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Last night I had the pleasure (ahem, misfortune) of playing the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. Not only did I lose the series in seven games, I lost the series in the last two games by succumbing to what just might be one of the most cerebral deconstructions of a video game sports team I've ever been the user controller of by computer A.I.

Not only did the Spurs expose every defensive weakness my Oklahoma City Thunder were giving (and with me playing, there were plenty), but their defensive pressure to take Durant and Westbrook out of the game towards the end of the series was nothing short of a methodical beat down.

And it was glorious.

While teams aren't playing exactly like their real-to-life counterparts yet, I'm pretty certain we're closer now than ever before. Last night's effort by San Antonio against me is proof of that on some level. What teams are you finding are simply hard to beat?

Share your stories of the teams who are your kryptonite thus far this season in the comments below!

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# 1 The 24th Letter @ 10/20/14 01:31 PM
If you can't function with the Spur's this year....it's you, lol

I play as the Spurs and I would definitely say my toughest match up is OKC..

Cover boy doesn't miss and RW's pull up is ruthless...
# 2 RunN1st @ 10/20/14 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by apollooff320
To bad same can't be said if you played as the Spurs yourself.
I respectfully beg to differ. I primarily us the Spurs due to the "no hero" approach. On offense I'm able to dissect a defense with a mix of swing, 3-out/2-in, and 4-out/1-in and on defense I primarily use Parker and Mills to put pressure on the guards while forcing ICE defense and from there, Leonard, Duncan and Splitter/Diaw do their thing.

Check out this video - Spurs Offense

With that said, the Cavs are by far my kryptonite.
# 3 jayman504 @ 10/20/14 01:41 PM
My Kryptonite would be Miami! You would think with Bron off the team they'd be slim pickins...HA I'm 1-9 against them in quick matches with my one win coming with the Clippers! Dunno I struggle playing against them!
# 4 DonWuan @ 10/20/14 01:44 PM
Hornets. Im lucky if lance only gets 30.

Thunder. Durant is a beast.

Cavs in myleague. Mainly because they signed dwight howard on a 5 year 4mil deal. Dont know how the hell that happen. Hes only 31 and they kept everyone else.
# 5 Nevertheles109 @ 10/20/14 01:55 PM
I concur, the Spurs have offensive options for days and they play smart the entire game.

Nevertheless, I have to give to Cleveland. Their bench is mediocre, but their starting five is damn near impossible to contain. Lebron not hot, Kyrie is. Doubling anyone is pointless. Usually, I am down by 10 once the bench comes in and RIGHT when I'm back in the game, the starting squad is back and the beat goes on...

BTW, I play with the Lake show...
# 6 Pizarro24 @ 10/20/14 02:00 PM
I donīt have played against every team, but the Spurs are most competitive opponent so far.
Iīm playing at Superstar/Sim (just tweaked the fouls (all to 100) and Tendencies (3Pt and Look for Post Players to 100, the others at 0)) and had a great game with the Cavs against them.

I dominated the first minutes with LeBron (starts with 5/5 for ten points) but then they doubled him (LeBron finished with 20 points) and I struggle with the others (Kyrie 6/17 for example).
On the other end the Spurs played like the Spurs: nine players finish with double-digits (Manu leading with 16), donīt taking bad shots (at least not many). Damn, it was tough to play defense but it felt so great.

In the end I lost 80:90 - but I never liked a loss in a basketball game like this one, it felt so real.
# 7 Turbojugend @ 10/20/14 02:02 PM
I'm currently locked up in MyCAREER with the Sacramento Kings, so pretty much everybody is my Kryptonite.
# 8 ASUBoy93 @ 10/20/14 02:03 PM
The Hornets murderface me every time I play them. I can't stop Al Jefferson down low (or his mid-range turnaround pull-up, don't get me started on that), Lance Stephenson plays efficiently, Kemba Walker destroys my perimeter defense, and even MKG hits 3's like the best of them. And in my second season of myLeague, the Hornets lost Kemba Walker to Orlando but have Brian Roberts starting and he always torches me for 22+ points and at least 7 assists, and they somehow signed Paul Millsap so Jefferson and him have teamed up and constantly pull down boards and score easily from mid-range and inside.

On the bright side I just had my first blow-out win, I was playing against the T-Wolves in season 2 and I handled them from start to finish. Held Andrew Wiggins to just 11 points (he is their top scoring threat in season 2 so far).
# 9 Cyrus09 @ 10/20/14 02:06 PM
For me there is nothing worse then a Detroit matchup. Jennings is a beast in 2k and even if he is missing then there are Drummond and Monroe pushing around my guys like highschool players. I never won against them last year and this year I started 3-0 again. Everytime they pull their starting 5 out I come close, just to get a beating when they all return.

Second were the Spurs for years, everytime I was playing in the West they were eliminating me in the postseason. So tough that I started to just play in the East from now on.
# 10 reptilexcq @ 10/20/14 02:24 PM
Not many people pick Spurs online ....someone did beat me at least once w/ the Spurs though.
# 11 RunN1st @ 10/20/14 02:34 PM
I hear you guys on Al Jefferson! Perhaps his ratings are a bit too darn high? I thought it was only me but seeing the multiple post re: his dominance I have to think something is off with his ratings. Don't get me wrong, he is a solid ballplayer in real-life but he is far from dominant.
# 12 brianyost06 @ 10/20/14 02:58 PM
With proper shooting around him to give him space to work, he is the best low post offensive big in the NBA.
# 13 Mos1ted @ 10/20/14 02:59 PM
The Spurs are the toughest team for me to face as well. Second would be OKC.
# 14 solofx7 @ 10/20/14 03:22 PM
I play as the Spurs and have liked them for years. I don't have a krypton it's team as of yet as I am still making my way around the league. That being said the AI is ruthless and unless you adjust, you won't win. I forgot what team it was, a pretty horrible one if I remember, but they beat me down in the paint. I changed everything, it was a awful awful beat down in the paint. I have no issues with Cleveland. Slowing down Kenton is no problem with Leonard. If Kenton does get by him it's not an issue because I can live with him getting two, but I can't live with the team getting hot off of him. No issues with love either. I think Cleveland is what's wrong with the NBA and the Spurs are what's right. Playing together and gaining chemistry to me wins out over big stars going to a team and expecting talent to overtake years of chemistry. I did play the all star game and I can only imagine KD and RW. They were unstoppable in the all star game!
# 15 KakashiKopyKat @ 10/20/14 03:48 PM
Im a PG on the Heat. Mine is actually two teams. The Cavs & the Blazers..with the Cavs, Kryrie will put up like 33 points while Bron and K Love would have like 12-15. Then there's other times where it's the big 3 is just unstoppable. We always lose to them. The Blazers on the other hand LaMarcus Aldridge is TOO OP. Chris Bosh would get destroyed by him all the time. All he know is buckets..its so bad that sometimes I sim the game and just go to the next opponent. Aldridge is on another level man. His post game is crazy especially with his spin post fade away. Also he is a rebounding monster and our team weakness is rebounding so yeah..**** sucks.
# 16 redsox04 @ 10/20/14 04:08 PM
Ya definately a learning curve for me havent played 2k in a couple years. Getting my butt whooped regularly lol. But then again i am the celtics :P Very happy i have all my future draft picks reeeeeeally gonna need them haha. So Kryptonite as of now eeeevery body.
# 17 Ninomarley @ 10/20/14 05:38 PM
i havent seen everybody yet but i know one thing Raptors Demar Derozan is jordan like
# 18 cj2008nw @ 10/20/14 05:56 PM
Easily the Houston Rockets.... It's almost impossible beating them in MyGm with my Lakers.... Harden just scores at will and any time he does miss Howard is cleaning up the glass... I barely beat them last time I played it went into triple over time and Harden scored 59 points and Howard had 23 rebounds
# 19 BBF24 @ 10/20/14 06:02 PM
Have played OkC 3 times. 1-2 against them. Durant in 3 games avg 48ppg shooting 57% from field.
# 20 Anthony292 @ 10/20/14 06:02 PM
I'm surprised nobody said the cavs, but I haven't played with or against them yet so I wouldn't know.

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