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has found its way into stores, and many of you are no doubt spending big parts of your day playing this year's game. You can check out our initial impressions of the game here.

What do you think about the game? Post your impressions here!

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# 1 bad_philanthropy @ 09/23/14 07:44 AM
So I'm really surprised how different the retail version feels from the demo.

Everything seems a touch smoother, player switching seems better, defensive AI seems more competent, and passing on manual feels more responsive and fluid (still a tad too slow on default, but doesn't feel as "clunky" as in the demo).

Overall I'm extremely impressed with the flow of play on slow speed, and like seeing the cpu doing a bit of build up play at times. It's not perfect, but I understand that the gameplay has to scale somewhat for a sub 90 minute game. Realistic buildup play wouldn't produce much of a game playing 10 minute halves.

Defending feels really good. Feels more responsive than the demo. You still have to be patient, but the cpu seems less godly with its tight dribbling. You have more of an ability to corral the cpu player on the ball into space and make a play.

I'm sure I'll see some warts as I play, but this is definitely a strong improvement over 14, and I'll be putting a ton of time into it. Best sports title EA has put out this year, and it's not close. A proper combination of looks, gameplay, and game mode variety.
# 2 chesizzle @ 09/23/14 08:09 AM
Im just happy that fouls are being called now. Especially for the cpu ai, this is the first time ive seen a fifa game where the cpu got 5 fouls and 3 cards. And the crowd, amazing!

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# 3 bad_philanthropy @ 09/23/14 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by chesizzle
Im just happy that fouls are being called now. Especially for the cpu ai, this is the first time ive seen a fifa game where the cpu got 5 fouls and 3 cards. And the crowd, amazing!

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Yeah, this is a big thing. If you properly recognize the situation, and don't push forward when the path is defended, you can really draw a lot of fouls from the cpu.
# 4 Gnemi @ 09/23/14 08:49 AM
Please forgive repost:

I prepaid the PC version and downloaded while working today. Fired it up for three quick games at 9pm Pacific Time on Professional / Slow / All Manual. I couldn't help it, I had to reduce the Sprint & Accel sliders, otherwise I left it on defaults.

Overall, I feel like this might be the year of Be Careful What You Wish For. Last year's game was $%#@ing excellent, admittedly, but it was also a bit stilted in terms of pace, movement, variety of scoring. The two biggest flaws were the overpowered crossing / headed goals (on corners it was far too easy to score goals even after the patches) *and* the penalties. I hope both are fixed this year. I also didn't like how crammed it was in midfield and the deflections and toe-poke tackles were crazy.

All of that seems to be fixed this year, but it feels a bit like a cartoon for lack of better description. That has something to do with the physics and a lot to do with the models and textures. Ibra and Mertesacker look like fcking flesh golems out there. They're ENORMOUS. Then, conversely, I was running alongside Mertesacker with Aaron Ramsay and he looked like a midget. They went a bit over the top with these models. Oh well. It's something different, I'll give them credit for that!

Attacking feels incredibly fluid this year and, small sample size, but I was drubbing Derby County with PSG 3-0 at half. Ibrahimovic is indeed a beast in this game. Then, I played Arsenal and scoring opportunities for both sides were few and far between. Played to 0-0 draw.

I'm not sure what's going to happen with difficulty settings, but I may be playing on Pro this year. It feels good to me. We'll see.

So, after a few short games playing the retail version, dare I say it but I was having...fun! Last year's game was brutal but rewarding. This year, we might all have to indulge a sort of nostalgic 16-bit era enjoyment and manage our expectations considerably when it comes to the simulation side of the equation.

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# 5 mrcultureshock @ 09/23/14 09:47 AM
I played the game right after it went live on Origin last night and I found it quite fun. My sliders are on default and the player speed/accel feels really too fast. The CPU GK was way too strong IMHO at default.

I played as Man U vs Leicester at home and dominated the game at the beginning but slowly lost momentum and lost late in the game. I then played Man U vs MK Dons as a visitor and the game felt very different. MK Dons played high pressure at the beginning of the game their forwards and MF were on me every time I got the ball. But slowly I started to find holes in their defense and went on to win 3-0.

The best thing about 15 is the passing. It feels more organic and I feel that I have control even when I make a mistake. Also, the passing is more fluid than last year.

All in all I really like the game so far.
# 6 Cpre5 @ 09/23/14 09:49 AM
I really liked the demo, and retail,feels so much better.
I played a few drop in games last night and it was nice to see the AI mates play so much better then 14. As striker I passed it out wide to the winger who ran it down the side, and when he didn't have a cross he pulled it back and dribbled back to midfield and passed it back to restart the attack. In 14 the would have just dribbled into the defense.

Many times I gave the ball to the AI and let them work, and they did a nice job and avoiding the D and working the ball around. Not perfect but year beyond 14.

Also I felt more heavy on the pitch then I did in the demo, the movement wasn't so floaty and arcadey like 14.

Looks great so far
# 7 tjung0831 @ 09/23/14 09:55 AM
FIFA 15 plays great....playing on pro default with manual but I actually upped the speed to fast and I really like the way it plays. I'll probably put the speed back down to normal eventually but this is a really great game. No complaints at this point.
Played as Aston Villa my first game and defeated Leicester 2-1 and I feel like I earned both goals.
# 8 Gnemi @ 09/23/14 09:58 AM
Couple quick notes:

--Still can't do 12 minute halves, which is a major disappointment to me, but I will do 10 minute halves this year. I did 15 minute halves last year because of its pacing issue and it took me the full 12 month FIFA cycle to make it through 5 career seasons. I play an average of one game or so per day. 15 minute halves take too long.

--Difficulty this year is insane. World Class is so hard that it almost feels broken. You can get stuck in, park the bus, etc. and still get battered. I think Pro is quite possibly this year's World Class. Sliders will make a big difference I'm sure.

--BL8 pointed it out elsewhere, but there are so many camera angles that work wonderfully! *gasp* My favorite might be...END TO END! It feels like you're part of a team playing football instead of playing a video game that looks like TV. I might actually play that camera angle because it makes midfield link-up play 1000x more effective/intuitive.
# 9 Gnemi @ 09/23/14 10:00 AM
P.S. - LMAO @ Tyler Blackett's POT...ouch!
# 10 rckabillyRaider @ 09/23/14 10:23 AM
Have to agree with some posters before me, fouls are definitely being called more regularly. Some of the games I've played i found myself cursing at the ref like in real life..... another foul?! WTF? Haha
# 11 mfp @ 09/23/14 10:29 AM
Aside from these TERRIBLE new player models, 15 looks to have made some great improvements. Most importantly, the game feels much more organic and varied than 14.

So far, I don't agree that the game is harder though - I'm on WC (default settings) at the moment and it's been pretty easy.

I'm a little worried still about the AI. Defensively it's better, which it needed to be because it could be atrocious in 14, but there's still some big holes at times, space is way too plentiful in the middle of the pitch, and I've gotten too many easy chances 1-on-1.

Overall, looks like gameplay will be exciting and fun this year, and if I can just get past these anorexic, cartoonish player models then I'll be good to go.
# 12 brinks @ 09/23/14 10:33 AM
I'm shocked that you can actually draw fouls by drawing the defender in and slowly moving into space. It's a little strange sometimes... especially when you see a world class defender carelessly lunge in, but it's a fantastic change for the game. Hope it stays that way. Free kicks around the box will mean something. Of course, the free kick mechanic still doesn't feel great.

Overall, the passing and movement is better than any previous Fifa. The CPU AI still don't make the over lapping runs as consistently as they should, but it's better. Passing is crisp and playing with fast players feels the best it ever has... their speed means something.

Seen some really strange goal keeping on corners... might be my biggest gripe so far. Keepers get way out of position without much purpose.
# 13 Rangerneb @ 09/23/14 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by rckabillyRaider
Have to agree with some posters before me, fouls are definitely being called more regularly. Some of the games I've played i found myself cursing at the ref like in real life..... another foul?! WTF? Haha
Had a beautiful build up with Man City earlier. Had Silva on the wing, saw daylight towards the middle of the field, I skill towards the middle, beat the opposing mid fielder and he tackles me from behind, I stood up with my controller in hand yelling at the virtual ref. The ref meticulously walks over to the offender and shows the yellow. It was truly cinematic.
# 14 Wavebird99 @ 09/23/14 10:37 AM
Game looks incredible and the presentation is (finally) really outstanding. The crowd chants and noises are top notch - and the highlights at half and the end of game are brilliant.

Gameplay wise, passing is incredible, and there just seems to be so much more variety this year in games, compared to 14 at least. I was personally disappointed by 14, even though it was still pretty solid, but it seems a lot of my issues with variety and CPU play have been addressed.

My only issue is that on WC the game can still feel "cheap" at times - IE AI winning ridiculous headers and scoring crazy goals off them, or magic dribbling from guys on Burnley who probably arent rated higher than 70. Its a small issue though, and if you defend well you can really minimize this. \

Oh yeah, and the AI actually fouls now! I think we all know this was a massive issue with 14 - but it seems to be completely rectified.

Overall, so far really good !
# 15 tjung0831 @ 09/23/14 10:41 AM
I've played 4 games and have seen only two offside calls which is great....there were a lot of offside calls in 14. The fouls are great...seeing 6 to 7 fouls a game so far.
The game feels much more organic than 14 to me. This is a great game of footy!
# 16 phillykid98 @ 09/23/14 11:30 AM
I agree the player models look a bit off. Gameplay is definitely more realistic. My only gripe is that I can't adjust the screen size. Apparently, this is a PS4 issue. Hope that gets fixed.
# 17 SoCal-Phenom @ 09/23/14 11:35 AM
Awesome hearing all of the positive impressions!!

Can anyone confirm that ONLINE COOP SEASONS in the game? I heard that this mode was taken out of the FIFA 14 Next-gen version last year.

That was my favorite mode from FIFA 14 on Xbox 360.
# 18 Amuseddaysleeper @ 09/23/14 11:39 AM
I haven't downloaded the Day 1 patch yet but while the game is immensely fun, it's frustrating that shooting at the edge of the box always flies over the goal, or aiming for the corners of the net don't hit the targets the way they did in Fifa 15.

Maybe that's fixed in the patch. Also had a ton of injuries during the game, but everything else was great.
# 19 Lofty @ 09/23/14 12:02 PM
I haven't got the retail release yet but thought I would post something that stood out to me on the early access copy.

Rooney was running into the box with the ball and his shirt was being pulled. Next thing I know, he's bundled to the ground and the referee blows for a penalty. It looked really organic and nice to see it happening to me.
# 20 woody2goody @ 09/23/14 12:05 PM
Again though, one of the great things about the best sport games is that you can see magical plays occasionally by any player.

As long as they have got rid of the AI God Mode which always kicked in in the last 15 minutes of each half last year?

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