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EA Sports has released their Madden NFL 15 player likeness update for PlayStation 4 users, as mentioned on the PlayStation.Blog. This is a free add-on that updates more than 150 players in the game, weighing in at 500MB.

No other details have been released and it's currently not available for Xbox One users. If EA Sports provides any additional information, we will update this post.

You can download the player likeness update from the PlayStation Store web link here or from your PlayStation 4 by going to the PS Store>New>Add-ons>Scroll to far right to view all>Sort by newest.

Below is an example of the updated Jordy Nelson.

UPDATE: Based off of some of the comments, the player likeness update is available in exhibition games only.

UPDATE #2: For some reason, the player likeness update has been pulled.

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# 1 StefJoeHalt @ 11/04/14 05:45 PM
Do u have to download from PS store? Or is there an alert when u fire up Madden?

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# 2 SmashMan @ 11/04/14 05:48 PM
Download from store.
# 3 davis420 @ 11/04/14 06:27 PM
I just downloaded now. I wish there was a list who was updated.
# 4 StiffC @ 11/04/14 07:02 PM
Not seeing it on the PS4.
# 5 kang7877 @ 11/04/14 07:11 PM
Also don't see it on ps4
# 6 SmashMan @ 11/04/14 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by StiffC
Not seeing it on the PS4.
Where are you looking?
# 7 StiffC @ 11/04/14 07:17 PM
Originally Posted by SmashMan
Where are you looking?
In the addons section of the games. It shows 0 for Madden.
# 8 SmashMan @ 11/04/14 07:28 PM
Try the link I posted in the first post? I checked that it showed both there on the webstore and on the store thru the PS4 before I posted.
# 9 SmashMan @ 11/04/14 07:54 PM
In front of PS4 now, I see where it lists 0 add-ons on Madden's game page.

Try this from PS4:
Go to store>New>Add-ons>Scroll to far right to view all>Sort by newest

I threw on a Bears-Packers game...looked like Alshon Jeffery and Aaron Rodgers had better faces from what I remember, but take that with a grain of salt because I don't have everyone's old face memorized.
# 10 kang7877 @ 11/04/14 08:12 PM
It did finally show up.
# 11 Gotmadskillzson @ 11/04/14 08:13 PM
Pretty odd that they would put in the store and not just have it auto update via Madden itself. Good thing I am one of those who check the entire store every Tuesday night to see what is new.
# 12 HC0023 @ 11/04/14 08:22 PM
Originally Posted by Gotmadskillzson
Pretty odd that they would put in the store and not just have it auto update via Madden itself. Good thing I am one of those who check the entire store every Tuesday night to see what is new.
THANKS Smash and fellow madden junkies lol, Im downloading it as we speak
# 13 ProStylez @ 11/04/14 08:56 PM
I'm also downloading right now.....can anyone chime in on this? I'd expect this update to be the best thing since sliced bread since it's a whole separate update that I had to use the Contra code to find.
# 14 PanthersGM305 @ 11/04/14 09:05 PM
Add-ons ?... Is this for the digital copy maybe? Cause I have disc and see zero add on... Now I notice very briefly showed 1 while the loading screen first pops up... Darn it!!!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk my badd it's there hidden in this massive psn menu Sony ...found it under Popular > top add-ons >sort newest. Tx for the heads up
# 15 RemyDaGr8 @ 11/04/14 09:18 PM
Its there; I just downloaded it. I wish there were a list of players though
# 16 SmashMan @ 11/04/14 09:30 PM
If this is also up on Xbox One, let me know. I don't have one to check myself, but I'll update the first post with a link or instructions to find it if necessary.
# 17 deezycobain @ 11/04/14 09:44 PM
ughhh as much as i do want some of the players to have more likeness added (AHMAD BROOKS SHEESH)

id rather have the generated rookies fixed.... PLEASSSSEEEEE
# 18 CarryTheWeight @ 11/04/14 10:10 PM
Just downloaded the update after finding it in the "New This Week" section on PSN. It should be listed there.

Took some time to comb through the Bills roster and found these faces were included:
-Marcell Dareus
-Sammy Watkins
-C.J. Spiller
-Stephon Gilmore
-Leodis McKelvin
-Brandon Spikes (not sure if already in game)

Cordy Glenn, Cyrus Kouandijo, Boobie Dixon and Ross Cockrell(!) have faces that look accurate but may not be actual face scans.

A few photos of the more accurate/recognizable faces via PS4 Share Button:

(Note: Mario Williams's face in the BG was already in the game, not sure if it has been updated).
# 19 PanthersGM305 @ 11/04/14 10:30 PM
Greg Hardy got a face scan ...lol too bad he exempt FT 13mil for 1 game .... Wth kelvin Lost his dreads...dear lord I hope this doesn't break anything else in the game... I see cam got updated. Brent grimes , and the courtland DBs scanned... No Cameron Wake tho...

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# 20 RemyDaGr8 @ 11/05/14 12:08 AM
No pics (I'm at work) but before I left, I looked at the Pats roster and it looks like:

Mayo's face and braids that come out at the end of the helmet were added

Chandler Jones

Devin McCourtey

Nink looks like Nink and not just a man with a beard

Shane Vereen

Revis' face looks updated

That was just skimming quickly though

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