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I'm sure rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey never thought he'd be a meme because of this, but thanks to a bug within Madden which transformed the normally 6'2", 235 pounds linebacker into a 14-inch miniature figure of himself in a Tennessee Titans Solo Challenge within Madden Ultimate Team.

After the bug has appeared in major news outlets everywhere, EA has decided to roll with the gag and allow players to play against the 'Tiny Titan' in the Ultimate Teams weekly challenges. Playing against the Tiny Titan will net you a few coins through this weekend.

It's a cool way to roll with what is a hilarious bug, so kudos for that to the MUT team at EA.

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# 1 scmasta86 @ 09/05/14 12:42 PM
I like that Madden owned this glitch and made it a thing. I think its important for them to address other key footbal functions in the game. I will be playing it all weekend!
# 2 Jadakiss88 @ 09/05/14 12:51 PM
Random Madden Player at the start of the challenge:
"Aww...look at him he's so cute...these coins are in the bag"

Random Madden Player after being stopped on the goal line:
"F*&% YOU EA!!! How can you allow a 14 inch glitch to make tackles on Beast Mode"
**Rage quits and then throws controller**
# 3 scmasta86 @ 09/05/14 12:54 PM
I like that Madden owned this glitch and made it a thing. I think its important for them to address other key footbal functions in the game. I will be playing it all weekend!
# 4 elgreazy1 @ 09/05/14 03:27 PM
So instead of fixing the glitch, they turned it into a promotion.
# 5 snc237 @ 09/05/14 04:41 PM
Hey thwy have a mistake that is sorta awesome in someways. Might as well use it!
# 6 Junior Moe @ 09/05/14 04:47 PM
Well played Madden. Mistakes happen, no need to stroke out over every little thing. It's pretty cool how the team is rolling with it and having a sense of humor.
# 7 TheRealMrRager_ @ 09/05/14 08:12 PM
It's funny to me that everyone thinks it's so hilarious. That's why I didn't purchase it this year. They put out the same BS and call it new. Change a couple animations and update the roster and sell it over and over. The game pretty much tells you what to do. For example, if I run a cover 2 against you the previous play, it's gonna say what defense I ran last time before you pick the next play. Same both sides of the ball. Tells you the percentage of time e play works and all. No thank you, EA.
# 8 Junior Moe @ 09/06/14 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by tomzennsbruh
TheRealMrRager_ , Have you actually played the game?

It honestly feels so far from the usual Madden experience it's not funny. You really need to at least try it, if you haven't yet. It actually feels like a new game.

In no way is this the "same BS".
I am not a Madden defender at all. IMO, the team has legitemately earned much of the skepticism they receive. But damn man there is a limit. Constantly bashing the game and team for every little thing is getting old. Idot hey don't like Madden at this point then its probably best to just let the whole franchise go. The game is never going to be up to their standards. Thats cool, because some of the omissions are glaring. But let those of us who can manage to enjoy the game for what it is doing and building towards enjoy it. Madden 15 is the best game of virtual football I have played in nearly a decade. The game is not perfect, but it's damn good. Enough with all of that negativity.
# 9 Jarbeez @ 09/08/14 05:03 PM
Originally Posted by tomzennsbruh
I don't know about you but the Tiny Titan I played against in this challenge couldn't do ANYTHING. Hahahaha.

He played to his size against me, I could literally run right over him.
Same here. I was kind of shocked. I thought that based on ratings alone (which I didn't check) the size wouldn't matter that much. He was even on kick return and couldn't catch the ball since it was bigger than him.

Kudos to EA that the actual size/physics of this were pretty accurate (of course if a 14 inch man actually existed). My 9 year old son thought it was hilarious too.

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