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While NBA Live 15 has shown some positive progress this year, one area the game hasn't seemed to progress is in its roster updates. As of this writing on Wednesday morning, a roster update has not arrived for NBA Live 15 to update what is already a dynamically changing NBA Season with several big name players out of action.

Last year, NBA Live 14 barely updated its rosters, with huge chunks of time passing between updates. This was in the face of several promises that rosters would be adequately maintained throughout the season. This year seems to already be following that same path at the moment, but it's possible the trend could be reversed as the NBA season continues to heat up.

On top of that, there are mysterious updates to player tendencies via Synergy Sports. Some players who haven't played a minute of a game this year, such as Steve Nash, are receiving tendency updates which are supposed to come from real NBA game data. It is possible Nash's data simply got an update thanks to a recalculation of some past tendencies, but the lack of transparency on how and why players are updated via Synergy Sports definitely adds to the confusion with the feature.

Since we can't update the rosters on our own, this is a big deal. If and when we receive any news on anything NBA Live 15 rosters related, we'll be sure to pass it on.

Update (4 p.m.): It appears a roster update for NBA Live 15 finally dropped this afternoon. We'll have details in a separate post when we get them.

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Member Comments
# 1 sportyguyfl31 @ 11/05/14 11:59 AM
Waiting on this.....
# 2 KennyJ1976 @ 11/05/14 12:38 PM
With NBA 2K15 updating rosters everyday down to the smallest details, I'm sure the folks at EA are taking notice. There's no way EA would go months without updating rosters like last year if they care anything about their NBA franchise or the people who support NBA Live. It's already bad enough that you can't edit the rosters yourself.
# 3 prestwood90 @ 11/05/14 12:41 PM
This is getting ridiculous
# 4 Philstat @ 11/05/14 12:52 PM
YEP, had Live 15 for the PS4, was able to return in yesterday, thankfully - too similar of a scenario to last year - not one update or comment from the developers to the best of my knowledge since opening day. Back to the 2K stable for me for at least another year, Live offers a lot of fun, though it's bare boned, feature wise.
# 5 DBMcGee3 @ 11/05/14 01:05 PM
I really wanted this game, but at this point I'm very, very happy that I bought 2k. To advertise something like this and not deliver is a big no no, especially when you're already the underdog.
# 6 jr2424 @ 11/05/14 01:09 PM
What happened to this?

EA SPORTS NBAVerified account @EASPORTSNBA Our server stability ensures that #NBALIVE15 will be seamlessly updated all season long. Info: http://o.ea.com/30213
# 7 jr2424 @ 11/05/14 01:11 PM
Don't take shots unless you're confident you can back up that talk.
# 8 @marcusjiles @ 11/05/14 01:24 PM
Yikes. Again with this?? What the hell are they doing over there? Cant edit rosters because Synergy will do it for you (and us) but then, we wont do it. Mike Stauffer, not a data base... thing has kept the 2k15 rosters in impeccable shape. He's a guy! lol
# 9 BL8001 @ 11/05/14 01:39 PM

# 10 Gotmadskillzson @ 11/05/14 01:55 PM
Victim of drinking that EA Kool Aide.
# 11 Earl1963 @ 11/05/14 02:19 PM
False advertising.

Sent using a telephone
# 12 Bradysenior @ 11/05/14 02:55 PM
had an update this morning
# 13 vabeachboy19 @ 11/05/14 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by Bradysenior
had an update this morning

What type of update and what system are you playing on?
# 14 WTF @ 11/05/14 03:18 PM
It's ignorant, because I just went into NBA Rewind mode for the Lakers, and Swaggy P is not on the Lakers active roster, Jeremy Lin is starting, Wayne Ellington is on the bench, but so is Steve Nash. So they've moved players around for this mode, but not for just a regular active roster. It doesn't make sense.

If they are moving them for NBA Rewind games, there shouldn't be an issue using those same rosters for other modes, right?

Then again, Steve Nash is still on the active list, even though he's at the very end of the bench. My thought is that they set Swaggy P to inactive, and there weren't enough players left on the default Lakers roster to put another guy on the inactive list, so they just moved Nash to the end of the bench and set his minutes to 0.
# 15 RUFFNREADY @ 11/05/14 03:35 PM
It's 2014-2015, and I still have to tweet out to EA devs about a roster update! SMH
EA doesn't need anymore negativity thrust upon themselves! Let's get this ball bouncing!
Unfortunately, I do have to look at what 2K is doing with there rosters and see that they are on top of their rosters; after years of consumers complaining about roster updates, you think EA, would have got the hint yet? there is still time to rectify the situation! Let's go EA
# 16 NeptunePirate @ 11/05/14 03:41 PM
Just booted my game up and had a roster update...

I know for sure, because Barea is back on the Mavs.
# 17 vabeachboy19 @ 11/05/14 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by NeptunePirate
Just booted my game up and had a roster update...

I know for sure, because Barea is back on the Mavs.

Are Nash, nick young and randle still active on the Lakers?
# 18 DirtyJerz32 @ 11/05/14 03:55 PM
# 19 WTF @ 11/05/14 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by vabeachboy19
Are Nash, nick young and randle still active on the Lakers?
Nope, inactive. As is Westbrook, Durant etc
# 20 Tomba @ 11/05/14 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by Gotmadskillzson
Victim of drinking that EA Kool Aide.
I drink that EA Juice!

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