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As most of you were already aware, NBA 2K15 features many more real NBA player voices with full scripts and roles to play in MyCAREER mode.

Check out the latest NBA 2K15 trailer, showcasing some of the things you will see and hear in the mode.

Read the full press release below.

2K today released a new gameplay trailer unveiling all-new features in MyCAREER in NBA 2K15. In NBA 2K15's MyCAREER, your journey will include encounters with player mentors from every NBA team in the league, as well as coaching from Doc Rivers, head coach of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers and one of the best coaches in the history of the NBA.

New in NBA 2K15ís MyCAREER mode:
  • Mentors: No matter what team you want to play for, you will have NBA players teach you the ropes. With every NBA team, you will learn how to play smart basketball with any team you choose.
  • Coach Satisfaction: A brand new gameplay system, coach satisfaction is a real-time analysis of how users are playing. Not only are you graded on your quality as a teammate, but you must satisfy Coach Doc Rivers as well.
  • Upgrade System: A completely reinvented upgrade system where specialties matter more than ever.
  • Badges: Earn badges based on how you play, and raise them from bronze to silver to gold.
  • Simulate or Play: You can decide whether you want to simulate or play every game. Get credit based upon the team you play against, including VC and badges.
  • Endorsements: Completing challenges gives you the opportunity to get endorsement and VC.
  • Championship: Show off a championship ring in MyPark.
In NBA 2K15's MyCAREER, your journey will include mentors from every NBA team in the league. Guiding you as you progress in your MyCAREER, watch these examples of the authentic interaction you can expect in NBA 2K15.

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Member Comments
# 1 8KB24 @ 09/24/14 12:05 PM
Harden talking about defense. There better be an option to slap his big *** beard.
# 2 King_B_Mack @ 09/24/14 12:07 PM
So that's what all those pics of players were for this year. Cool little touch.

One thing I see that I don't like...I don't like that accessory color Ronnie is rocking. Confirms that your gear doesn't change again in MyCareer and you're going to have to buy all your accessories with VC again just to wear team color stuff which in some cases, they don't even have gear to buy that matches a team's color scheme. That's not a good look 2K
# 3 El_Poopador @ 09/24/14 12:09 PM
I hope there are different lines and scenes for each team, and not the same thing no matter where you go, just being read by a different player.
# 4 8KB24 @ 09/24/14 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by ImaFreeThinker
What's really ironic is that Harden is a lock down defender in 2K14.
Every user-controlled player that is athletic is lockdown defender in past series.
# 5 Clappington @ 09/24/14 12:12 PM
Oh god this is just a set up for people to complain some more. I love it but people gonna cal lit cheesy like always.
# 6 Taer @ 09/24/14 12:13 PM
I have conflicting feelings here.

My hope is that everything is contextual and these out-takes add to the experience as much as the potential shows it can.

My fear is that this is just one more step on the road of converting this mode into nothing more than a scripted on-rails experience good for one play-through and then abandoned.
# 7 eko718 @ 09/24/14 12:14 PM
I literally lol'ed @ Harden talking about defense.
# 8 Sdrawkcab321 @ 09/24/14 12:15 PM
Athletes are the absolute worst actors. I mean I get it that they are reading off a piece of paper. But that's exactly what it sounds like
# 9 lakers24 @ 09/24/14 12:21 PM
Bruh, they seriously couldn't hire a better voice actor? The players sound better than him Lol. I'm sorry but it sounds like something's wrong with him. I know Troy Baker and Nolan North might be expensive, but they need to get a GTA like casting call going an get an unknown who's great. Whoever this is makes me appreciate "drake" so much more now
# 10 SouthBeach @ 09/24/14 12:21 PM
I like the concept, somewhat.

My main gripe is the voice for MyCareer.

Honestly, I may be alone on this, but it's a bit stereotypical for the voice to be of a certain background. I understand that the NBA is predominantly African-American. But why are no other races represented in this universal game?

I'd like to have the option to choose a voice as opposed to being given the voice of what 2K assumes all basketball players sound like. (Cause that's indirectly what's being said, more or less)
# 11 StL_RamZ @ 09/24/14 12:21 PM
ugh how much I hate the new voice. they said either that new voice or the old one. guess I'll take the old one
# 12 Clappington @ 09/24/14 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by Kaynogamez
What a waste of time and resources. Never gonna touch this corny mode hihihihi look at ronnie.
Bye lol, take your complaining somewhere else. 2k wont miss you not playing this game mode.
# 13 BEARYChi @ 09/24/14 12:29 PM
I laughed hard once Harden was talking about defense... But this was dope BTW.
# 14 thedream2k13 @ 09/24/14 12:38 PM
Seems like all the marketing is only focused on 2 modes in the game. 2k trying their hardest to stretch /delay everything till the last minute. We need more focus on the online modes like leagues and the park
# 15 Cabish @ 09/24/14 12:39 PM
They could have used text then and no voices save them a lot of work and money and time and effort and allow them to do more,so nobody complains about voice action and stuff like that anymore
# 16 lakers24 @ 09/24/14 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by thedream2k13
Seems like all the marketing is only focused on 2 modes in the game. 2k trying their hardest to stretch /delay everything till the last minute. We need more focus on the online modes like leagues and the park
Well I'm pretty sure that's next week. They always(atleast the last few years) seem to release new info for a mode a week at a time.
# 17 2_headedmonster @ 09/24/14 12:41 PM
the writing or voice acting, cant tell which is worse.
# 18 Trackball @ 09/24/14 12:41 PM
I do voiceovers.

Kevin Durant and James Harden STINK at acting.
# 19 Sundown @ 09/24/14 12:42 PM
The new guy sounds sedate. Can they just get the voice actors together with the players when recording lines or something? They sound like they're talking to TV screens cause that's what they're doing.

And couldn't they hire a white guy who sounds like a white guy, and a black guy who sounds like a black guy?

That should cover all the bases. Don't you start Boilerbuzz.

Pretty excited Iggy's in the game though. Maybe even Curry, since he was part of the group that did acting here.
# 20 I Djm @ 09/24/14 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by Sdrawkcab321
Athletes are the absolute worst actors. I mean I get it that they are reading off a piece of paper. But that's exactly what it sounds like
They need to let them read it over two times to get a good pacing then let them add their style to it

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