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If you are an Xbox One user and EA Access subscriber, you no doubt have played some Madden at this point. For PS4 users, you are getting all of the info you need to make your final buying decision.

So with just a few days left until release, what is your final buying decision? Sound off by voting in our poll and let us know what would change your mind at this point!

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# 1 ps3veron @ 08/22/14 03:21 PM
Buying! Its Madden, you just have to get it!
# 2 pjburrage @ 08/22/14 03:25 PM
Buying, the onfield experience looks an improvement on what I thought was a decent Madden 25. Obvious concern over the stats issue. Surely developers are aware of it, and will be hopefully improve that.

Normally takes me till closer to Christmas to find a slider setting I feel comfortable with, so hopefully that issue will have been addressed by then.
# 3 Pirate @ 08/22/14 03:25 PM
Not buying. It's less a Madden issue and an NFL issue. The commercialism, the concussions, the commissioner, the Ray Rice leniency, the promotion of brutality... I just can't support the sport of American football any longer.
# 4 bxphenom7 @ 08/22/14 03:27 PM
Not buying. I'm more concerned with how Madden NFL 16 will improve. Still not where it should be for me reading reviews. Many reviews seem lenient with giving its same reoccurring problems a pass......again. Forget that.
# 5 CM Hooe @ 08/22/14 03:27 PM
I mean, I already digitally pre-ordered it lol.

Definite buy.
# 6 x LuvMESumME x @ 08/22/14 03:30 PM
I think imma get it still. I've seen the good and bad videos and I just figure the only way for me to see if I really like it is to buy it.
# 7 LingeringRegime @ 08/22/14 03:31 PM
Not buying.

Front Office Football 7 is scratching my itch.
# 8 BadAssHskr @ 08/22/14 03:40 PM
buying, no question, but deciding which system.
# 9 B1MM3R @ 08/22/14 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by treq21
The days of "buying this game just because it is Madden" are long gone for me

the stats are so broken that it ruins progression to the point that many starting QBS are backups on other teams by years 2 and 3, according to people who have tested it. this makes playing multiple years of franchise useless, unless you are happy to see Ben Roethlisberger as a backup on the 49ers in year 2.

They will never make this game work right as long as people keep buying it no questions asked.
How have people got this far to know? Madden 25 wasn't even that bad as you are saying.
# 10 Sublime12089 @ 08/22/14 03:43 PM
Buying, but in large part because I skipped M25 and that I now have a PS4.
# 11 T5063 @ 08/22/14 03:44 PM
How about an "undecided" option. If sim stats don't get fixed for offline cfm then im leaning towards a no.
# 12 trey2k198003 @ 08/22/14 03:49 PM
Buying only issues i had
# 13 trey2k198003 @ 08/22/14 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by trey2k198003
Buying only issues i had
with 15 is that the graphics werent up to 2k standards check and the difficulty could be harder that is a wait and see for a video game not bad i played madden 25 until last week thats almost a full yr so this version just will be better!
# 14 LowerWolf @ 08/22/14 03:50 PM
Pre-ordered and all but paid off at this point.

I enjoyed M25, and M15 seems to be a step forward.
# 15 trey2k198003 @ 08/22/14 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by B1MM3R
How have people got this far to know? Madden 25 wasn't even that bad as you are saying.
It wasnt you are right lol i never had a problem with starters being backups in 2 yrs and to me so what if he is i cant read the future maybe big ben will fall off maybe chris johnson will turn into a all pro runingback again lol its part of why we watch and play the unknown not the cookie cutter stuff that "should happen" but thats just me lol
# 16 Detroitfan4life1993 @ 08/22/14 03:56 PM
Buying for sure.
# 17 CBoller1331 @ 08/22/14 03:59 PM
I'll probably buy it. I just take it for what it is: a half-decent football game
# 18 truzoe @ 08/22/14 04:02 PM
Buying it,No ncaa games this year i Like football too much to not get madden
# 19 OhMrHanky @ 08/22/14 04:10 PM
Definitely buying. I buy every year, regardless. However, I have EA Access, and after playing some Gauntlet, skills trainer, and 1 game on All-Pro, I see PLENTY of changes have been made for the better. And, in all seriousness, this game feels better in your hands than on video. Watching video made me see choppy animations, but actually playing, there is much less choppiness. The animations flow much better. The gameplay is solid this year. I lost that 1 game, btw. lol. But, it felt fantastic to lose. cpu played solid D, and Drew Brees looked like Drew Brees. I think 1 thing they finally nailed that hasn't been mentioned by many is the "size" of the field and the players in relation to it. Again, you'll see it when u play it. When throw deep on a streak, you feel that ball sailing down the field, and the spatial separation between players feel more correct. It's bigger, but more correct. Feels like a huge football field, now. Don't make that think u can throw the ball anywhere, though. Geez, I struggled with old Matty Ice, but the one deep throw I completed to White looked and felt fantastic. This game legit plays better than 25, and the graphics are a solid upgrade. Looking forward to CFM after 6 hour trial ends.
# 20 rkocjay @ 08/22/14 04:10 PM
Definitely buying without a doubt

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