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EA Sports has just released this tips and tricks NHL 15 video showing users how to celebrate in the game.

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# 1 stevendah @ 09/10/14 04:20 PM
What is there to celebrate about?

KIDDING! I just had to.
# 2 mrTom @ 09/10/14 04:33 PM
according to this video, both,
the double fister and jumping against the glass is both pushing A (X1) while near the glass.
how does that make sense?
# 3 Semipro91 @ 09/10/14 06:44 PM
How do you celebrate a win in GM Connected?....wait
How do you celebrate a goal in EASHL?.....wait
How do you celebrate a goal in tournament mode?.....wait
How do you celebrate a goal in Be a Legend?....wait

I don't feel like typing the rest out. Its depressing.
# 4 BCDX97 @ 09/10/14 06:50 PM
I will gladly celebrate the amount of butt hurt on this site.
# 5 ericromain @ 09/10/14 10:54 PM
New celebrations look great. Love the hugs
# 6 COMMISSIONERHBK9 @ 09/11/14 08:34 AM
I'm sorry but I didn't play nhl last year but I'm having a lot of fun with this new game. I can't wait to try it out the new celebration.
# 7 ManiacMatt1782 @ 09/11/14 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by BCDX97
I will gladly celebrate the amount of butt hurt on this site.
We get it. You are happy with the product put out. The majority aren't. But the majority also aren't blindly bashing. They are providing constructive criticism as to where the product needs to be to be worth a purchase again. This isn't 2005 where they stripped Madden to bare bones and we sucked it up. If FIFA and Madden could be improved and fully featured, last year, why couldn't NHL after having an extra year to work on the 1st next gen installment? We aren't going to sit here and watch our favorite sport get gutted in its game representation and just sit there and accept it. It's not butthurt, its being an educated consumer.
# 8 Hammettf2b @ 09/11/14 01:03 PM
Winner of 5 best sports game of E3 awards. lol niiiice

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