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Madden NFL 15 is now available in stores. Be sure to read our review if you haven't gotten the game. If you have, leave your own impressions of your first play sessions in the comments below!

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# 1 Sausage @ 08/25/14 11:24 PM

Couldn't we stickie and keep impressions in thread above and stickie the Q & A thread?
# 2 Atax1s @ 08/25/14 11:25 PM
Definitely different from Madden 25. Zone defense is superior to man, outside runs got nerfed, and defense is fun to play again. Graphically the game is much better than last year on the field, though the sidelines are still sparse. Crowd sounds are improved and they seem to react properly to the action on the field. Presentation is different though I hesitate to say better simply because the commentary still isn't very good. I like the new camera angles and the half time show is a baby step forward. Overall, with some slider adjustments this has the potential to be the best playing Madden game in a while. It's progress, even if it is lacking in some areas. Solid 8 out of 10 for me.
# 3 MMan @ 08/25/14 11:48 PM
Have both PS4 & XBone versions. For those still undecided between the systems, I will say that PS4 is noticeably smoother and visually better. Overall just plays better on the PS4. First time playing Madden on anything other than the Xbox since 2005. Guess it's time to move on. I'll post further impressions later. Good luck!
# 4 StL_RamZ @ 08/26/14 12:13 AM
well suction tackling is back
# 5 McG @ 08/26/14 12:28 AM
Originally Posted by StL_RamZ
well suction tackling is back
Yeah, that was a disappointment from the EA Access release I played. I was really hoping for some gang tackles. Being a Seahawks fan, Marshawn Lynch only really goes down with gang tackles, almost never one on one. Or when a corner makes a tackle in real life. Most times they grab for anything, then a LB or S comes up and finishes the job, not saying all do but there are quite a few, College or NFL, that tackle like that. I can't wait until that is implemented properly.

Overall, I really hope they polish and finish this game properly next year. Or at the least patch the Sim stats on Career Mode. This game has a lot of potential, it seems like I say that every year. This time though I really think all it needs is a few fixes here and there and it will finally be a great game. Right now as it stands, it's at okay/good status, it's still a lot better than 25 for sure.
# 6 snc237 @ 08/26/14 12:32 AM
Originally Posted by StL_RamZ
well suction tackling is back
You know what. As long as it's minimal and actually improves the game I'm okay with it. On the flip side I don't recall seeing any of that yet. I give this madden an 8.5, best madden in a long long long time.
# 7 StL_RamZ @ 08/26/14 12:41 AM
Originally Posted by snc237
You know what. As long as it's minimal and actually improves the game I'm okay with it. On the flip side I don't recall seeing any of that yet. I give this madden an 8.5, best madden in a long long long time.
try tackling with A(X) and u will see it. So many times i was close to breaking a long run to only be sucked into a tackle animation when the other player was clearly out of position to make tackles. ugh
# 8 alaska2k3 @ 08/26/14 01:16 AM
I am very impressed. Doesn't feel like Madden 25. Presentation is awesome, graphics are great. Encountered a few glitches though - instant replay with invisible players and had a LB play QB for a play - and got injured. All in all, digging the new feel.

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# 9 DISKO82 @ 08/26/14 01:33 AM
A Football game without PASS INTERFERENCE is not Football, BROKEN!!! 😭😭
# 10 Kramer5150 @ 08/26/14 02:08 AM
These are my very limited early impressions so far.....

Was only able to play to about the 2nd Quarter....but MAN I really liked what I played.
I liked the zoom camera for offense...but for defense I had to go back to the traditional cam (or whatever it's called).

The graphics in this game are simply amazing...the feel of the game is quite different as well...it actually feels like there's weight to the players.

I can't really give any more in depth Impressions,as I haven't played nearly enough..but for me,it feels like a winner.

Oh yea....Green Bay was winning 10-0 against my Steelers...their TD came on a fumble by Bell,and scooped by Mathews for the score. I will have some pics in the proper thread as well.
# 11 jbrock11 @ 08/26/14 02:20 AM
The good reviews for this game must be based purely on comparisons to other Madden's because if we're basing it on other Next-Gen sports games, this game is trash. Let's break this down...

Player Models:
This was really the only reason I even bothered to buy this years game but sadly, they still SUCK. Players still aren't scaled right in certain situations, as a guy like Cam Newton can look like he's about 5'10 when he's coming off the sideline.

Even though some of the players look way more next-gen than last year, it's only SOME of the players. I could even understand if they didn't get most of the rookie's looking good or garbage players but even a guy like CJ Spiller, not only doesn't look like himself but doesn't look much better than what he does on the 360 or PS3. Same goes for virtually all drafted players.

Connected Franchise:
Is a pure joke. Nothing of note has been changed for the better since last year. It's actually worse than last year tbh. College players now only have black uniforms, I'm guessing due to the NCAA lawsuit, but it still kills the immersion.

Other than that, the Menu's are still clunky and not designed well at all. There are a few new things you can do as an owner like answer media questions but it pales in comparison to something like 2K has done with MyPlayer.

Ultimate Team:
Honestly who cares about this sh*t?

Along with player models, this is the only thing in the game that has gotten SLIGHTLY better. It still plays like Madden except with a different feel and some newer, much welcomed, animations.

Bottom line:
If you were expecting something much different than what you've played in the past, SAVE YOUR MONEY. This game is just Madden 25, with a new coat of the same old paint.

# 12 ForUntoOblivionSoar∞ @ 08/26/14 02:28 AM
Wow. I gotta say this is the first time I have truly been wow'd by Madden. This game looks beautiful, more than any football game I've ever seen, by a long way. Also, the presentation is a huge upgrade. There are some bugs, but man there is actually ATMOSPHERE for once in a Madden game.

Also, the defensive camera is so fun to play with. I think I'm really going to like this game.

Originally Posted by daniel77733
Well, I'll be damned. Players overall rating in schemes actually matches in-game. Only problem is that it kind of makes editing and using a custom roster pointless. Also, hmmm, as much as im a fan of Joe Staley and think he's good, he's NOT a 99 LT.

Will definitely have to mess around with schemes and such to see if I can get these guys to match their overall ratings in "play now".
All the advanced statistical analysis seem to say that he is elite of the elite, so if you're going to have a 99 LT, he is as worthy as anyone.
# 13 jeremyp1223 @ 08/26/14 02:39 AM
I'm enjoying it. The offensive player lock is just as fun as defensive. With good sliders ill have fun with this til madden 16. I wish i had more time to call defensive plays though.
# 14 DNMHIII @ 08/26/14 02:44 AM
Wow.....extremely disapointed right now and the game just feels really robotic and clunky. The playcall screen is absolutely brutal and the CPU calls plays immedialty and it gives you 10 seconds to pick a play and with the absolute brutal layout of the playcall screen it's hard to even pick a formation in 10 seconds.

Really bummed with this game initially.
# 15 ali8ooahyeh @ 08/26/14 02:45 AM
I was an avid Xbox supporter but I made the switch this gen to the PS4, and I am so happy I did, Madden looks so clean this year too! I've been playing since the midnight release and then I had to get on here to tell everyone to get it! I joined this league too, just look them up on Facebook or Twitter, Sportsgamersonline, should be exciting, it's my first year. GO RAIDERS!
# 16 Skyboxer @ 08/26/14 02:45 AM
Originally Posted by NYGiants4Natic
Well am out until next year folks. This forum on Madden release day and first week is a pool of game trashing and nit picking.

Enjoy the game to those who love it

To the others... Carry on like usual

Just use the ignore button my man.

I'm loving All Madden.
Getting it to where I will be really loving it. Had to abandon my run game due to simply not getting anything going. Ended up bringing in Cousins the last quarter.
Texans killed me 22-0 lol

A couple more edits and I think I'm good.


# 17 bdeezy89 @ 08/26/14 02:46 AM
First game i played was crazy. I forgot that I ran out of timeouts with the falcons down by 3 with 7 secs on the clock near the 50 yd line. I did an audible last sec, hiked the ball and just chucked the ball down field in the end zone to Julio and he caught it with one hand

But to Impressions...

+ I like the fact that the ball carrier makes cuts for you so you don't run into your own players

+ Momentum finally works properly in Madden. I've ran the ball with Steven Jax, Shady and they both fought for extra yards, sometimes almost 10 extra.

+ WRs hold on to the ball after big hits

+ Finally you won't get warped into a sack when you're throwing next to an defender engaged in a block or tackled when you're running pass a defender in a block

- The lack of penalties kill me. I had a situation where Julio was trying to catch the ball on 3rd and the CB trucked him before he had a chance to reach for the ball but the ref called nothing

- The halftime highlights are too fast and we need a post game show too

- The defensive controls suck imo. There's too many buttons to press and remember.

- All-Pro seemed too easy for me. I ran all over the Redskins D and got 200+ yds with Shady. The Falcons/Saints game was sorta the same they just got lucky off of fumble/INT td returns. I should've blown them out by at least 17

That's all i have after 2 games, i'll be back with more tomorrow
# 18 ali8ooahyeh @ 08/26/14 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by celtics6
I spent the first 2 hours going through the skill challenges. There is a lot of new stuff. Some of it is fluff, some of it is just changing the controls, some of it isn't. A lot of new stuff. The game plays different. I'm not sure I like the zoomed in camera and have already changed it. I can't see the whole field. At least the options are there now though. Playbooks look good as usual. Some subtractions but nice overall. madden always has really good plays to run. Played a quick game. I'm still getting used to the game 3 hours in now and I've played this game for 25 years. Haven't played enough yet to give a solid overall impression but I like it so far.
Honestly, I agree with you the most, if it wasn't for all the options to revert back to old ways I wouldn't know how to feel, I'm old school madden, but I'm always open to trying new features
# 19 Skyboxer @ 08/26/14 03:00 AM
One more thing before bed..
It was asked a while back in the Q/A thread if CPU is predictable etc..
Answer is no.. in a big way,

Well if you aren't stopping the run then they'll continue to run it down your throat.. lol

I've had fake punt ran against me (run up the gut) and the coolest was a goal line stand.
HB dive to their right, my left.
I come storming in and stuff it like a big dog.
Problem is the QB kept it on a boot leg and pretty much walked in.

The ONLY issue I really have after all the time I have had with the game is:
Sim stats and not a whole lot of time to made a D play pick.

I can get over the D play pick but hopefully the sim stats get fixed.
The other little issues don't bother me as this version is a nice jump from M25 and hopefully it continues to make these strides.

# 20 Bushido @ 08/26/14 03:45 AM
Hands down the best Madden to date :apple:

And I didn't even bother getting the previous two Madden's after playing them a few times at a friends house to determine if it was worth the money.

The XB1 graphics/player models are fantastic, and really come to life, no more robots running around out there.

I love that ratings actually make a difference this year. If you put your rookie DE who is a 76-78 up against a Pro Bowl LT, you're going to get stone walled most of the game no matter how good you time your jump. And that's how it should be, AND that's just awesome.

Sim stats is kind of a meh point for me, but I'm sure that they will correct it in a few weeks. If not, there's a work around already in place in another thread that works pretty good (JMO)

I don't care about having 10 seconds to pick a play, because I always let the coach pick the play since I am an offline dynasty gamer. I don't want to cheese/spam the game by picking plays that I know will always work.

I give it an 8.5/10

If they fix the sim stats issue with QB's then it will be a 9.

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