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As the sun sets on another MLB season (and rises on nearly everything else), you may be tempted to trade in one of the best sports titles of the year for a shiny new game. And, really, who could blame you? There’s a wealth of new and seemingly quality titles that have released or will release before the World Series ends.

But before you do, I’d like to sing the praises of an overlooked mode in MLB: The Show 14. The Postseason Mode is a recent and simple addition, but one that captures some of the best playoff atmosphere in sports.

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# 1 Anaxamander @ 10/10/14 02:20 PM
I'm enjoying the postseason mode right now. I honestly haven't had the time to play through a whole virtual MLB season in ten years, so I never see the playoffs. But now I can, and I can set it up any way I want. This mode is excellent.
# 2 supermanemblem @ 10/10/14 06:01 PM
Love the playoff mode. What was even better was the Show Live. I played a few of the night's matchups and really had a blast. The presentation was kind of jacked up with inaccurate game info, but it was still fun to play.
# 3 MNJackson @ 10/10/14 07:15 PM
Overall I enjoyed MLB 14 The Show. Stoped playing it now as i'm playing NBA 2K15 and Madden 15 but I enjoyed the game and played 4 years in my Rays Franchise.
# 4 KennyJ1976 @ 10/10/14 07:31 PM
I'm glad some sports games still have playoff mode as a playable option, (What happened to playoff mode NBA 2K?) as I always look forward to re-creating the real world playoffs and having at it. Right now I got the Pirates 2-0 over the Nationals in the NLDS, going back home for the sweep. Looks like I'll be playing the Dodgers in the NLCS. My playoffs definitely not following the script of the real world.
# 5 @legendm0de @ 10/10/14 08:23 PM
These people didn't even give us playoff rosters what's the point of having playoff mode if you can't even use the guys actually in the playoffs without having to give up your whole day to edit all rosters yourself..
# 6 thechamp923 @ 10/10/14 10:07 PM
I love this game. IMO best sports game on the market!
# 7 Stikskillz @ 10/11/14 02:24 AM
This mode will be even better once it's online.
# 8 Bobhead @ 10/11/14 03:23 AM
I'm playing a Mets franchise and I'm in first place for the wildcard with a comfortable 6 game lead.

I'm looking forward to "playoff mode" in a different way!
# 9 LastActionHero @ 10/11/14 09:28 AM
I wish they could update all the onfield post season graphics (the ones along the lines to 1st and 3rd base) within The Show Live games. Would make it even more realistic
# 10 thetrueBROSKY @ 10/11/14 12:13 PM
Wish more games would include playoff modes
(here's looking at you NBA 2K)

Playoff modes are easily the funnest, particularly when you have a group of friends come to one house to play together. Nothing better than sweeping everyone in the room!
# 11 elfdutch @ 10/14/14 03:09 PM
where can i find playoff mode? I'm on ps4 but can't find this mode anywhere.
# 12 Russell_SCEA @ 10/14/14 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by elfdutch
where can i find playoff mode? I'm on ps4 but can't find this mode anywhere.
Mini modes?
# 13 Fuos1988 @ 10/14/14 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by Bobhead
I'm playing a Mets franchise and I'm in first place for the wildcard with a comfortable 6 game lead.

I'm looking forward to "playoff mode" in a different way!
unless there's only 5 games left, can the Mets actually have "comfortable 6 game lead"?
# 14 Picci @ 10/22/14 09:51 PM
The Show predicts the 2014 World Series Classic between the Giants and Royals.......

# 15 RandyBass @ 10/28/14 11:08 PM
I gotta disagree. I don't think MLB 14 captures the playoff atmosphere very well at all, main reason being is the crowd is lifeless. I was playing in the World Series with KC and hit a HR at home with Salvador Perez and there was a mild applause.

Add in the lighting issues this game has, where the crowd behind home plate are all blacked out like they are in a dark room, and it just makes it that much worse.

Also, why not just let us play the World Series if we want, without having to go through the entire playoffs? Anyone remember when games used to do that? Give us cool options that were fun to play?
# 16 Bullit @ 10/29/14 04:43 PM
I actually use Play Off mode to decide who I am going to play in Franchise mode.

I start with a list of teams from both leagues that I am interested in playing. Then I rank them in order of least to most interested and plug them in to the bracket. Least interested is the Wild Card and so on.

Then I play everyone's home games. That lets me see all of the stadiums and get a feel for any that I just might not like at all. I check out stadium stuff like mascots, cut scenes etc. Playing only the home games I feel gives each team a real shot at being successful.

At the end whomever wins the World Series is the team that I play in Franchise mode for that year. With carry over saves into the next game I will probably keep this Franchise going and maybe do the whole thing again next year and run with two franchises until I can see which I am having more fun with.

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