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If you were someone who bought into The Golf Club at the outset with the promise that more was coming, yesterday's update has to make you very happy. Not only did HB Studios deliver a new theme, Boreal, but they also added new backgrounds for the course creator in the existing themes and new commentary.

Many companies would call it a wrap at that point, but The Golf Club delivers so much more in its new content update. The new cameras and the ability to cycle them on the fly in real-time is a great new tool to help you think through your shots. And when you need to change clubs, you can now scroll through them the other way from putter to driver as well. It's a small addition, but it's welcome nonetheless.

The new courses and tournaments, as well as the new separation in the game between official and user created content only helps the overall experience in finding and enjoying great courses.

I haven't gotten a chance to play the game on a PC yet, but the Mouse and Keyboard tweaks have to be much welcome by people playing The Golf Club on that platform as well.

If you have had any doubts about this game and are a golfing fan, it is with a high recommendation that you pick The Golf Club up. HB Studios is promising even more updates to come in both content and features, so there is zero doubt that the game you get now will only be better in a few months time. You can't say that about many games on the market today.

We added a few new screenshots of the new Boreal theme which you can see here.

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# 1 BCDX97 @ 10/21/14 11:50 AM
I wish there was a demo for this on PS4. I'm hesitant to pay $35 without trying it out first.
# 2 swimfunk @ 10/21/14 11:54 AM
I am becoming addicting to this game. Still trying to get a feel for the greens but on the whole it's a fun golf sim game. The course creator adds a ton of replay value since there are always new courses being released.
# 3 believeinnow @ 10/21/14 12:12 PM
I guess this author forgot what EA SPORTS UFC has been doing since its launch in June. Monthly content updates with new fighters and changes based on feedback they've been getting on their forums. But, since it's EA, we only talk when they screw up.
# 4 misterkrabz @ 10/21/14 12:51 PM
Most companies seem to give up updating (or fixing) a given game because they're busy going into high gear with next years game. Maybe these guys are developing another game (who knows) but the reality is they don't have to release a new version year after year, nor does EA or 2K.

I personally own this golf game, Madden 15, NHL 15 and FIFA 15 and all of them are absolutely fantastic and for the first time in probably a decade I consider all these games to have replay value that is off the charts and the overall quality doesn't leave me wanted a game changing "fix" or adjustment. In short, IMO the overall quality of these games is getting to the point where they can't change or "fix" the game enough to warrant a new purchase every year. Not saying they're perfect but for a video game adaptation of these sports they're pretty damn good.
# 5 kehlis @ 10/21/14 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by BizDevConglomerate
I've been saying that companies should stop selling games every year and convert to DLC in order to update the games. From what you're saying here is exactly what the best solution is for the gaming industry and consumers moving forward. If they want less used games, and we want more attention to development and after purchase maintenance, stop selling disks every year, adopt a bi/tri year format and update the games over time instead of "building" a new game. Everyone knows they don't start fresh anyway, and only big changes are roster updates and player edits.
Trust me, you're not the first person to post that thought, it is very common.

The problem is that it isn't possible with sports games licensed by their respective leagues. They are contractually bound to release a game each year.

TGC is in a fantastic position since they are not bound by that.
# 6 misterkrabz @ 10/21/14 04:39 PM
Hopefully there is enough motivation for TGC to continue to build on what they have. They in theory could change the model that would be mutually beneficial to them and their customers. Because let's face it, we've been getting ripped off for years by EA and 2K because we're essentially buying the same game every year (with minor "patch like" tweaks). If you take the brick and mortar retailer out of the equation and transfer those cost savings to the customer the developer and the consumer win. So what if WalMart or Gamestop don't get their cut. I can picture a model where you pay a reasonable "upgrade" fee annually (if you so choose) if the upgrades warrant the purchase. At the end of the day it's my opinion that the annual sports game release doesn't have $60 worth of value over the previous years edition. Particularly after this current wave of games that as I mentioned earlier are pretty damn good.
# 7 SVCbearcat10 @ 10/22/14 07:37 AM
Fully customizable games aren't realistic because they will never be profitable in the long run. They may be a hit on OS, but you have to keep in mind the people that are on this site. This site is dominated by people who, like The Show for example, take a few months to redo rosters, test slilders, etc. This is probably 1% of the audience, at most.

This model may be better for a sport like golf because golf isn't very popular. Especially with the recent irrelevance of Tiger, no one cares about the sport. That is why you hardly noticed that EA didn't release a game last year. For the NFL, some people would buy a customizable game just to stick it to EA. For the vast majority, they just want to play with the favorite teams and players.

On the "upgrade" fee, I don't think that is a viable long term solution as well. We already see that multiple titles for a single sport can't be made for a profit. Only soccer, which has a global appeal, may be able to do it. Minor changes to games require A LOT of work. We may like to think it's simple, but the truth is, anytime you even the most minor of changes, you don't know how that will affect other aspects. I'm not saying it's not better for us, the buyer of the games, but it may actually lead to worse quality due to lower game budgets.
# 8 pk500 @ 10/22/14 11:21 AM
Either this is the greatest patch in sports gaming history, or The Golf Club is one of the most underrated, unfairly shredded sports games in recent memory. This game is fantastic.

Everything about The Golf Club feels right. Intuitive controls, no annoying swing meters. Everything is based on flow, feel and rhythm. Gorgeous courses with a variety of challenge, fantastic ball and wind physics, realistic plays from various lies, etc.

It's quite a compliment to a game when my only complaint is lack of stat tracking, such as greens in regulation, putts, etc.

What a fantastic title. I used free MS credits to buy this game, but 90 holes of play already have shown me The Golf Club is worth every penny of $35. This is the most enjoyable, realistic console golf title I've played since Links 2003 for the original Xbox.
# 9 DBMcGee3 @ 10/22/14 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by believeinnow
I guess this author forgot what EA SPORTS UFC has been doing since its launch in June. Monthly content updates with new fighters and changes based on feedback they've been getting on their forums. But, since it's EA, we only talk when they screw up.
I agree man, EA has done well as of late with adding new content and patching gameplay. That being said, I'd actually like to try this game. Graphics are nothing to write home about from what I've seen, but the game looks realistic enough, and it doesn't really have any competition.

If only they had a demo....
# 10 knob1701 @ 10/23/14 08:10 AM
Originally Posted by scarletngrey
Buy it, bro!

It's worth TWICE that amount!

best game I have played!
If you like golf games then this is a must purchase. It will be hard to play any other golf game after playing this. My favorite game also!
# 11 dpc134 @ 10/23/14 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by knob1701
If you like golf games then this is a must purchase. It will be hard to play any other golf game after playing this. My favorite game also!
I agree. A must buy for any golf fan or even anyone who likes to create stuff. The course creator is fantastic. I bought this game for Xbox 1 and PS4 only because I felt that HB deserved the extra money. I will buy another game from HB Studios anytime they develop a new game. Very impressed with their connection with the community.

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