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Madden helped fuel an amazing quarter for EA, as the company recorded record revenues for the quarter. At this point, Madden players have logged 89 million games played, which is up 48 percent over last year's Madden.

In addition, EA's mobile sports games are logging in 40 million monthly active users, up 250 percent over last year.

From the GamesIndustry article:

"On a GAAP basis, total revenues climbed from $695 million to $990 million (with digital accounting for $508 million), while profit improved to $3 million (up from a loss of $273 million last year)."

Also Andrew Wilson was quoted in the article:

"Electronic Arts continues to put our players first, delivering new experiences, innovation and new ways to play," said Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson. "It was an excellent second quarter, with strong new titles, deep player engagement in our live services and ongoing digital growth driving continued momentum."

The bang-up quarter for EA is a huge sign the company's strategy is working, as more and more gamers engage with their products on screens of all shapes and sizes. Digital and mobile are driving the growth right now, and it stands to reason more and more offerings will be coming from EA and that avenue. EA's stock is up in after-hours trading.

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# 1 huntt26 @ 10/28/14 03:55 PM
This is definitely the most enjoyable Madden I've ever played. I think they're headed in a positive direction.
# 2 Hunkerdown @ 10/28/14 06:29 PM
Okay i cannot resist........ "They also recording a historic number of Sacks in game".

Other than that one of the best maddens I have played since 2005, to bad sacks are over the top to the point of ruining human vs computer games. But maybe that is the point, they have geared this game to online gaming crowd and ultimate team. Sad to see, wish we could have a experience that made all involved happy: offline and online.
# 3 misterkrabz @ 10/28/14 06:56 PM
First enjoyable madden game in a decade IMO. Funny how when you make a good game the market responds.
# 4 finn712 @ 10/29/14 12:07 AM
Great news now lets hope they can use some of this newly earned revenue and invest some time and effort into putting out a decent NHL game... One can dream right?
# 5 Cabish @ 10/29/14 04:43 AM
Great !! Let's hope that mAke them happy enough to stop signing the nfl to these damn exclusive contracts
# 6 GrecoISU @ 10/29/14 07:52 AM
I would love to see how NHL impacted these numbers. Sales had to be WAY down.
# 7 BoSox59 @ 10/29/14 08:56 AM
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you can't expect any improvement in the NHL series for the foreseeable future.
# 8 13whitebread @ 10/29/14 02:02 PM
The NHL series must have helped that it's the only way to play
# 9 NoTiCe_O @ 10/29/14 02:10 PM
Yea " NBA Live We got You", EA now has more Money to Support the Series Even further..
# 10 stos5363 @ 10/29/14 02:44 PM
This makes it seem as though there selling tons of madden copies and there not. Sells are down %20 for madden this year. There profit is from ultimate team which is ruining madden theve haven't been innovated all with madden gameplay or features all they care about is the almighty MUT mode. I hope a company comes along and makes a truly good football game for the gamers and #simnation !

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