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NHL 15 is now only a weekend away from release. With so much attention on the missing modes within the game, it appears the game is going to suffer a bit on sales. But now, with just days to go until release, we're wanting to know what your final buying decision is on NHL 15.

Be sure to vote in the poll, and leave a comment on if you could change your mind between now and Tuesday!

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# 1 DChero @ 09/04/14 11:56 AM
I planned on paying for it today, but ended up moving my money over at Gamestop toward Destiny. I really enjoyed the demo, but the lack of EASHL and any customization really killed it for me.

I'm not anti-EA or anything (I love the new Madden - even though it should have OTP), but they've really dropped the ball this year with their sports game modes.
# 2 PokeyGomez @ 09/04/14 11:59 AM
nah, but it'll probably be a great game when they finish making it sometime next year...
# 3 milesizdead @ 09/04/14 12:00 PM
Cancelled preorder when they announced the missing game modes.

Tried early access(which I bought when I thought we'd get a full game instead of this...extended demo with HUT) thinking that if the offline modes would be improved I might still cave and buy the game after all, but no chance in hell am I going to pay full price for this. Or a reduced price for that matter.
# 4 Majingir @ 09/04/14 12:03 PM
I'm getting it mostly just cause last game I got was NHL13, so NHL15 will seem like 2 years upgrade(or maybe a year and a half since NHL 14 to NHL15 difference is prob like half a years worth of upgrades).

Seems like many of the big negatives of the game are all coming from PS4/XB1 people, so hoping old gen game doesn't have that many negatives.
# 5 BigD @ 09/04/14 12:07 PM
For $29.99 absolutely. Game should be 1/2 price, since we all know it was 1/2 you you know what.
# 6 jpollack34 @ 09/04/14 12:20 PM
Can't beleive player editing options are out. That should be a bare minimum.
# 7 codywar11 @ 09/04/14 12:32 PM
Yes, only because it's essentially $35 for me. I purchase NHL Game Center every year so I can watch my Hurricanes from up here in DC. The game comes with a $25 voucher for Game Center. So essentially the game is $35. If it wasn't for that it would be a no this year, but I do feel the improved game play is worth $35.
# 8 13whitebread @ 09/04/14 12:32 PM
I will go to gamestop try it for an hour and see what is in it as far as modes and then make my decision.
# 9 ram4x4marc @ 09/04/14 12:46 PM
I probably will on Tuesday as I have it pre-ordered still. About to try the full version as I downloaded from EA Access. Skeptical about the goalies...it seems if any computer guy has the puck for more than a second within 20 feet of the net, it always goes in. I want to struggle to score and stay in games, not just have constantly watch simple shots go in. However, with the patches EA is doing with UFC, I do remain optimistic that they will do the same for NHL
# 10 Knight165 @ 09/04/14 12:47 PM
Man....I buy just about every sports title for every year.
Perhaps down the road....just for the collection....but I doubt I'll even open it to play.
I can't believe there was a time when hockey and baseball would get just about a 50-50 split in both watching and playing.
Hockey is down to about zero on both now.

# 11 PunctuationMark @ 09/04/14 12:48 PM
I'm a "no".

NHL 15 offers great gameplay, but with very little potential replay value.

It's not just that EASHL, OTP and GM Connected are out. Those were enough to keep me from preordering, but to see how barebones Be a GM is, plus in Be a Pro you can't skip to your shifts, so you have to sit the entire game... and apparently some HUT features are missing too.

I can't pay full price for what feels like the NHL16 beta.
# 12 @marcusjiles @ 09/04/14 12:56 PM
Was going to buy my first NHL game and the fact they have missing modes AND the inexcusable fact you cant edit rosters is beyond absurd. No chance I'll be buying. That's crazy. There's never an excuse for the lack of ability to edit rosters.
# 13 G_e_e_z_e_r @ 09/04/14 01:03 PM
I'll buy it for the PS3. Was going to upgrade to PS4 for this game but i'll wait until next year.
# 14 GROGtheNailer @ 09/04/14 01:11 PM
I will be buying it but this release date is also competing with major release of a bigger game game (Destiny). Throw in that, with missing features in NHL 15 and it just may be a bad day for EA.
# 15 GROGtheNailer @ 09/04/14 01:12 PM
"Be a Pro you can't skip to your shifts, so you have to sit the entire game... "

Holy crap is that true? If so, that was a very bad decision.
# 16 loldillon @ 09/04/14 01:26 PM
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna cancel my xbone pre-order. It's pretty pathetic what they have done this year. It's basically NHL '07 all over again.
# 17 SVCbearcat10 @ 09/04/14 01:47 PM
I feel as though a lot of blame, unfairly, is going to the development team. The arguments point towards the development team purposely wanting to leave stuff out of the game. They did the best they can do with their talent and resources.

If you should be mad at anyone, blame EA, who has a whole, hasn't devoted enough resources towards this game. To be honest, I didn't know how much of a player you could edit. Scouting and drafting were always horrible in this game, so I don't care much about that. I will miss EASHL this year, but that was a secondary mix it up mode to me, not primary.

Does it play a good game of hockey??.... yes. Is there a season or franchise mode??... yes. Will this be a buy... yes. It's that simple to those of us that buy games to actually play the games, rather than spending hours and hours in different menus not relating to actually playing the game.
# 18 statum71 @ 09/04/14 02:01 PM
I really wanted to. I hate to miss out on it.

But I have no use for a sports game without a Season Mode. It's the one thing that keeps me playing a game for several months.

That's ANY game.
# 19 japsubie @ 09/04/14 02:06 PM
was going to after i played the demo... then saw all the missing modes, takes everything away from the game. gameplay only gets you so far, playing just game after game without having anything to do in between will get extremely boring VERY quickly. NO BUY FOR ME
# 20 Haeyena @ 09/04/14 02:22 PM
already pre-ordered in EA Access

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