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For those of you waiting for the PlayStation 4 version of The Golf Club, you don't have to wait much longer. The official Twitter account has announced that it will arrive on August 26th for $34.99.

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# 1 Scottsomnia @ 08/22/14 02:55 PM
Wow 26th is a big day. Madden and Golf Club
# 2 OnlookerDelay @ 08/22/14 03:00 PM
I'm anxious to read you PS4 owners reports on it, as I've decided to buy a PS4 to play TGC on in 1080p, after the first update comes out for it that allows optional swing camera angles and user selectable point to switch from golfer perspective view to follow camera at any point in the shot. That should be out by the end of September, from what I'm gathering.

I also hope you're not going to have to be so choosy about the courses you opt to play because of lag and frame rate issues as we are on the XB1 version.
# 3 jmaj315 @ 08/22/14 03:17 PM
To the nearest gas station! For a PSN card!
# 4 HustlinOwl @ 08/22/14 03:18 PM
Perfect no Madden for me, so LET'S GO!
# 5 MizzouBravesFan @ 08/22/14 03:42 PM
Yes and thank you please.

I'm off Tuesday so that's perfect...Madden & TGC.
# 6 LingeringRegime @ 08/22/14 03:51 PM
My Playstation Wallet is ready.
# 7 ajs41072 @ 08/22/14 04:14 PM
Isn't the 26th also an NHL demo too? Madden, The Golf Club, NHL Demo. Great sports gaming day.
# 8 JP7555 @ 08/22/14 04:29 PM
Thank God.
# 9 redcat @ 08/22/14 07:07 PM
So happy to finally have golf on the PS4. I've been playing Hots Shots on the PS3 and Links 2004 on the 360 just to get some kind of fix from reading all the Xbox posts about the Golf Club. On a side note, I think Links 2004 holds up fairly well for an 11 year old original Xbox game, although the course selection still feels too small.
# 10 addybojangles @ 08/22/14 07:17 PM
Awesome, not buying EA's NHL for the first time in forever and want to support another dev. Totally purchasing this!
# 11 brent3419 @ 08/22/14 08:14 PM
madden and tgc on the same day

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# 12 MizzouBravesFan @ 08/25/14 12:04 PM
Will this be available at midnight? Any idea?
# 13 strangerinthealps @ 08/25/14 01:11 PM
According to HBLorinB at the official forums, it will be released when PSN updates tomorrow, probably sometime after 5 PM Eastern.
# 14 Arrowhead21 @ 08/25/14 01:35 PM
Nooooo thats terrible news lol
# 15 globalbeats7 @ 08/25/14 02:45 PM
i guess this is a good time to finally sign up for ps plus.
# 16 jmaj315 @ 08/25/14 05:15 PM
Well... 24 hours left.
Guess ill just play real golf while I wait
# 17 ASB37 @ 08/25/14 07:40 PM
Moderator at TGC forum hinted that the PSN version may have 15% off for PS+ members? Not sure how likely this is because it seemed as if the post was made tongue in check.
# 18 jbd345 @ 08/25/14 09:44 PM
Originally Posted by ASB37
Moderator at TGC forum hinted that the PSN version may have 15% off for PS+ members? Not sure how likely this is because it seemed as if the post was made tongue in check.
15% seems a little much. But a discount would be nice for making us playstion users wait an extra week. Not saying we deserve one by any means, but it would be a nice move from hb studios.
# 19 Mitchrapp @ 08/26/14 02:22 AM
I'm pumped about this game. I haven't play a golf game in forever and creating course, I can't wait. Unfortunately my afternoon is all booked ..
# 20 countryboy @ 08/26/14 09:20 AM
Finally! Cannot wait for this to drop today.

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