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Now that the EA Access trial period has started, Xbox One players have noticed that the list of missing modes and features in next-gen NHL 15 is much larger than previously expected. In a prior interview with Sean Ramjagsingh, some of these were hinted at but not fully disclosed, but the depth of some of the gutted features seems to be larger than initially anticipated. The following items are features which users have noticed are missing while playing the early access to NHL 15 -- keep in mind this information is preliminary and some of these could actually be in the game but well hidden. With just six hours of time to test, it doesn't leave much room to explore:

  • No GM Connected
  • No Online Team Play (when this is patched into the game later this year, it will use real NHL players and teams)
  • No EA Sports Hockey League
  • No EA Sports Arena
  • No Online Shootouts
  • No Live the Life
  • No Be A Legend
  • No Winter Classic
  • No tournaments or Battle for the Cup
  • No season mode (you can only play seasons in Be A GM, which is limited to NHL teams)
  • No NHL 94 Anniversary mode
  • No custom music support
  • No create-a-play designer
  • Cannot customize each team's AI
  • No create-a-team
  • No way to edit individual players
  • Practice mode is now limited to one skater vs. an AI goalie
  • No custom camera option
  • No Action Tracker replay highlights
  • No Top 3 Stars at the end of games.
  • Yearly draft is fully automated by the CPU
  • Cannot play the AHL games for your chosen franchise
  • Players sent down to the minors do not accumulate any season stats
  • No fantasy draft option
  • No preseason games
Be A Pro
  • No option to sim ahead to the next shift
  • You only play in the NHL; you cannot play for minor league teams
  • The Memorial Cup tryout period is gone. You now begin by picking an NHL team, or by letting a random CPU team draft you.
  • No All-Star game
Ultimate Team
  • Cannot play against your friends
  • No tournaments
  • No mobile app
All of the above features were available last year in NHL 14 for the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 but appear to be missing this year on the new-generation of consoles. If you have NHL 15 early access and have noticed any of these are actually in the game or if anything additional is missing let us know in the comments below.

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Member Comments
# 1 loadedlux @ 09/04/14 03:18 PM
Damn i haven't played a hockey game since nhl hitz on the gamecube, but man i really feel sad for all you hockey fans. This just really sucks.
# 2 Semipro91 @ 09/04/14 03:18 PM

Does that mean the only games a user can play in HUT is versus another user?
# 3 Haeyena @ 09/04/14 03:20 PM
this is the first issue I've taken with things missing: "No option to sim ahead to the next shift". Games will take foreverrrrrrrrrrrr
# 4 bad_philanthropy @ 09/04/14 03:21 PM
Will be interesting to see OS' review of this given the contrast between on ice and off ice stuff.
# 5 statum71 @ 09/04/14 03:21 PM
I'm just hurt.......
# 6 McG @ 09/04/14 03:21 PM
Wow, has the word "limited" ever been more appropriate? I feel bad that so many people are going to have play last gen version of this game just to get a full experience. I just hope the fans of this game haven't sold their last gen consoles yet. Personally I only ever played the EASHL and loved it, to not have that feature is insane.
# 7 jekudlacik @ 09/04/14 03:23 PM
This is like if they released Call of Duty without online multiplayer!
# 8 statum71 @ 09/04/14 03:24 PM
Jayson......(One last desperation)

Is Be-A-GM only controlling one team? I bet you can't control every team can you?
# 9 Pezell04x @ 09/04/14 03:24 PM
# 10 rudeworld @ 09/04/14 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by Haeyena
this is the first issue I've taken with things missing: "No option to sim ahead to the next shift". Games will take foreverrrrrrrrrrrr
Yeah... They took me out beginning of 2nd period and had to watch the rest of the game from the bench.... Wasting away some of my 6 hours with the game.
# 11 swimfunk @ 09/04/14 03:27 PM
So this is what took 2 years to make haha
# 12 chrisphil1724 @ 09/04/14 03:28 PM
What in the hell......
# 13 Clappington @ 09/04/14 03:30 PM
If you still defend EA through this, then you my friend are a true fanboy.
# 14 elgreazy1 @ 09/04/14 03:32 PM
This is absolutely embarrassing that a company with this many resources can put out such a half-hearted effort with 2 years of development.
# 15 ThatSportsGamer @ 09/04/14 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by statum71
Jayson......(One last desperation)

Is Be-A-GM only controlling one team? I bet you can't control every team can you?
Yes, Be-A-GM only allows you to control one team.
# 16 ajs41072 @ 09/04/14 03:33 PM
And they didn't release next gen NHL 14 because....................???????? So basically, this is only good for random games (online and offline) and HUT, and only 2 players until OTP is patched in. HUT 15 is a better name than NHL 15. 360/PS3 is the way to go if you didn't get rid of the old system yet. Unless of course, there's a surprise, and things are taken out of that.
# 17 peter21 @ 09/04/14 03:34 PM
Wow, if all these missing modes, features and options are truly out for next-gen, this is pretty brutal.

I was already skipping NHL15, because I'm primarily an EASHL player and I'm not upgrading to PS4 yet, but happy for those who felt it was worth taking the plunge. I just don't see how this could possibly justify a full price now. I get they focused on presentation and it looks like they've done a bang up job, but that's one aspect of the game. All these missing elements is going to lead to a marketing and PR nightmare.

I don't blame the devs, but it's clear the resources EA allocates to the NHL series are not sufficient to justify a game with this many modes. They simply can't work on them all and things like Live the Life, Be A Pro, Be A GM and any offline mode are going to take a hit.

It's a shame. First titles on next-gen usually are pretty bare bones, but there's much more competition for my dollar than when I upgraded to PS2 and PS3. I'm not settling for half or even a quarter of a game anymore.
# 18 @marcusjiles @ 09/04/14 03:34 PM
<:0 Wow. That's so EA. Still 60 bucks too?? They're running a con on folks with this game. If you buy it, and these lack of features turn out to be confirmed, you're a mark and deserve to have your money taken from you lol
# 19 Ronoko @ 09/04/14 03:34 PM
Quite a week for EA as a publisher. First the Sims 4, which is missing much of what the sims 3 had, and now this. At least the Sims will probably get most of the missing features through expansions (which cost plenty of money).

EA Sports---------it's not in the game.
# 20 DC1980 @ 09/04/14 03:36 PM
Save us 2K

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