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Check out the latest FIFA 15 video on goalkeepers. For more information about goalkeepers, make sure you check out the details released last month. The main changes are listed below.

Goalkeepers will have over 50 new save animations, improved AI and new realistic player models. They are also more responsive and fluid when moving and think like real-life keepers.

Improved reactions

Keepers now read and react to gameplay situations, adjusting their movement if going in the wrong direction, and making last-ditch saves by reaching back or throwing out a leg. FIFA 15 also brings a new level of realism to the way keepers react to shots that are difficult to handle. Where previously goalkeepers would catch most balls they touched, you’ll now see a new range of authentic deflections and tips as keepers try to make a save.

Better decisions

Goalkeepers make better decisions in one-on-ones and when tracking the ball on crosses, corners and through balls towards their box. Keepers in FIFA 15 command their area with more awareness and intelligence than ever before.

Goalies will also read the flight of balls and you’ll see more variety in how they react to swerving, dipping or turbulent shots.

New Ways to Score

With keepers more mobile, it opens up new scoring opportunities for attackers. Your opponent recognizes goalkeeper movement and will attempt shots back across goal, nutmegs or quick shots which will leave no time to react.

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Member Comments
# 1 orion523 @ 09/05/14 09:25 AM
This is a sigh of relief because at Gamescom the keepers by all accounts were in terrible shape. I guess the feature just wasn't ready for prime time then.
# 2 Entiae @ 09/05/14 09:38 AM
That looks fantastic.
Can't wait!
# 3 worstsportsgamer1977 @ 09/05/14 10:12 AM
how bout smarter ai on your backs. my goalie was never the issue. its my dumb as **** center backs. they just let people run past them.
# 4 clipperfan811 @ 09/05/14 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by Hutton
Looks very nice. I like the fact that not all saves appear to be 100% cleanly grabbed by the keepers.

At the 1:45 mark Hart makes a diving save to his right, which he parried. If an attacker was in position there could have been a goal mouth scramble to knock in the loose ball. This was totally non present in 14. Granted it still looks like Hart was able to recover & jump on the loose ball pretty quickly.

One of my biggest gripes about keepers in 14 was even when they didn't cleanly catch a ball they had reflexes so quick that they could regain their position & leap to grab a ball in a flash, in a unrealistically possible way.

Also I hope that the fingertip's made of steel crap is gone, so a shot from 18 meters out doesn't result in a finger tip save that goes out of touch for a throw in 30 meters away! It almost seemed like the ball gained speed after the keeper would fingertip save in 14.

I also hope they included some errors/gaffes in the keeper logic, so they aren't always 100% correct in the decision to sweep a ball outside the box. I want to see a keeper of lesser quality make dumb mistakes occasionally, so they may incorrectly choose to leave their line & sweep every ball to perfection. Keepers making errors is a huge part of the game, just watch the world cup & witness the horrific play by Iker & Akineev. Hugo Lloris was terrible vs lpool this weekend, hoofing balls all over the place when coming out to sweep up. This has never been correctly modeled in FIFA.
You make some great points! I've always felt that the trick to convincing AI is simulating those errors in decision making based on the ratings of the player. I hope that this Gen makes big leaps in that regard.

As far as the video:

I liked what I saw. It's good to see some of those shots getting away from the keepers, that should create some exciting sequences. It seems like they say the same thing every year as far as this is the year that our ai thinks like a actual player would. I won't hold my breath but if it gets us a step closer then I'd be happy.

I think I'm most excited to see if it really opens up the variety of goals that can be scored. FIFA is usually about figuring out what the go to way of scoring is and doing that as often as possible. Hopefully variety is king this year!
# 5 kennyacid @ 09/05/14 05:15 PM
They got Howard about as big as the rock.
# 6 ZO @ 09/05/14 06:40 PM
My hype for this game can not get much larger. Demo in 4 days! I'm going to play the crap out of that thing.

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