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The Above video is from our friends at GoMadden. Check out their YouTube, and follow them on Twitter.

Madden 15 tips are at a premium right now as players are trying to find their groove against this year’s enhanced defense, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to show you one neat trick that can be applied universally against the much-used cover 2 defense.

Beating the Cover 2 can be tough at times when user defenders are wrecking havoc in the middle of the field, which is why in our latest Madden 15 Minute Tip, we show you how to make some quick changes at the line of scrimmage to get over those nasty flats zones, and safely out of bounds down the field. More details.

If you can't see the video above, click here to see it.

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# 1 Dr Death @ 10/02/14 10:56 AM
61 X Choice out of the Run & Shoot is a great Cover-2 killer, as your Z receiver - B on X-Box, will run a Go route and the receiver next to him runs a Post, forcing the SS to choose one... he can't cover them both, and usually he will leave the Post alone.

Great play in real life and done right in Madden, which isn't something you'll hear me say a lot!
# 2 RipCityAndy @ 10/02/14 01:05 PM
Great tip!!
# 3 ggsimmonds @ 10/02/14 01:58 PM
One potential problem with this tip:

You are asking for trouble if the D is in sink. And if I remember correctly, sink gives the same presnap look. Certainly in such a case you would check down to the flat route, but many who watch this tip may just lock in on the go route.

Also THP matters with these types of passes.

It is by no means a bad tip, I just think the video could be longer and go in a little more depth. I'd hate for someone to watch this video and then play someone online who runs disguised coverages.
# 4 MeloNYK7 @ 10/02/14 06:04 PM
great tip, been having trouble beating cover 2. will put it to use or check down to flat if corner drops.
# 5 RUFFNREADY @ 10/02/14 07:40 PM
Awesome tip, I will do some labbing tonite! cheers

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