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MLB 15 The Show is surely well on its way to being delivered to gamers next Spring, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add our own input on what we’d like to see in next year’s game.

In many cases, MLB 14 The Show was a pretty well executed game with a few notable flaws that held it back from true greatness. The shortlist of fixes for next year seem obvious, but there are also several gameplay issues we would love to see tidied up before next spring.

Here’s what we’d like to see fixed heading into next year:
  1. Online Play - Because this just has to work next year doesn’t it? This year was closer than ever, but it still wasn’t a great experience by any means.
  2. Commentary - The current commentary team isn’t bad, just stale — and their lines are repeating a bit too often for our tastes. Replacing the current guys is one option, having them add a lot more lines is another one.
  3. Better Management In Franchise Mode - The franchise mode is great, but there are a few items missing I really wish were there. Depth charts is one, but also better feedback on what you are doing as you do it. The experience is fine if you are a baseball savvy guy, but if you don’t know much about how the roster rules work in baseball you will almost certainly be lost guaranteed.
  4. More accuracy in stadiums, jerseys, etc. - The Show on PS3 was always above and beyond on the little things. Nowadays, it seems to be right with the rest of the pack on many of those little things, so another leap in attention to detail would be amazing.
  5. All of those gameplay enhancements - You can list what you’d love to see in the comments. Things like even more fielding animations, more hit variety, etc. These are all no brainers and should be in each new game, but it doesn’t hurt to demand it.
  6. Bonus: Create-A-Stadium. Seriously, I’m a ballpark junkie and I know I’m not the only one. Giving users the ability to create custom stadiums, especially with enough options to recreate many past great ballparks (or build a new ballpark for your franchise) would be an amazing addition we’ve not really ever seen in a baseball game.
What do you want to see in MLB 15 The Show?

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# 81 redsox4evur @ 11/10/14 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by DemurOnion
Uniform Accuracy is a huge issue with this game. I don't care about the style guide. I base my decisions on buying this game with how accurate of a sim they are. You can talk and use the excuse of the style guide all you want. Don't care. Either make your game accurate in such an easy way--and let's be honest no one would actually do ANYTHING to the team if they corrected the uniforms it's just an old, stupid, and tired excuse for corporate handling--or people like me don't have an interest in the game anymore.

We have been dealing with numbers that need to be modified on jersey templates for years now. It's amateur hour at this point. Fix it. It makes your game look embarrassing in 2014 let alone 2015 when the new game hits.

The Twins just announced new jerseys with some gold in them. I suppose the away jerseys that have no stripe on the grey pants, despite the Twins having that stripe since five years ago, will still have no stripe and looking completely stupid. Other teams have mistakes that have not been corrected even remotely. for just as long

F the style guide. Get some dude to draw a line down the pants and to hell with it. 100% chance no ONE EVER CONTACTS because NO ONE CARES. Show guys need to stop this BS about the style guide like it's some kind of police battalion contract or something. Please tell me who is going to condemn or punish you if you make uniforms correct? Which lawyer is going to sue you because you made a uniform correct? It's all a bunch of crap and some exec doesn't want to push a little rule a bit even though there is literally zero chance of anything ever coming from it.

Wait, let's follow the rules guys and have our jersey's look 5 years old or just completely wrong. YAY! for the fans that pay 60 dollars for this stuff every year.
How about the MLB suing SCEA for $750 million? And then MLB winning the lawsuit and as part of the deal the MLB makes it so SCEA can never make a baseball game again. And then there will be no baseball until someone decides to pick it up. This is all very plausible to happen, it just happened with EA Sports and former NCAA players. EA used player likeness without their consent. So it is a big deal no matter how much you don't like it.
# 82 Sco291 @ 11/10/14 06:15 PM
Let's be real, this has been the best sports sim of the last however many years now, and we have the best dev team in the sports gaming world creating a game that has mightily improved every single year with a few big leaps. HOWEVER, with next gen hardware (talking strictly PS4 gaming standpoint here), I feel that many of the issues nd gripes us fans have had for years now should, with some time, be completely addressed.

1.) Franchise - Like others have said, this mode lacks the most important thing with any sports sim - LIFE! I never feel engaged as if I'm in control of a team or trying to build a dynasty - there's nothing pulling you to go this way or that way, and no true rewards to the user or organization as a whole in the mode.

Aside from your basic off-season and winter events like free agency, draft picks, contracts (which is limited) - etc, Franchise is basically pick a team, spring training, start the season, play your games, maybe make some trades, play some more games,call some young people up, postseason, world series, offseason.

I just feel like there is nothing TRULY making me want to come back for another season, being that its franchise, and do it all over again. There's not a whole lot of immersion. I want to be able to do things like change field patterns at home, decide which advertisements are being displayed in my stadium as well as getting to decide WHERE THEY ARE PLACED, incentives included in contracts for players, some sort of pre-game and post-game show...

...show the commentators in the booth or some cheesy studio going over highlights nd show those fake interviews in the clubhouse where its just the players mouth moving and talking into the microphone...things like this which im sure others could add to would be massive step in the right direction with a mode thats been stale and lackluster for a couple years now.

2) Presentation and Commentary - I like Vasgersian, but how about dumping Karros and gettign Harold Reynolds. Regardless who is in the booth though, the flow of the commentary needs to be RE-DONE. Throw out all the old lines used in past variations and start fresh for a new console and those who still play on PS3. This severely needs to be worked on and the devs know this, maybe their resources are an issue or whatever but this would make the game feel brand new.

In terms of presentation....THE FRAME RATE DROPS ON THE CUTSCENES NEED...TO...STOP. Please, its PS4. Would be lovely if the entire game could at one point be 60fps. Oh damn. Other things such as national anthems with a big american flag in center field (after all it is americas past time), REAL FLY OVERS...(please?), flash bulbs in the crowd, how about an on field reporter?

These are some of the thoughts I've shared with others on here for years now and with the power of the PS4, I feel it's about time this brilliant and community-centered dev team should be able to accomplish sooner rather than later. More to come I'm sure haha, Cheers
# 83 redsox4evur @ 11/10/14 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by DemurOnion
Suing for what? Please make your scenario anywhere near not a fantasy. Who is going to sue them and why? What are the foundations of the lawsuit?

That a coder made the uniforms more accurate than the style guide because the guide itself was misrepresenting the team?

I'll tell you how much of a chance you have of winning major money from this lawsuit..... ZERO.

Player likeness goes through Player Unions and major organizations. Not so with the jerseys and minor corrections. You don't have anywhere near the power of a player union to address. I would go so far as to say that unless you make a large color change to one of the jerseys there is not one person with a dedicated job who would notice or care.

You honestly think some dude is paid to go..... OMG they added that real life stripe to the Royal's jerseys in the right color. I'm calling the lawyer now guys! This is preposterous.

Right, you people have been drinking the Koolaid excuse for too long. This is why The Show is falling behind. Because people just accept what they are given with this game.

It's posts like this that have this fear mentality that are crazy. 750 million lol. You wouldn't make a dime if it came down to it. A corrected stripe on a jersey is worth no one's time. A player likeness where that player was not being paid or misrepresented? Completely different case.

Just saying. I'm not a garden gnome that buys this game every year because. If this team doesn't improve aspects of their game significantly then why bother. 60 bucks plus is a waste of money when I can't unsee these easily corrected errors. Who the hell wants to play with a baseball team all year with totally messed-up uniforms lol?

Somehow every other game gets around this style guide. 2K did it. Other sports games do it. At this point sticking to the ridiculous rules is hurting their game.

I won't even buy 15 if they still have outdated jersey templates. I'm just sick of this amateur stuff sorry. And that IS what it is. Amateur stuff. Stuff that is fixed by modders on PC within weeks not months or, rather more appropriate for this game, YEARS.
Yea what happened to 2K's baseball game, stopped being made. EA probably did the same. Are they still making a baseball game, nope. If you don't follow what the MLB says they can pull the license from you and no more game being made. And actually people would care if that stripe was not the way the company wanted it because they own the license for everything. That's what it is coming down to. SCE San Diego is scared that if they do something that MLB doesn't approve then they will lose the license.
# 84 Sco291 @ 11/10/14 06:25 PM
In addition, I would like to see the return of an actual playercard where their picture is on the front, then you press triangle to see the back. Seeing their real pictures....i dont know, it just makes me feel happy lol.

Also, bring back the newspaper or online article.....immersion was taken out of the game , bring it back!!
# 85 LastActionHero @ 11/10/14 06:51 PM
Hahaha best rant ever.
# 86 Perfect Zero @ 11/10/14 08:55 PM
Guys, MLB can take issue with SCEA for anything they do in the game. The MLB Style Guide is there to protect the image of the individual teams. If MLB wants a developer to follow the Style Guide, then that's what SCEA will have to do.

You're probably right that nobody will recognize a breach of contract. SCEA however has made it clear that they won't skirt the law or raise any issues. That's why the dalmation in Atlanta is always a big issue.

Again, if anybody has a grave issue with what's in the game, contact the team. They are the ones that have to change it.
# 87 redsox4evur @ 11/10/14 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by Perfect Zero
Guys, MLB can take issue with SCEA for anything they do in the game. The MLB Style Guide is there to protect the image of the individual teams. If MLB wants a developer to follow the Style Guide, then that's what SCEA will have to do.

You're probably right that nobody will recognize a breach of contract. SCEA however has made it clear that they won't skirt the law or raise any issues. That's why the dalmation in Atlanta is always a big issue.

Again, if anybody has a grave issue with what's in the game, contact the team. They are the ones that have to change it.
Thank you that's exactly what I was saying...
# 88 Tgar05 @ 11/10/14 09:28 PM
I don't want much. I would just like a simpler salary cap method. I want to be able to know how much I have and freely use it accordingly. I never quite know what I have and can never spend the way I anticipate unless I use big market team or turn cap off all together. I know there are all kinds of how too's on the topic in the forums. But I don't think I should have to research it to use it. Anyone else have this struggle? The game is great
# 89 Turbojugend @ 11/10/14 09:51 PM
Is it wrong that I want to read more rants about defying the style guide?
# 90 Knight165 @ 11/10/14 10:03 PM
The only thing more boring than the Style Guide itself....is complaints about companies having to adhere to it.
Ho Hum...pass me another fried onion please.

# 91 ShowTyme15 @ 11/10/14 10:13 PM
Originally Posted by Knight165
The only thing more boring than the Style Guide itself....is complaints about companies having to adhere to it.
Ho Hum...pass me another fried onion please.

Same thing different day as usual.
# 92 RedMeansGo2006 @ 11/10/14 10:47 PM
Well, in fairness, it does feel a bit frustrating that this has been going on for years, and no one has taken any measures to correct such a mistake, when it seems like it wouldn't take much effort.

On that note, what's stopping The Show from approaching MLB and say, "Hey, since what's in the Style Guide is clearly not what the team wears, can we just put in what they actually wear?" Are they really that afraid that MLB is going to flip out and say they can't make the game anymore just because they asked? Have they already asked, and MLB said no? Has this even been confirmed? And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I advocated the idea of the jersey creator.
# 93 PitholeCreek @ 11/10/14 10:55 PM
It's unfortunate that the style guide isn't publicly available. If SCEA's contract with MLB states that it must follow the style guide, I can accept that. The problem is that SCEA isn't perfect, and some of the uniform errors people complain about are bound to be oversights by SCEA's graphics team rather than issues with the style guide. I'm not knocking the graphics team -- I'm just recognizing that they're only human and they make mistakes like everyone else. It would just be nice to be able to distinguish between the mistakes that are fixable and those that are MLB's fault and therefore unfixable.
# 94 BULLKID @ 11/11/14 12:04 AM
As mention earlier Mlb 15 the Show should improve on its commentary and presentation and also folks check this the Jumbotron.These jumbotrons should show some instant replays from previous innings up coming games or event tor teams.More comments on other games of the day by team name's not just saying other games on schedule.Some better stadium lighting in night games
# 95 TattooedEvil @ 11/11/14 05:37 AM
1. Renovate or Create-A-Stadium - With so many teams moving in walls, maybe put that feature in? Add seats? Just make the ballpark flat out better. Or build a new stadium (like Madden) and move to it in the following season.
3. Owner Mode - Put an option to turn this on or off...the more hardcore fans/players love the extra challenge of this!
4. Local Newspapers - Would love to see headlines on my team as well as others.
5. Dan Plesac doing Kung Fu Panda chop sounds - PLEASE!
# 96 bdhill78 @ 11/11/14 06:27 AM
My biggest wishes are:
1) Continued PS3 support. I'd love to get a PS4, but it's not in the budget now, so please don't forget us!

2) Expanded and archivable stats. I don't think any of us would care if this ate our hard drives, stats are key to the games.

3)I'd like a local news feed, fan feedback or something like that, to give you a bit of of an immersive experience.
# 97 Sco291 @ 11/11/14 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by DemurOnion
We are going on 2015 man and there are teams with major mistakes going back 5 years.
This, gotta agree with it, but it is what it is I guess
# 98 mickelson1022 @ 11/11/14 11:09 AM
Coach Arguing, Accessories enhancement, putting more of the new gen gameplay into the old-gen
# 99 tril @ 11/11/14 01:33 PM
besides new commentary

giving the batter full control

1. the ability to step back from the plate or avoid getting hit by a pitch. there are tons of games where a pitcher will fire the ball inside intentionally or by accident, and every time this happens its the cpu/animation that takes control of the batter. why not give the user total control. give the user the opton to move back with a push of the r2 button or the l2 button. r2 for right handed batters and l2 for the left handed batters. in addition, Id tie this into the injury slider set, just to netralize the potential abuse factor.

2. giving the user control to run to first base after hitting the ball. running to first base shouldnt be automatic. we should be given an option to use the advance base button to go to first base after we hit the ball. we are given the option to advance to every other base, running to first shouldnt be a given. Truth be told alot of us would need some discipline if this feature were to be added into a game. think about it, how many times have we just sat there and admired a hit, knowing that the batter would automatically run to first. How many of us would be thrown out at first because of this.

3. this is for analog controls. give us reverse controls for lefty and righty batters and pitchers.

4. fielding expecially with pop ups. its time to do away with the automatic catches. running under a pop fly to catch has become stale and dated. Catching a pop up should also include a second step. there shoudl be a catch/timing window. Make it adjustable/customizable like it is for all the other fielding functions.
So its basically running to position and then maybe pressing a button to catch. this would basically be a timing function dictated by a timing window and players fielder rating, but would take out the staleness routine catching.

5. new pci ball marker indicator. that orange thing is ugly. give us a regular baseball.

6. steal attempt- give us control of the baserunner running back to the base when a pitcher attempts to pick off a base stealer.

7. the ball landing indicator in the outfield should be adjustable.

8. we should have an option to turn off all meters for various pitching prferences. Id like to have the option to turn off the analog pitching meter etc.

9. adjust fatigue based on innings played. If I choose to play only 6 inning games, the fatigue of players and pitchers should be automatically adusted to reflect this.

10. dynamic weather. this is taken out of the EA playbook. use the weather channel feature to better represent real time game day weather. I should be able to use the user teams location or the user location for weather

all of these added features can will have an effect on era's, batting averages, errors, injuries. I was just thinking of ways that they can mae a game challenging and more organic in nature, without being dictated by how much one adjusts a particular slider.
# 100 Picci @ 11/11/14 02:32 PM
Improve Fielding
Something isn't right. I'm glad that there's options available to us. I'm currently playing on auto. Transitioning isn't right yet. I'm hoping for continued work here.

TV Style Presentation
I wish MLB would work with SCEA and properly help promote the game. I love what some vendors, media outlets, and merchants have brought with the TV style presentation in EA's Madden and 2K's NBA. The thought of applying this style to the show has me dreaming for this now.

Gameplay AI
Better bullpen management and roster decisions.
Hoping this finally gets fixed: At home, with score tied. Let home team's closer start top of 9th inning unless stamina or injury prevents him.

Can't wait for The Show 15!

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