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Itís that time of the season where players are finally starting to get used to the changes made in the new Madden NFL 15 game, which means now is a great time to start learning the best technique with the most basic of hot routes: The smoke screen.

The smoke screen was added back in Madden 25, however this is the season that I think it will really shine, and I explain why in the second edition of our Madden 15 Minute Tips. In Minute Tips, we try to bring you the quick and dirty advice you want in as close to a minute as we can manage. While these arenít the in-depth strategies youíve come to know us for, theyíre still quite useful, especially the Green Screen.

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Member Comments
# 1 titit32000 @ 09/05/14 07:27 PM
i use this all the time especially if my main wide receiver has no catch and i'm in the 2 or 3rd quarter.
# 2 BleedGreen710 @ 09/05/14 07:31 PM
hey thanks for that video I never knew about that I cant wait to try it
# 3 MAGboyswifT27 @ 09/05/14 07:38 PM
Good tip and video! I'll try it out later.
# 4 tomski182 @ 09/06/14 04:34 AM
Aussie here, new to Madden & NFL. I couldn't see what he did differently.
# 5 Billy_Hoyle @ 09/06/14 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by tomski182
Aussie here, new to Madden & NFL. I couldn't see what he did differently.
He used the directional passing and pushed down on the thumbstick as he threw the ball, so it went low. The high or normal passes he gets tackled right away, but with the low pass, he was able to get around the db.
# 6 wordtobigbird @ 09/06/14 07:58 AM
Good stuff there. This new Madden has added a lot of depth that I am still digging into since I just got mine on thursday. I like that the chess match at the line of scrimmage being really big. This is what any elite QB and WR tandem would do if they saw a blitz coming a mile away.

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