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NBA Live 15 is available now for EA Access subscribers, giving you six hours of total gameplay. Play a quick game and post your impressions.

PlayStation 4 users will get a demo on the 28th and non-EA Access subscribers on the Xbox One will be able to grab the trial version on the same date.

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# 1 kwebbvols4423 @ 10/22/14 08:29 PM
Played my first game. Grizzlies vs Magic. Players look good and they nailed the court and arena. The ESPN presentation is important to me and I love it. The controls are okay, sometimes the player runs the other way for a split second. Obviously this is a very small sample but I enjoyed it. How in the heck do you not have sliders in a sports game?
# 2 TecmoZack @ 10/22/14 09:01 PM
Very impressed so far. They make you play the tutorial to start. I really like the dribbling and the ease of calling for a pick.

So far so good. Just got beat by the Thunder in the Finals Preview by A last second 3. This game is going to take a lot of my free time.

Bam - Pow - Zap
# 3 Pared @ 10/22/14 09:05 PM
Guys - if you haven't played the game, DON'T POST.
# 4 TecmoZack @ 10/22/14 09:11 PM
Little things about this game are awesome as well...

Apparently when The Thunder win and score 100 points the crowd gets free Pizza...lol

Player models look solid as well.

I am really trying to learn all the new moves but so far so good. Feels smooth. Real smooth.

Can't wait to whoop Houston with my Mavs.

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# 5 RayRay34 @ 10/22/14 09:22 PM
Still some wonky animations but EA I feel has got the gameplay down. It's a bit challenging but still somewhat simple. I compare it to 10 but better actually, which is a good thing. I can't wait spend more time with this and happy I preordered it. Way to go EA!
# 6 mike24forever @ 10/22/14 09:23 PM
Running the break is fun.
Pro Hop maybe too easy. Will try on higher difficulties.
# 7 KDash @ 10/22/14 09:32 PM
I played the tutorial and that one Cavaliers vs. Thunder game while waiting for the full game to download (it's at around 66% as of this post).

I'm not an NBA expert (I watched a lot as a kid, but not so much afterwards), so I can't really get very in-depth with anything, but I've enjoyed what I played so far, and the game definitely feels better and smoother than NBA Live 14, which is the only game besides 95 and 96 that I've played and own from the series.

The graphics aren't quite as convincingly real at times as 2K's, but it's a huge step up from last year's game, and looks pretty great in person. The animations are a lot better, too, for the most part. I think the game felt a bit faster than 14, but I'm not entirely sure. Passing felt better, too.

Also, the arena atmosphere is great, and that pizza quote gave me a good chuckle. I'm very impressed with it, and I think it's the best atmosphere in any NBA game (and perhaps sports in general) that I've personally played. I'll admit, though, that up until recently, I've mostly played arcade sports games, and only played sim ones occasionally, but I'm starting to really get into them now that I'm older.

Depending on how I feel after my 6 hours are up, I might pick up NBA Live 15 at some point, maybe around Christmas or something. It's fun so far.
# 8 jewelz1132 @ 10/22/14 09:32 PM
It's been a bit difficult for me to get used to the controls. I love the court spacing, but so far I'm not a fan of the controls and how quick releases are. It seems like a tap of the X button = Great release.
# 9 mike24forever @ 10/22/14 09:35 PM
THE SHOES!!!!! Oh my!
# 10 mike24forever @ 10/22/14 09:42 PM
Playing on All-Star, block shots are too easy again this year.

Game is very responsive. Always loved that about Live.
# 11 Haval93 @ 10/22/14 09:45 PM
Game feels amazing. Controls tight and visuals are amazing!
# 12 TecmoZack @ 10/22/14 09:49 PM
@VanMetra16: #NBALIVE15 finally playing as the Mavs! The ESPN camera is awesome!

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# 13 wacko11 @ 10/22/14 09:52 PM
Downloading right now, its gone take couple hours -_-
# 14 jewelz1132 @ 10/22/14 09:55 PM
Originally Posted by BDG
is there create a player or what?
Yes for Rising Star. It uses preset faces. No EA Gameface, like UFC. You can pick your accessories, tattoos, home and away shoes
# 15 bjthomas121 @ 10/22/14 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by jewelz1132
Yes for Rising Star. It uses preset faces. No EA Gameface, like UFC. You can pick your accessories, tattoos, home and away shoes
What about editing a player? Is that in?
# 16 Panicshade @ 10/22/14 10:08 PM
I played through the beginning tutorial and then did the Cavs vs Thunder in the NBA Finals game. I won the game but it took some time for me to get used to the controls. I'm pretty bad at basketball games in general so that didn't help. Once I figured a few things out and took my time I started to pull away. Visually this is a major step-up from last year and gameplay is also a big improvement.
# 17 Lisac @ 10/22/14 10:14 PM
Originally Posted by mike24forever
THE SHOES!!!!! Oh my!
Can you post a few diff pictures? Like Jordan 11, KD and AdiRose?
# 18 Thadeus @ 10/22/14 10:24 PM
The hardest sports game I have ever played. The cpu grabs nearly every rebound. Basically, the other team scores at will. A big **** *** to ea for not including sliders.
# 19 TheBadazz @ 10/22/14 10:26 PM
# 20 @marcusjiles @ 10/22/14 10:26 PM
This is a ridiculous statement for the obvious, but good god next year is going to be the greatest year for basketball games.

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