Arena's be included on the XBOX 360 version or is that for next gen only?
# 16 pf8363 @ 08/19/14 05:20 PM
Hi Sean,

One of the legacy issues for the franchise on gen 3 was the easy entry into the offensive zone. There was never truly a need to dump the puck in because the AI defense would keep sagging back and eventually allow you to setup your offense with little resistance. How have you changed the AI in your game to account for this?


# 17 IG 88 @ 08/19/14 05:22 PM
Hi Sean,

Long time NHL series fan (back to 07!). Thanks for all your guys hard work over the years, but I am sad to see all the features gone, as I have fully embraced next-gen (Xbox One and PS4). Couple questions:

1. Can we be confident the "next-gen" NHL 15 is worth the full $60 price point? Especially considering that all these modes are gone...plus comparable games like FIFA and NBA 2K launching with updated visuals and relatively full feature sets. Not to mention current gen NHL 15.

2. Are you worried that releasing a title so stripped of modes damages the NHL (and EA Vancouver) brand/reputation?

3. Why wait so long to let the community know? People were e-mailing Costco customer service about their posted box art and following your achievements to get information (which appears to all be correct, but only now confirmed).
# 18 VoItage @ 08/19/14 05:23 PM
Did you fix any of the net-related issues on NHL 15? Such as the puck getting stuck behind the net where players had to skate over it 5-6-7 times before they could pick it up? Or the issue with the puck hitting the "dead" part of the net, where the puck drops straight down with no goal?

Both of these are major pet peeves of mine and want to know if they are fixed on next gen. Thanks.
# 19 AdamJones113 @ 08/19/14 05:26 PM
Thanks for the info, Sean...

have you upped the neutral zone pressure and given more sliders?
# 20 adayinthelife @ 08/19/14 05:27 PM
Judging from the OS interview it seems that the depth won't be there in ANY mode. From your comments it doesn't sound like there will be any additions to GM mode. My question is how much exactly has been cut from it vs. what we would've had in NHL 14?

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