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To say there are some changes on the field this year in Madden NFL 15 is an understatement, with the new defensive mechanics a large portion of the defense in the game feels completely new and will require a new method of attacking. Conversely, pass defense finally feels like it's at least competent -- so throwing the football around is going to require a bit more thought than just going for money.

Here are four tips to get you started next week:
  1. Defensively, mixing it up has never been more important. Running different types of coverages and blitz packages is more important than ever. I have noticed the AI tends to anticipate repeated calls moreso than ever, so you can't fall into a pattern and have to always keep the offense on their toes. When playing a human, you have to really anticipate what your opponent is doing this year. There are defenses to stop every route, but not every defense stops every route.
  2. Learn how to read defenses. With the beefed up zones, throwing the ball is going to require at least a rudimentary working knowledge on what routes works against what defense and how to tell what a defense is in. If you try to throw a deep ball into a cover four you will feel as stupid as you should, which is a good thing.
  3. Establishing a running game is more vital than ever. With better zone defenses, you are going to want to force your opponent to tilt the odds in your favor with their playcalling in the passing game moreso than ever. That means establishing a running game and forcing them to compensate for it in their playcalling. On that same token, on defense you really have to shut down the run game to limit your opponents options -- if you face someone doing nothing but passing, you have the tools to shut them down this year.
  4. For Offline Sim-Heads, Sliders Work -- And They're Needed. Madden isn't going to play the most realistic brand of football it can out of the box ever, and while it's much better than it ever has been, the game still needs tweaks. Right now, my findings tend to see that you need to beef up pass blocking to limit sacks, tone down QB accuracy to get a more realistic set of numbers and spread, and also find a way to perhaps make QBs more aware of the fact they can get rid of the ball faster.
If you have played Madden over the past few days, what are your recommendations for people as they get started playing the game this upcoming week?

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# 1 LBzrule @ 08/23/14 11:48 AM
For online people be prepared to deal with a frustrating experience with the play call menu. There may be some ways around it but I just had a game where it was 4th down. I could not call a play at all. Then it said my opponent was punting. I go in and call punt return (allows me to have access to defensive plays AFTER my opponent has selected his/her play). The offense comes out in Strong I close. I call time out. Same thing happens again, but this time I call 34 Bear cover 1 hole or whatever. Lo and behold, my team came back out in punt return, he's in Strong Close, he picks up 17 yards for the first.

Also for online, make sure you have your press coverage beaters because you are going to see a hell of a lot of it.
# 2 videlsports @ 08/23/14 06:29 PM
Press coverage just like last year, I got mine ready thanks for the info
# 3 Gorilla Glass @ 08/23/14 06:40 PM
Throw to the flats and dump, dump dump. A lot of times the halfback or tight end is either standing there wide open in the flats or right behind the LOS.

You can pick up some really good yardage if you're patient.
# 4 Cowboy008 @ 08/24/14 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by TheRealHST
The CPU definitely destroys you if you don't change up your offense and defense.

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I'm glad to hear that. Playing the CPU was never really a challenge for me before.
# 5 Sdot23 @ 08/24/14 11:41 AM
For those of you who had extensive time with it, what do you make of the offensive line/defensive line interactions while on offense on All-Pro or All-Madden gameplay? I don't want to be rushed every single play into making quick decisions, do the lineman hold their blocks longer? Do RB pick up the blitzing LB or Safeties? Do you guys recommend adjusting sliders for this part of the game?
# 6 MAGboyswifT27 @ 08/25/14 08:29 AM
I'm amped up for 2moro!
# 7 yesrick @ 08/25/14 09:36 AM
The menu structure for online is horrible and then you need to wait for the offense to call their play before you can chose yours. I felt the game was laggy online and the playcalling menu leaves me speechless. For us that bought early access and did a digital download we will not be active until 3:00 pm pst. So not buying digital gives you earlier access if you buy the disc. Nice move EA and Microsoft.

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