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If you are having issues connecting to the NBA 2K15 servers to play MyCAREER, MyTEAM or any other online mode, Gento has discovered a workaround to get online.

Unfortunately, it requires a friend to invite you to a MyTEAM matchup, so if you don't have any friends online, you're stuck. This is confirmed to work on the PlayStation 4, but feel free to try it out on the PC and/or Xbox One and let us know if it worked for you. If you find any other workarounds, please post them here.

This will be a temporary workaround, until 2K fixes the issue.

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# 1 vtcrb @ 10/20/14 07:55 PM
Anyone find a workaround for Uploading Rosters? That is all i am looking to do, but cant connect. Thank you in advance for any help.
# 2 Brinkus @ 10/20/14 08:23 PM
Anybody notice that dude has a crap ton of VC? Sheesh.
# 3 Sainii @ 10/20/14 08:35 PM
Someone please HELP ME invite me into a myteam game please Sainii01
# 4 hawksandrew @ 10/20/14 10:11 PM
Can someone please add me hawksandrew on ps4. thank you in advanced
# 5 swimfunk @ 10/21/14 08:33 AM
Anyone know if I can access my online league once I accept a MyTeam invite and back out?
# 6 grantelbart @ 10/21/14 09:01 AM
Anything that works on Xbox One?
# 7 tre614 @ 10/21/14 06:51 PM
this issue has been for a lot of users today, if you are still having this issue tweet the picture to ronnie2k.
# 8 Boilerbuzz @ 10/21/14 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by rtkiii
How about 2k fix the problems. You guys should not be implementing a work-around or the issue will not get fixed. I'm in IT, I know this.

The more work-arounds that popup the less complaining that will happen and 2K will think fans are happy or content and the issues will continue until 2k16, which should not.

Work-arounds hurt the situation, not help it.

This is a ridiculous post. So, people should just sit on a forum bitching about a known issue as if MORE bitching is really going to move the needle anymore than it is.

That's right folks, forget actually trying to PLAY the game you bought. Let's spend that time on OS making repetitive posts that OS mods love oh so much. :^/
# 9 Boilerbuzz @ 10/22/14 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by rtkiii
No...you should contact 2K Sports and request a refund. But no one will and 2K will get their money.

I'm sure some people will. But since that rarely works, there's really no point. Take it back to the store you bought it from to get at least a credit. 2K get their money from the retailers. Retailers get it back from us.
# 10 SirDAB @ 10/22/14 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by rtkiii
That is a shame.

I hope people will learn for 2k16 to wait a week or month or til Christmas before jumping in and make sure key features work. Because 2K doesn't need to fix anything because they sold millions of copies and are still making money. It is a sad world. And I want to buy this dang game but won't until things work as they should. Luckily Madden is good this year
Each year there's a call made to the community to return NBA 2K games as a form of protest. Each year someone points to the next year being better.... You think 2K got the message?

As a OVG'er (old video gamer), I've come to realize each year there are improvements and breakthroughs, at the same time frustrations. I also realize each year plods new trails into the unknown. Yes as I would love to assume otherwise, there are unknowns to software development companies. We are on the edge with them.
# 11 mrcurtis59 @ 12/26/14 03:09 PM
Mrcurtis59 can I plz get a game invite to help me plz
# 12 Goffs @ 12/26/14 03:12 PM
Eh...no issue on PC front since nobody really plays online lol
# 13 J.C @ 12/26/14 03:26 PM
Maybe I'm an idiot. But how can a friend inviting you to an online mode be a work around for.... Not being able to get online?
# 14 nova91 @ 12/26/14 03:37 PM
Until yesterday's hacker BS, I never had a problem connecting to the 2K servers on my PS4.
# 15 BUCKSWEATSHIRT @ 12/26/14 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by nova91
Until yesterday's hacker BS, I never had a problem connecting to the 2K servers on my PS4.
This has been the case with me also.
# 16 hoopla32 @ 12/26/14 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by Brinkus
Anybody notice that dude has a crap ton of VC? Sheesh.
Not totally unbelievable. The first 2-3 months I had the game I played MyLeague exclusively. Just recently (about two weeks ago) started playing MyCareer and had close to 100,000 VC to dump into him. Didn't get him maxed out but I got really close. And I didn't play a ton of MyLeague, either. I was about 50 games into a Pelicans MyLeague and about 30 games into my fantasy draft MyLeague. If you want to quickly stash VC, playing MyLeague or MyGM is the way to go. I can see how someone could be at or close to 200,000 VC.

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