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It appears there could be a nasty bug right now in Madden NFL 15, with user vs. user game results in online CFM not appearing to register upon completion. Its very possible this is a server side issue and could be fixed rather quickly, but if it's on the software side a patch will have to be developed and then released which could take a couple of weeks.

Thus far, a quick investigation and questionnaire of the community seems to indicate the problem is widespread, with no one actually reporting their results have counted at this point. It is entirely possible some results are being counted, just they appear to be sporadic at this point. For now, it's probably best to hold off on starting user vs. user online CFM's until we get official word the problem is fixed.

UPDATE: Just received official word from EA Sports.

We're aware that some users’ wins/losses aren’t being recorded for online CFM H2H games and are working to fix it as soon as possible.

We’ll provide you with updates as soon as we have them.

Users can also check the official Madden NFL 15 HELP site for updates on any ongoing issues with the game.

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# 1 B1MM3R @ 08/27/14 02:07 PM
Yeah this stinks, played a 10 minute quarter game last night in a friend and mines CFM and game came down to last play. Score was 24-17 and didn't count it, aggrivating.
# 2 HuskerManiak @ 08/27/14 02:54 PM
Well, at least this doesn't have the problems we had in MLB 14. I believe that this will be fixed soon.
# 3 Dalifeblives @ 08/27/14 03:04 PM
Also dealing with this bug. The game is unplayable for me now since this is the only game mode we play. If this is not fixed soon it will be the last EA game I buy upon release. Seems to be better to just wait until they patch everything up....
# 4 Quick II Draw @ 08/27/14 03:06 PM
Game breaking.
# 5 Steve_OS @ 08/27/14 03:08 PM
Just received official word from EA Sports, updated OP.
# 6 jeremym480 @ 08/27/14 03:37 PM
Ugh, every time I see a post in this (and the other before it was closed) thread, I hoping to read that it's been fixed. Hopefully, it's just something on the server and not something that requires a patch.
# 7 DNMHIII @ 08/27/14 03:40 PM
Such a bummer that features like this and the playcall screen for some people will reflect negatively on the Madden team even though there's some really good stuff that's been done to push the title forward and obviously a lot of good work has been put in as well.

I really want to Madden to be a great game, but I also want it to work when I buy it.
# 8 troy184 @ 08/27/14 04:33 PM
So that's a gamebreaker for both online and offline franchise mode.

1. Simulated stats bug for the offline CFM.

2. H2H results not registering for online CCM.

Combine these two with all the other bugs and glitches that are listed in the bugs and glitches thread and it makes you wonder.....do they even test this game?
# 9 footballfan25 @ 08/27/14 07:22 PM
Is there any timetable when EA is going to fix the online cfm issue when users play each other? The game just does not count and i wanna get to the draft tonight
# 10 MrBill @ 08/27/14 08:31 PM
We have update news from the Madden CFM team on changes that went in this afternoon - http://bit.ly/1tLZLa0
# 11 footballfan25 @ 08/27/14 08:55 PM
Originally Posted by MrBill
We have update news from the Madden CFM team on changes that went in this afternoon - http://bit.ly/1tLZLa0
thanks, but that is irrelevant to the user vs user issue
# 12 NDAlum @ 08/27/14 08:59 PM
There's no timetable as of right now. I see this as a vital fix for EA and their response to the issue is going to have a huge impact on their final sales numbers.

Just gotta hope this is a server side issue so they don't need to go the patch route.
# 13 Dalifeblives @ 08/27/14 09:05 PM
Yeah you would think they would be all over this. It's got to be server. Otherwise how else could a bug like this not get fixed before launch on the software side? I'm going out of town this weekend and was really hoping to get in some online CFM games.
# 14 footballfan25 @ 08/27/14 09:10 PM
same here. We got to week 4 in my online ccm and was supposed to play another user this week but now I have to wait a while to play. I have no patience when it comes to online leagues lol
# 15 footballfan25 @ 08/27/14 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by jayenomics
Have to hope it's server sided. If not...we're in trouble.
if it was only server sided, I would hope they would have fixed it by now. I'm guessing unfortunately it is more severe.
# 16 Skyhook71 @ 08/27/14 11:37 PM
If I had to take a guess as to how this got unnoticed until now, it would be because of the "MUT" mode hype. From what I've watched and read about "CFM" (both online and off), none of the Youtubers or people that had gotten the game early played H2H in that mode. Everyone seemed to be doing H2H in "Play Now" or "MUT" with "MUT" modes being 80% of the videos I watched.
# 17 novadolla @ 08/28/14 12:52 AM
I hate mut mode amh
# 18 jpmales88 @ 08/28/14 07:42 AM
So any word on a fix yet?? im not playin my CF until i hear its working..... im dying to play tho lol
# 19 NDAlum @ 08/28/14 07:44 AM
There's no word. Please try to be patient and just check back for updates. As soon as something is heard it'll be posted within a minute of it breaking, that's how OS works.
# 20 homeycool @ 08/28/14 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by jayenomics
It's really tough consistently hearing nothing from EA about this. My league really wants to get going, but we can't.
Josh Looman just tweeted.

"We're still looking into simmed stats and H2H results not showing up. I'll update you when I have more info."

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