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NBA 2K15 roster updates arrive every day and this year Mike Stauffer (bedwardsroy19) will provide us with the details. Check out what's new in today's roster update.

Read More - NBA 2K15 Roster Update Details (11-4-14)

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# 1 DENCIO @ 11/04/14 08:47 AM
Well done sir mike.
# 2 SkillzFromThe6 @ 11/04/14 08:50 AM
Mike got my virtual vote for 2K Employee of the Year.

Sorry LD2K.
# 3 Riggins @ 11/04/14 08:55 AM
Some of these sig shots needed to be altered just bc they looked terrible in years past or at the beginning of the year, so that for me is great to see. There's still some guys (Gary Neal, Manu Ginobili, Marco Belinelli) who I'm not a fan of their sig shots, but this daily update thing is a game changer. Makes me feel like my $60 was well spent. Nice Parker update btw, I have noticed he's been shooting a lot more 3's in the first couple games.
# 4 gottibino @ 11/04/14 09:09 AM
AWESOME work & WE as a community are truly grateful!

2 questions;

1.) latin jerseys this season are sleeveless so can u please update that?

2.) can players without shoe contracts &/or players who switch BRANDS (not models within the brand) frequently, be 'unlocked' so we can put (switch) them as we please ourselves without being 'locked' into a certain brand? (Isaiah Thomas & Terrence Ross for example)

# 5 Scholz @ 11/04/14 09:10 AM
Shawne Williams needed that 3PT boost. Thanks.
# 6 nickthemajin @ 11/04/14 09:35 AM
I've become excited to see these daily updates everyday to see whats changed, and it makes sure the game is always fresh.

One thing I'd like to see is Shabazz Napier's signature shot altered. In the game he has trey burk's currently and it looks awkward and not anywhere near how Shabazz shoots in real life. Wouldn't matter much, but I go to UCONN so Shabazz is one of the most used shooters in my friend group because we all want to play as him.
# 7 jeebs9 @ 11/04/14 09:45 AM
I havbe to say this is [email protected]#$ing crazy awesome!! I knew he said everyday.... But I wasn't going to believe it until I saw it. True to his word... He has done a update everyday since he said.

Do we call him the "The real insider"? lol

Changing sig shots!! That's even better. I'll just say thank you!! And I'll be pasting by to say thank you every chance I get.

sidenote... Will updates be taking place on the PS3 as well?
# 8 The 24th Letter @ 11/04/14 09:48 AM
This is awesome man!

Can't wait to see MKG's shot
# 9 BezO @ 11/04/14 10:01 AM
This is crazy. Haven't stepped foot in the Rosters Forum since MS got the gig.

Has it been confirmed that the Injury Free roster is not getting the ratings/sig shot/accessories updates?
# 10 Yuss @ 11/04/14 10:03 AM
For people who update in their franchise manually

A. Davis shot is

F: Release 55
B: Iguodala


F: A. Stoudemire
B: T. Burke
# 11 heelphreak @ 11/04/14 10:04 AM
Thanks for changing MKG's shot! Your work is amazing.
# 12 Mikelopedia @ 11/04/14 10:05 AM
Awesome work getting every one of my accessory edits in! I'll be sure to keep them coming today. Much appreciated!
# 13 STLRams @ 11/04/14 10:23 AM
Beds - Tendency updates - Could you update the post moves tendencies for a lot of the star big men and significant role player big men. To many post players shooting fade away jumpers, none of them ever try to back you down into the paint. We need Z Bo, Blake Griffin, Aldridge, Duncan, Al Jefferson, Cousins, D Howard for example. A lot of players wide array of post moves tendencies are set very low. Many of these players use drop steps, spin moves, up and unders, post drives and many other moves in real life. Please stay on top of the players tendencies and teams real like plays, you've been doing a great job so far!
# 14 Bigman101 @ 11/04/14 10:37 AM
So once again no upgrade to the rockets who r 4 -0
# 15 Bigman101 @ 11/04/14 10:40 AM
Upgrade Terrance jones rebounds and D12. I mean y'all got horford better than him in rebounding. And don't let me get on Noah
# 16 KayOtic723 @ 11/04/14 10:47 AM

Otto Porter Goggles
# 17 NBA2K Genius @ 11/04/14 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by Yuss
For people who update in their franchise manually

A. Davis shot is

F: Release 55
B: Iguodala


F: A. Stoudemire
B: T. Burke
Anthony Davis & Michael Kidd-Gilchrist shots are still off. Their real shots should be:

Anthony Davis
Timing: Normal
Form: A. Iguodala
Base: B. McLemore

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Timing: Normal
Form: Release 88
Base: JS 59
# 18 WakeUp_YoureDreaming @ 11/04/14 11:05 AM
Wonderful job, truly. I'm so happy to finally see daily roster updates, it's been a long time coming. And the level of detail is just fantastic. If you get a chance, Wayne Ellington needs a shoe brand change, from Jordan to Nike. He's been wearing the Kobe IX EM's for the last couple of weeks. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
# 19 Rashidi @ 11/04/14 11:15 AM
# 20 RyanJS08 @ 11/04/14 11:18 AM
I may be wrong, but I could have sworn I saw a Pic of Rondo last night in all black Hyperdunk 2014. Just something to keep an eye out for Mike.

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