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Today's guest video post is from Brian Mazique at Franchise Play. If you are stuck at work or haven't checked out the demo, Brian plays a game in the demo and gives his thoughts on what he's playing. This should be a pretty good watch for you PS4 users waiting on your demo time.

If you like Brian's style, be sure to check him out on YouTube and subscribe to him.

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# 1 snc237 @ 08/26/14 01:01 PM
It's an improved game over over 14 with a massive graphical improvement. However gameplay wise it's it's like when maddens jump to next gen last year. Improved however still the same when you really break it apart.
# 2 Motown @ 08/26/14 01:05 PM
NHL 15 is up in the Euro store (PS4)
# 3 Money99 @ 08/26/14 01:19 PM
Enjoyed that video - even didn't mind his commentary as he had some intelligent things to say and wasn't screaming into his mic while playing.
Nice goal too.

I liked seeing the CPU make bad passes. It also seemed tougher cutting into the slot.
# 4 RoyalBoyle14 @ 08/26/14 01:32 PM
I keep hearing game paly issues, but if I remember is EA always good at releasing game tuners to fix issues with the game over the years, why couldn't they do it on next gen.. I would think they would
# 5 hooah212002 @ 08/26/14 03:07 PM
One little thing I noticed was players knocking a bouncing puck down out of the air instead of letting it go over their stick because it's not directly flat on the ice. I like that.
# 6 pm83 @ 08/26/14 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Footballforever
I keep hearing game paly issues, but if I remember is EA always good at releasing game tuners to fix issues with the game over the years, why couldn't they do it on next gen.. I would think they would
Some might also say that EA has a sweet record to destroy gameplay with tuners.
# 7 Rhaze48 @ 08/26/14 03:56 PM
Game just showed up on PSN, confirmed via "Details" that it's running 720p NOT 1080p.... So sad. It's 2014 for pete sake. Waste of a 60" TV if you ask me.
# 8 timbosliceGB @ 08/26/14 05:14 PM
wait i had no idea nhl 15 had nbc license
# 9 ericromain @ 08/26/14 05:30 PM
Enjoyed the commentary by the filmer.

The skating, and dekes look solid. This guy isn't a great player, but he's good enough to give me the sense that deking will have a different flavor this year.

I was getting a feel for the puck physics too. Some of the pucks rifled down the ice did a pretty nifty skip hop like it would in real life. I'm not sure i've ever seen that in a game.
# 10 timbosliceGB @ 08/26/14 05:40 PM
how can this game only be 720p really EA typical ea doing their awful job first time on platform
# 11 tabulaRasa @ 08/26/14 06:17 PM
Better skating more like the real nhl less arcade dekes, shoves from behind when u skate away doesnt trio you -great!, more passing less pokespamming and dekes is Also great. Arenas great, sound and atmosphere is great. Better physics, pokespamming is not as stupid as nhl14 its better than nhl 14. Camera Viet looks great. Need more mid zone play and more cykling.
# 12 Rhaze48 @ 08/26/14 09:13 PM
After a few hours now logged in the demo here are my impressions. Keep in mind while reading this breakdown I was playing as the Kings the entire time, who are without a doubt the #1 Defensive team in the entire league. I played all games in Goalie locked position as I would in my Be A Pro.

I can sum up my experience by breaking down my very first game goal-by-goal.

Goal #1 on me: I was in what looked to be perfect position, got top-shelfed over my glove under the bar circa NHL14.

Goal #2 on me: While my defense(the best in the league remember) stood around like pylons a Rangers player with the puck on the half-boards facing the glass twisted the top half of his torso almost a full 180 to center the puck perfectly to another Ranger waiting patiently and un-hindered in the slot. No chance as it's again roofed.

Goal # on me: I stop the initial shot from the point, only to see(circa NHL14) my "Defensemen" doing the cross-check jig out in front of me while a Rangers player scoops up the rebound on his backhand and it's back off his stick and roofed in a split second.

Goal #4 on me: Ranger cuts in from the sideboards almost parralel with the goal line, I hug the post upright and he proceeds (on his off side mind you) to roof it FAR SIDE on me.

Goal #1 on them: A floater by Dwight King beats King Henrick glove side mid net.

Other Observations: SWEET FLAPPY JERSEY BATMAN. It's just.... too much. Crowds looked AMAZING, commentary was a refreshing change as was pre-game. Player models looked slightly improved but VERY VERY VERY pissed it's a 720p output and not a 1080p as it SHOULD BE.

Overall it seems to be nothing more than a fresh coat of paint on the same glitchy, unbalanced gameplay. In serious consideration to cancel my pre-order and wait a few months till you lovely folks can make some sets of decent sliders that may solve my issues and then purchase.

Just as far as what I do with my game-time, it seems like it will be the same infuriating ride NHL14 was. Might be a pass for me this year.
# 13 life4eva @ 08/26/14 09:31 PM
I played the demo, I liked it. Didn't play last years version so I can't comment on that, but if you like Hockey games seems pretty good too me.

Graphics look nice, didn't care if it was native 720p or 1080p, it looks great on my 60" in 1080p.
# 14 D. Rose @ 08/26/14 10:23 PM
Really liked the demo, can't wait to start HUT.

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