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The NHL 15 demo is available now on Xbox Live for Xbox One users. PlayStation 4 users can expect the demo tomorrow afternoon when the PSN Store updates with new titles.

UPDATE: The NHL 15 demo is now available for PlayStation 4 users. If you can't find it, click this link.

Some have had luck going to "New Demos" all the way over to the right. Games>New>Demos>New Demos (all the way over to the right) and grab the NHL 15 demo. Thanks @TheFlopfish)

The demo weighs in at 2.58 GB. Here are the details.
  • New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings
  • Full game with three two-minute periods
  • Play in Madison Square Garden or Staples Center
  • Gameplay Camera Angles: Dynamic Low, Dynamic Medium, and Dynamic High
  • Practice Mode: Master the Superstar Skill Stick with a free skate against a goalie
  • Difficulty Settings: Rookie, Pro, All-Star
If you can't find it, try searching for it with Bing.

Play a few games and let us know what you think of this year's NHL title on Xbox One!

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Member Comments
# 1 BoostedStig @ 08/25/14 07:48 PM
Download 5% complete.
# 2 habslover10_GoYanks @ 08/25/14 08:04 PM
I'm not seeing it?
# 3 Arrowhead21 @ 08/25/14 08:06 PM
PS4 users getting owned again lol
# 4 Steve_OS @ 08/25/14 08:07 PM
Originally Posted by habslover10_GoYanks
I'm not seeing it?
If you don't see it, try searching for it w/ Bing.
# 5 ratedmoney @ 08/25/14 08:08 PM
Thanks for the heads up. Just started the remote download from the smartglass app. Now I dont have to get out of bed. Thank you technology.
# 6 m_maclean24 @ 08/25/14 08:10 PM
Originally Posted by bigwill33
You have to search for it.

Well, it's downloaded and go time. I don't like really making solid critiques on a demo alone, but will spend some time with this tonight and really see what is up now. I still have 2 hours of Madden to play, but this is taking precedent because of how much I love hockey.
Looking forward to hearing what you think. I've noticed you speak your mind, which will definitely be good to hear, you won't go soft like me!

Too bad I'm on ps4...I'm old and work all day tomorrow so it'll be 24 hours before I can get into it.
# 7 Cletus @ 08/25/14 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by Arrowhead21
PS4 users getting owned again lol
I'll bite. How? Xbox gets a DEMO 24 hours earlier? I guess you could say that if it was a full game or something. XBone guys have EA Access? Most people are already mad about it and it hasn't even been out a month or two. Outside of that there's not much of an advantage. Microsoft not allowing you to play nice with other systems, the E3 fallout, and how they show their true intentions makes me trust them a lot less than Sony. Sick of the console argument, but what you want, but it doesn't make you a better person.

I'm interested to see how the AI is. If they 1) use their stick and 2) pressure in the NZ, I will be happy. I'm still getting the game anyway, but hopefully something improved. It had to, right?
# 8 PAPERNUT @ 08/25/14 08:11 PM
I did not see it at first, but I kept backing out of the store and back in till it finally showed up in the new demos column.
# 9 Mikey88 @ 08/25/14 08:13 PM
Thanks for the heads up! DLing now!
# 10 jayman504 @ 08/25/14 08:15 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
If you don't see it, try searching for it w/ Bing.
you gotta use BING to search for it as its not listed with the demos
# 11 BenVenom @ 08/25/14 08:16 PM
Damn I thought I was gunna break the news. Was bored on Xbox and just did a nhl search, was shocked to c it. Immediately jumped on here to share the news and...lol. 18 percent, my download is flying. Can't wait. Enjoy boys
# 12 habslover10_GoYanks @ 08/25/14 08:16 PM
Thanks guys I found er
# 13 jayman504 @ 08/25/14 08:18 PM
damn it %35..taking to long lol
# 14 ddhex27 @ 08/25/14 08:20 PM
It sure has a different feel. Skating and deeking is way more restrictive.

I'm sold on the puck physics for sure... Controls not sure.
# 15 Cletus @ 08/25/14 08:23 PM
I actually saw the computer use poke checks in situations where they should. Of course they missed the puck, but that can be fixed with sliders. This was all from a livestream, so i haven't played it yet.
# 16 Qb @ 08/25/14 08:26 PM
It begins... Let's try to keep it to impressions from those playing, limit the questions, and keep our collective cool.
# 17 bad_philanthropy @ 08/25/14 08:36 PM
Saw someone streaming it on twitch, and I must say I was pretty impressed with how it looked on default demo settings—which is usually a terrible indication of what the game is like. I think there is a good base here for me to tune my experience into a satisfying sim experience. Now I just need clarification on what is going on with Be a GM.
# 18 Mikey88 @ 08/25/14 08:45 PM
Doesn't look like there's any restriction on camera angles. Just tried true broadcast. Works.
# 19 Panicshade @ 08/25/14 08:48 PM
I like it...and just like every NHL game I suck...can't even get 1 goal on Pro...lol
# 20 bwiggy33 @ 08/25/14 08:50 PM
Would anyone be willing to comment on whether easy offensive zone entry is still in the game?

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