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If you are having issues with the PlayStation 4 version of NBA 2K15, including the issue where you can only play the Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs opening matchup, Sony is looking into it.

If there is any update to this sitation, we will update this post.

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# 1 rockchisler @ 10/07/14 06:21 PM
You have to wait for the game to "Unpack" as one OSer said..Wait 30 to 60 minutes
# 2 karls0991 @ 10/07/14 06:24 PM
Yeah just have to wait. I played 3 quarters of that game and then I could access the rest.
# 3 Number999 @ 10/07/14 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by HUSTLER_79
im lookin at 47/47 gb digital download ..so what next ? I dont even care man ..2k got me again ..digital copy never ever again ..waiting on whatt man ?? lol we just wanna play its almost 24 hours later still the same screen
It's happening on the disc version as well for me, not just digital I guess.
# 4 Emperor5353 @ 10/07/14 06:42 PM
Waited for unpack and install...waited for update...rebooted PS4..still cannot get past Heat/Spurs game
# 5 Fernand126 @ 10/07/14 06:45 PM
I really hope next year the pre-load includes these 47GBs, you know. Such a shame. Oh well. Thanks for keeping us updated!
# 6 TreyIM2 @ 10/07/14 06:47 PM
At first I was thinking the update file must complete then I thougt 2K was tryna be sorta cute like EA with Madden then after update file completed, quite game and tried again - Same thing. So I closed app then relaunched 2K15 - Same thing. Great...
# 7 csamuelsvt @ 10/07/14 06:49 PM
Just got home with the game...put the disk in, it downloaded something quick, then i got put into spurs vs heat...then another notification saying to download another quick update and to exit out of the "demo"...did that and it installed, then back to spurs vs. heat...

I see no progress notification or anything...are people saying to just let it unpack in the background for 30-60 minutes and then exit out of the demo to see if I can access the main menu?
# 8 Stormyhog @ 10/07/14 06:55 PM
After files were installed I removed the disc & then put it back in then it got past the heat vs spurs game at the start. I tried a few times just closing application but it wouldn't get past it until I removed & then re-inserted the disc.
# 9 Syce @ 10/07/14 07:36 PM
well right now, you HAVE to play the full game of the heat vs spurs, it sucks but if you want to get past it that is the only way.

My problem i have right now is i cannot seem to connect to the 2k servers at all.
# 10 aguero90 @ 10/07/14 07:45 PM
No, you don't have to play the game. All I did was just leave it on the screen where it flashes, "press x." Then abter about an hour, it went to main menu.
# 11 Number999 @ 10/07/14 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by aguero90
No, you don't have to play the game. All I did was just leave it on the screen where it flashes, "press x." Then abter about an hour, it went to main menu.
Yea I just put it on CPU vs CPU, once game ended it loaded up, a bit silly but the game looks sick.
# 12 aguero90 @ 10/07/14 07:47 PM
Give it time, you'll know when it's done, because it'll switch from the press x screen, to cpu vs cpu.
# 13 aguero90 @ 10/07/14 07:50 PM
Number999, I'm sure it does look amazing! Wish I could see just how good. Lol, if you don't know, (I usually only post in mlb the show,) I'm a visually impaired gamer.
# 14 BA2929 @ 10/07/14 07:54 PM
Thanks for the notice on this. I was debating running home during my lunch hour (2nd shift in media biz) and installing the game.

I know I will now if it'll take 60 minutes or so to install completely.
# 15 ultralow36 @ 10/07/14 07:56 PM
thats not an issue for the disc ver it just takes about an hour for it to unpack there is no progress bar....it installs quick but it then has to unpack the data....these are mini computers now the disc just hold all the data......relax.....btw i went coo coo lastnight
# 16 ultralow36 @ 10/07/14 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by Klayups
Takes longer than 60 minutes to unpack. Mine took all night 4 hours.
i wont lie i deleted my install 2times thinking something was wrong...lol
# 17 soxboy7 @ 10/07/14 08:05 PM
So should I (we, haha) just leave the PS4 and check every so often if it's unpacked?
# 18 BA2929 @ 10/07/14 08:08 PM
Originally Posted by soxboy7
So should I (we, haha) just leave the PS4 and check every so often if it's unpacked?
Here's a step-by-step for you in case you are wondering what is going on:

# 19 turrisi2 @ 10/07/14 08:09 PM
Don't know if this works but try it

# 20 soxboy7 @ 10/07/14 08:26 PM
Thanks for the link. It's up and running now.

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