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Codemasters has just released their F1 2014 launch trailer. The game is set to release next week for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Read the full press release.


The Excitement of the Season and the Sport Captured in F1 2014

The 2014 FORMULA ONE season has been one of the most exciting seasons in years, with stunning new cars, new rules, new circuits and new challengers up and down the grid – and players can experience it all as F1 2014 races into stores October 21, 2014 for the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Windows PC and the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

Gamers can see Codemasters’ stunning recreation of this year’s season in a newly released launch video.

As the season approaches one of the most exciting conclusions years, F1 2014 takes players closer to the experience of racing this year’s dramatically different cars. A new driver evaluation system and re-graded difficulty settings makes F1 2014 the most accessible video game in the series, and players of all abilities will be able to feel how this new generation of FORMULA ONE cars handle.

Principal Games Designer Lee Mather explains:

“This year’s cars have an all new torque heavy power unit that deliver a lot of power; fast. You’ll see this reflected in-game as soon as you get into the car with the extra power kicking in almost immediately as you apply throttle and race off the start line. And for those that like a real challenge, removing the game’s assists will create for a tough, but rewarding experience as you battle with the car’s erratic handling and control its new-found power on the track that we’ve seen this 2014 season.”

F1 2014 includes all the seismic rule changes, aerodynamics, driver changes, new tracks and more which have combined to deliver an unforgettable FORMULA ONE season. F1 2014 also includes the return of Hockenheim to the calendar, and players can experience the BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX™ run as a night race for the first time and race new circuits in Russia and Austria.

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Member Comments
# 1 Rules @ 10/15/14 04:20 PM
When will we be able to control our pit crews?

They could actually make it a mini game within itself.
# 2 ven0m43 @ 10/15/14 04:37 PM
They need to release these games before or during the start of the season, not when the season is over.
# 3 bigdoc85 @ 10/15/14 08:41 PM
Originally Posted by Rules
When will we be able to control our pit crews?

They could actually make it a mini game within itself.
I have been thinking the same thing -- I wish there was more to pitting in all racing games NASCAR, F1, etc.
# 4 JMD @ 10/16/14 04:55 AM
It really puzzles me why they did not make this game for the new consoles. Will that many people still buy it for last gen? I hope we see a PS4 version at some point.
# 5 berad88 @ 10/16/14 12:58 PM
They are currently working on a new Gen version set to release sometime in 2015.
# 6 SeerMagicX @ 10/20/14 05:00 AM
Same game as last year, and still nowhere near as good as Formula One Championship Edition
# 7 wabash97 @ 10/20/14 11:49 AM
I've never loved the handling of Codemasters' F1 games ... can you give me an idea why you like F1:CE better? Never played it ... .
# 8 SeerMagicX @ 10/20/14 06:49 PM
The handling is great. There is a ton of flexibility in how you want to play it. You can go arcadey or super sim. Graphics are great (even now).

Manly though it's the handling. In codemasters F1 games I feel like I'm driving a truck. In F1:CE responses in the car are lightning fast. You don't have to drive perfect like you do in codemasters, atleast not at the lower difficulties. It's just a faster, better handling racing game. I feel codemasters is a driving game, if that makes any sense.
# 9 wabash97 @ 10/21/14 08:00 AM
Cool. Thank you. I think I will try it out.

I have just not been able to get into the Codemasters F1 games. I'm enjoying Grid Autosport, aside from the grind of career mode, and I feel like all of the intuitive handling feedback of the open wheel cars in that game is completely absent from the F1 games. I agree that it is essentially a "can you hit every precise braking point precisely perfect" driving game. Which, of course, might be a more accurate representation of F1, but I like to feel the tires under load and about to give out so I can feather it through the turns, not just have every single lap be a battle between dump truck push in some corners and snap-it-around looseness in others.

I'm just terrible at being that precise, and can almost never really sit and enjoy a race (although I did like the handling on some of the classic cars last year).

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