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Check out the latest NBA 2K15 video (Shaky-cam), featuring the Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs, from the Tokyo Game Show.

Thanks jayman504!!

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# 1 Da-Man @ 09/22/14 08:52 PM
finally!... people who know how to play
# 2 swaggedout @ 09/22/14 08:57 PM
The best thing about these videos, is the fact that a hard core player don't have to worry about losing to a cheeser. It doesn't seem like every shot goes in, and you have to have some kind of understanding on with players can do what.
# 3 luda06 @ 09/22/14 09:02 PM
Regular jump-shots in the paint? I thought we got rid of that.
# 4 lakers24 @ 09/22/14 09:03 PM
Lmao, real ballers right here
# 5 swaggedout @ 09/22/14 09:11 PM
Originally Posted by ImaFreeThinker
Only thing is...Cheesers are ALOT more competent 2K15 players than these guys. LoL...We don't truly know if cheese has been eliminated, based off of this sort of clip.
Well i guess I meant to say, inexperienced players. In pass years, it seemed like anyone can pick a high rated team and give you problems. Based off these vids, a player has to have some kind of knowledge and stick skills.
# 6 tsbmolina @ 09/22/14 09:19 PM
That was both painful and beautiful to watch. On one hand the people playing were horrendous but on the other hand the presentation was so beautiful that it made it tolerable viewing. Says a lot for the game's quality when you can still enjoy the unwatchable lol.
# 7 Rebel_INS @ 09/22/14 09:32 PM
That was extremely painful 2 watch 😑

If I raise my hand now ✋ Can I be informed when and i where I can play and capture footage of 2K16 because these seemingly same clueless gamers getting 1st crack every year is truly depressing
# 8 thedream2k13 @ 09/22/14 09:35 PM
Originally Posted by luda06
Regular jump-shots in the paint? I thought we got rid of that.
Defenders in the way what do you expect ?
# 9 Rebel_INS @ 09/22/14 09:45 PM
I do like the shooting foul replays though and it was cool when they user came down @ around the 2:24 mark and held the shoot button too long with Bellineli and was called for the travel, u saw Norris Cole also making the travel gesture. Nice touch
# 10 xman2k @ 09/22/14 10:23 PM
Yes shooting foul replays and even when ginobli got fouled it had a replay, very nice.
# 11 Phreezy P @ 09/22/14 10:24 PM
I didn't like that sequence at 2:09 when Tony Parker got to the basket from 15 feet without dribbling, but I did like that foul cam. Now I don't have to go into instant replay when I'm baffled as to why there was a foul.

And did Haslem get injured there? He was holding his back after that jumper.
# 12 luda06 @ 09/22/14 10:36 PM
Originally Posted by thedream2k13
Defenders in the way what do you expect ?
A hook shot? Fadeaway?
# 13 eye guy @ 09/22/14 10:39 PM
When people make the game look like ***... smh!
# 14 Cowboy008 @ 09/22/14 10:54 PM
Looks good
# 15 2_headedmonster @ 09/23/14 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by luda06
A hook shot? Fadeaway?
The were in jumpshot range, but should have done a "baby shot" if that makes any sense...
# 16 MarkWilliam @ 09/23/14 02:21 AM
Replays on fouls is a nice touch... Very broadcast like...
# 17 RUFFNREADY @ 09/23/14 03:51 AM
My eyes are bleeding from that display!
Other than that the game looks great!
# 18 newgeneration11 @ 09/23/14 04:39 AM
looks like player movement took the next step in realism. love it.
# 19 pdx_24 @ 09/23/14 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by luda06
Regular jump-shots in the paint? I thought we got rid of that.
First thing I noticed too. Well, that and the skinny girlie arms on all of the players. Looks like they all have WNBA players arms once again.

The skinny arms bugs the hell out of me. It's so noticeable and looks so terrible that I'm shocked that 2K hasn't gotten it fixed. Perhaps it's an attempt to make the players arms look longer because in the past people were complaining that the arms were too short (which was true). Making the arms skinnier gives the allusion that it's longer.

It just looks terrible though. Men upper arms are a lot thicker than their forearms. Women arms are more uniformed. If they would make the upper arms thicker (in particular the triceps), the shoulders wouldn't look as pointy either.
# 20 fearwhatnow @ 09/23/14 07:18 AM
That was impressive! 2 great sim ballers there! If anybody knows those 2 pure sim sport videogamers tell them that I'm looking for them:


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