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Nostalgia in gaming is something which has long been taken advantage of, but not quite in the way that GOG.com has decided to take advantage of it.

GOG simply republishes old, classic games for gamers to purchase, DRM-free. The older games work on current systems with few hitches, and Mac/PC cross compatibility is there for many games as well. On top of that, gamers get a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases of their DRM-free games.

GOG isn't exactly new, but today's news of LucasArts' old Star Wars games finding their way to the platform makes you wonder what sports games are long overdue for an appearance. The platform as a whole sports some real heavyweights in classic PC gaming, but the sports selection is pretty paltry right now. Given that older, licensed titles are never going to end up on the platform for obvious reasons, we have to go with a more off-the-beaten path for which sports games would go well on the platform.

The problem, however, is that most every sports game has some sort of official licensing which prevents it from being republished. This of course, makes it very hard to find games which could be a fit on the platform -- but we're interested in what games you'd like to see brought back to life for modern day audiences.

What unlicensed old sports PC games should get a new life on GOG's platform?

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# 1 Cryolemon @ 10/28/14 11:31 AM
Premier Manager '98 would be nice. No idea if it would be possible though.
# 2 Danimal @ 10/28/14 11:37 AM
Any of the TV sports games, Omni-play Basketball and hockey both very underrated would work
# 3 ajaxab @ 10/28/14 11:41 AM
I'd love to see Omni-play horse racing. Good memories of trying to beat my brother in betting on races with that game...
# 4 bukktown @ 10/28/14 12:58 PM
Hardball 3
# 5 clarkerots @ 10/28/14 01:30 PM
Front Page Sports Football..............PLEASE
# 6 GreatScot @ 10/28/14 02:20 PM
Def. +1 for the original FPS Football. That game was great.
# 7 MMChrisS @ 10/28/14 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by GreatScot
Def. +1 for the original FPS Football. That game was great.
That's one for me too. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
# 8 dubbs88 @ 10/28/14 07:44 PM
Hardball 3!!! you guys are right on played the snot out of that game

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