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The Forza Horizon 2 demo is available now for Xbox One gamers. It weighs in at 10.42 GB. If you can't find it, search for it in Games or Bing it.

Let us know what you think!

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# 1 ckarlic @ 09/16/14 10:49 AM
Thanks for the heads up Steve. Started the download before I left for work this morning. Hoping to get some time in with the game tonight.
# 2 DaveDQ @ 09/16/14 02:34 PM
Quite possibly the worst intro video in a video game. Ever.

The driving is fun and the demo lets you get off-road for a little until the game redirects you. There is an off-road event that runs very smooth while bushes and fences are flying everywhere.

I like the gameplay but I hate the style of the game.
# 3 mrprice33 @ 09/16/14 02:39 PM
Played through most of the actual demo content this morning. It's, of course, a gorgeous game with great atmosphere. The driving model feels a little more sim than FH1 and the roads less wide, so it hems closer to traditional Forza in that way. The one big thing that I didn't notice being such a problem in FH1 that I felt was an issue here is the GPS. It feels hard to get around unless you keep the driving line on. The game should probably have a GPS line to get from place to place that is separate and apart from the in-race driving line, or it should have two different settings.
# 4 Yeltzman @ 09/16/14 03:32 PM
Didnt Think much of the rain effects either not my sort of game
# 5 Midi @ 09/16/14 04:41 PM
I was impressed, the controls was tight and the draw from close up to a pretty far distance was solid. Its interesting also how good it looks even when you go off road or the weather changes. The seamless transition between multi player and single player will be a big draw.
# 6 weaponz248 @ 09/16/14 05:35 PM
Pretty good. Loved the weather and Off-roading. Great visuals. nice driving model from what I could tell in the demo.

I liked FH1, this feels like it picked up were FH1 left off.

One thing I didnt like was in hood cam, I couldn't see much while I was destroying grape fields.

Overall I think it will be a great if not awesome open world racer.

Also if you play the Demo, Complete one event in said demo, and Buy the game before Oct 31st 2014 you get a free car, the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STi.
# 7 brandon27 @ 09/16/14 05:49 PM
Love it! Absolutely love it!

I like that the tighted up the tuning of the cars to be a big less like FH1, and a bit more like the regular forza series, but still somewhere in the middle.

Visually its gorgeous. I'm going to have alot of fun with this.
# 8 vito100 @ 09/16/14 06:56 PM
Awesome! Loved Forza 5 and it's cars, know I get to take those same cars and put them on the open road and let it Riiiide! Driving feels just about just like forza 5 which is a plus. Can't wait til the 30th to play the full game. Gonna be this and Nba 2k15 for a long time on my TV screen
# 9 18 eighty 5 @ 09/16/14 07:53 PM
Stunning visuals. Like the firmer handling. This is going to be a great laid back, cruise of a game. Very impressive work.
# 10 KingTocco @ 09/16/14 09:14 PM
Great game, does anyone know if our progress (cash and XP) transfer to the full version?
# 11 elbos2k @ 09/17/14 01:59 AM
Wish I never played the demo cuz now I want to buy it, lol! Great graphics and the driving felt really good. Seems like it's gonna be better than FH1. Gonna wait for it when it goes on sale. Already bought Fifa 15 and Destiny so my wallet needs a break...
# 12 kwebbvols4423 @ 09/17/14 06:47 AM
Wow! Really like this, game looks amazing. Just pre-ordered.
# 13 ckarlic @ 09/17/14 11:44 AM
Had a blast playing the demo...definitely has a FH1 feel to it which is awesome. Loved FH1 and will be getting this game day 1. The demo was pure fun for me.
# 14 ODogg @ 09/17/14 04:38 PM
An amazing game... Even more impressive than I thought it would be....
# 15 murph17 @ 09/17/14 11:45 PM
great demo - except it doesn't save your progress? i had to restart the whole demo tonight.

not a racing guy but super excited for this game. probably my first digital pre-order. i added a bunch of you guys who said you're buying it day one as well.
# 16 18 eighty 5 @ 09/18/14 06:10 AM
The view...

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