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NBA 2K15 has been released, and many OS'ers are already sharing their impressions on our NBA 2K15 forum. The general mood of the community seems positive, but this year's game is definitely offering a new challenge.

What do you think of NBA 2K15? Vote in our poll and leave a comment with a short review of the game thus far after a few hours playing it!

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# 1 kidanything2 @ 10/07/14 01:51 PM
I voted bad. Not that the game is horrible, but any sports game that gets worse from the year before it deserves an F in my book. Menus are laggy and designed even worse than last year.

Gameplay is even more slow and plodding than last year. The cpu full court pressed me, so I ran my guy past the defender on the inbound and the cpu magically slowed me down from 5 feet away and then rode me up court, sticking to the side of me (not even close to in front) and taking forever to get up court. Shooting success being so random was one of my biggest complaints last year and it's yet again worse this year.

It looks like they got even stingier this year with VC as well. Their servers are still terrible. No preorder bonus, been kicked from every game I've played (only 3 or so), get randomly denied access to MyTeam, and beat the first game in Domination mode and never got my packs and have to replay the game.

One positive? The inside game is better. More blocks, easier to contest shots make it a little easier to stop the inside game.
# 2 IrOnKoBe @ 10/07/14 01:52 PM
i vote bad cause of online league support
# 3 juslovemusic @ 10/07/14 02:00 PM
The game has improved in everyway. There will always have to be a point where they sacrifice some control for balance and realism and I think they're getting closer and closer to an acceptable amount of that.

The defense both from AI and user end is far superior to last years iteration in terms of realistic movement, and not being able to recover when you go in the opposite direction of a quick ball handler. He will get by you, and you will feel the pressure on those ankles if you read him wrong.

A player with a terrible rebound rating can no longer hustle his way to a triple double (at least not nearly as easily). Even being in the right place to grab it, if the opposing rebounder is higher skilled and/or longer, he will likely beat you for it. Boxing out is part of it, but you still have to battle for the possession.

Offense is the best improvement this year behind defense. Thank god the cpu understands the midrange jumper is an option now. And not all of them go in on superstar sim at least. People miss shots, even the best shooters, and this game seems to finally reflect that when played w/ sim settings, though an open shot for a good shooter is still typically money if he's set or has the skill off the bounce.

Some presentation elements have improved, and some are worse, but that's all extra and typically feels ok. The gameplay shines and that's #1 most important for me. Also, you can skip cut scenes after you've seen them before in My Career and sim to any game after the 10 day contracts! Well done 2k! Btw, if you can't pick a team to tryout for, it's likely because they already have the max number of players on their roster. Would likely have to edit out some of the preseason fluff that wont make it on your favorite teams roster anyway to have the ability to try out before you start your career.

Would love to see more implementation of highlights from within the game between quarters, during time outs, and post game. Also, the cheerleaders dance sequences feel a wee bit long.
# 4 bkillerbw @ 10/07/14 02:12 PM
how about a playoff mode??? i just want to play a playoff tree with the teams of my choice. come on 2k, send down a patch for ps4 cuz this would be an easy fix.
# 5 braves_94 @ 10/07/14 02:22 PM
The pacing and movement on the court, to me, is still a little frantic when compared to the real game. How it plays is average to good. A little bit more on the average side because it's exactly what we expect from 2K. The visuals are great. Gameplay options are great. But to me, the most weighted of those three is the gameplay, and I have to say just good. Fix the game, then add back of the box options. FIFA and The Show provide me with endless enjoyment, and little frustration. 2K still sports elements that'll give my blood pressure a not so great boost.
# 6 solofx7 @ 10/07/14 02:32 PM
Awesome. Been playing sports games since Lakers v Celtics, well actually Odyssey... I think that we are totally spoiled. this game has nearly everything that people asked for and then some. Slow clap for 2K....
# 7 poloelite @ 10/07/14 02:35 PM
Haven't played a lot, but definitely an improvement over last year to me in almost every area. Spent most of my time making hideous face scans smdh. Can actually play defense in the Park too, which was much needed.
# 8 rudeworld @ 10/07/14 03:12 PM
I need to play some more, which is a good thing. But I do feel that it is a much better game then 14. The only problem I'm having is in the audio, Steve Kerr need to be axed (if they can do it in a future update).
# 9 worstsportsgamer1977 @ 10/07/14 03:35 PM
i gave it a good rating. because the modes that actually work today are good. the gameplay controls and feel are much better then last year. there are cpu players that still do ******** things but i have very little control over that.

the new toys have been a big frustration. between the face scan which i gave up on and the slow servers which they said they switched to a new provider. has not helped. as of right now myteam is down for me. so there have been some disappointments and frustrations this morn but overall the game itself has improved so i will just play quick games till they get all this crap sorted out.
# 10 Hartenberg @ 10/07/14 03:48 PM
I'm enjoying it, there's no doubt about it, but with the half hearted OA's and the MyTeam troubles, (the mode is already essentially ruined if they don't patch and reset everything) it knocks it down to just good for me.
# 11 Sdot23 @ 10/07/14 03:54 PM
Wish I could say something about the game but it keeps me in the Spurs vs Heat opening game and doesn't let me access the main menu. I have a PS4 disc copy. Anyone having there issues? Thanks for any comments that can help fellas!
# 12 swiftychampleone @ 10/07/14 04:01 PM
Based off YouTube videos, I've notice that the arena sounds have been stripped down in stadiums for some odd reason. Why is that?
# 13 Hartenberg @ 10/07/14 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by Sdot23
Wish I could say something about the game but it keeps me in the Spurs vs Heat opening game and doesn't let me access the main menu. I have a PS4 disc copy. Anyone having there issues? Thanks for any comments that can help fellas!
From what I've read, it's looking like this is a Sony problem, not solely a 2k problem. Destiny and DriveClub are having similar issues. I guess just hold tight until Sony fixes what's going on.
# 14 BMDinTDOT @ 10/07/14 04:16 PM
I'm extremely disappointed even though I set the bar low. As a gamer who's bought this game
since launch in 1999 for Dreamcast I really don't like where this franchise is at and where it's

There is just some horrible decision making in that company which is why their other sports
games are extinct.

If you told me 8-10 years ago that a ton of features that we loved would be removed on powerful
consoles and online would become a joke with no leaderboards and horrific servers I thought
you would be crazy.

Outside of Ernie and Shaq the presentation is embarrassing considering what the competitors
put out on that front.

This game gets two thumbs down and 2K needs to go to the drawing board on a lot of different
things for 2K16.

#YourTimeHasCome for what? to start considering NBA Live next year?

Step it up 2K!!!!
# 15 ocat @ 10/07/14 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by swiftychampleone
Based off YouTube videos, I've notice that the arena sounds have been stripped down in stadiums for some odd reason. Why is that?
Because YouTube will flag any copyrighted music that is present in the game, so you have to turn arena sounds off, otherwise you'll get hit with a take down notice
# 16 swiftychampleone @ 10/07/14 04:36 PM
No Ocat, I'm talking about the arena sounds when the ball is brought up and down the court on offense and defense.
# 17 RipCityAndy @ 10/07/14 04:45 PM
Face scan sucks. I can't buy attribute upgrades in My Career. Offensive foul screens are out of control.

The game looks good though.
# 18 ASUBoy93 @ 10/07/14 05:08 PM
I am just super disappointed in the game. I don't think there was a big graphical change this year. The menus are poor. The presentation is pretty bad IMO. MyCareer doesn't captivate me (talk about poor graphics, are those cutscenes straight out of 2002 or what?). And face scan is really annoying, although I did get a fairly decent model after roughly one hour of effort.

Gameplay is the only saving grace for me, so I will play it, I am just disappointed.
# 19 schnakenpopanz @ 10/07/14 05:42 PM
I voted bad:
Online Mode is a joke. Input lag and not playable.
Online Leagues are an insult to all sim online players.
# 20 Sdot23 @ 10/07/14 06:46 PM
Can you change your voice in my player mode??

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