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MLB 15 The Show is surely well on its way to being delivered to gamers next Spring, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add our own input on what we’d like to see in next year’s game.

In many cases, MLB 14 The Show was a pretty well executed game with a few notable flaws that held it back from true greatness. The shortlist of fixes for next year seem obvious, but there are also several gameplay issues we would love to see tidied up before next spring.

Here’s what we’d like to see fixed heading into next year:
  1. Online Play - Because this just has to work next year doesn’t it? This year was closer than ever, but it still wasn’t a great experience by any means.
  2. Commentary - The current commentary team isn’t bad, just stale — and their lines are repeating a bit too often for our tastes. Replacing the current guys is one option, having them add a lot more lines is another one.
  3. Better Management In Franchise Mode - The franchise mode is great, but there are a few items missing I really wish were there. Depth charts is one, but also better feedback on what you are doing as you do it. The experience is fine if you are a baseball savvy guy, but if you don’t know much about how the roster rules work in baseball you will almost certainly be lost guaranteed.
  4. More accuracy in stadiums, jerseys, etc. - The Show on PS3 was always above and beyond on the little things. Nowadays, it seems to be right with the rest of the pack on many of those little things, so another leap in attention to detail would be amazing.
  5. All of those gameplay enhancements - You can list what you’d love to see in the comments. Things like even more fielding animations, more hit variety, etc. These are all no brainers and should be in each new game, but it doesn’t hurt to demand it.
  6. Bonus: Create-A-Stadium. Seriously, I’m a ballpark junkie and I know I’m not the only one. Giving users the ability to create custom stadiums, especially with enough options to recreate many past great ballparks (or build a new ballpark for your franchise) would be an amazing addition we’ve not really ever seen in a baseball game.
What do you want to see in MLB 15 The Show?

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# 121 catswithbats @ 11/23/14 02:10 AM
I thought of one more thing: I'd like to be able to retire certain numbers in franchise mode. I don't want anyone else to be able to wear 24 in Detroit besides Miguel Cabrera, you know?

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# 122 Bobhead @ 11/23/14 11:33 AM
An exclusion list for the minors (or all levels, really) in franchise mode would be nice too.

Sometimes I have plans to call a player up from AAA to spot start for me, but I can't because I have no way of stopping the CPU from using that player in the next scheduled game, meaning his energy level is already low when I call him up.

Being able to say "don't use this guy, period" would help so much
# 123 TattooedEvil @ 11/24/14 06:00 AM
This kind of ties into the owner mode of doing ticket pricing again and all that fun stuff, but is a little more "out there" but with all of the minor league affiliate changes maybe having contracts with them would be cool? having the ability to change where ur AAA team is....If I'm the Mets, y in the world do I want my AAA club in LV? no thanx. give me one on the East Coast. This will probably never happen but might as well throw some different ideas out there
# 124 jcar0725 @ 11/24/14 02:35 PM
More "ON SCREEN" stats during the game. Baseball junkies love to see random cool player stats flash on the screen.......
# 125 Jason27 @ 11/24/14 02:49 PM
I don’t play RTTS or Online Play so everything I would like to see upgraded would be in Franchise/Season Mode.

ATTRIBUTE FLUCTUATION: In the last two games I feel like veteran attributes drop too quickly and rookies attributes do not rise fast enough. Would like to see this aspect of the game improve as it is a really cool idea if it worked properly.

IMPORTING PLAYERS: Would be cool to import players from the weekly roster updates into franchise/season mode.

TRADING IN FRANCHISE MODE: As we see more 3 team trades in MLB it would be really cool to see it introduce in the Show. Also, the ability to work bigger trade packages would be nice as well as more realistic trade interest from teams rebuilding and teams looking to “win now”. As it is now it is almost impossible to trade prospects for an established player even if the team is having a loosing season.

IN SEASON CONTRACTS: I really wish you could offer a player on the rise or a player entering their walk year contract extensions during the season. Really sucks that you have to wait until the season is over to offer extensions.

PLAYERS (MLBPA): This request is probably more of a stretch but I would love to see more depth to the rosters. Most of the players that are in the free agent pool on the game are with a triple A team. It would be really cool to see these players with the organization they are playing for. I know it would take more work but it would make the game a lot more realistic. Another suggestion would be for developers to work more closely with MLBPA to have as many real players in the game as possible. The Show is a MLB & MiLB product so if a player is apart of the union I would like them to be on the game from the get go instead of waiting for weekly updates. This goes for all of the international players coming to MLB as well. Would really love to see them on the game from day 1 and not have to wait weeks to have a realistic roster I can start my franchise with.

MAKE DH A POSITION: As we all know there are players in the league that are strictly DH’s. Not having DH as a position in the game really effects the realism to the All-Star game. Would love to see DH as a position in 2015.
# 126 PitholeCreek @ 11/24/14 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by PitholeCreek
1) Retractable roofs are essential for me. 20% of major league teams play in stadiums with retractable roofs, and some of those teams play with the roof closed more than 50% of the time.

2) The ability to select the difficulty level that dynamic difficulty starts at. An experienced player shouldn't be required to start at Rookie.

3) Uniform accuracy. I realize that the developers are bound by the style guide, but there are some pretty clear errors that I have a hard time believing are attributable to the style guide.

4) A return of the classic batting practice. I loved having the ability to select specific pitches to see. I don't care for the RTTS practice modes.
I should have included this in my original post, but:

5) Lefty/righty ratings/splits for pitchers. Some lefty pitchers have a hard time getting right-handed hitters out, and some righties have trouble with left-handed batters. This should be reflected in the game.
# 127 noseeumcreek @ 11/24/14 11:33 PM
Will keep this to one request but try to detail my idea...

Create a franchise -

Hard to do since creating one would give uneven number of teams so what I think is that create a franchise should run along line of previous expansion team rules and draft rules. Instead of just one being created, have two (other controlled by CPU) and play out a draft where teams can protect certain number of players on their roster at every stage of draft. Competing against a CPU team would be fun because it would allow competition and playing out full scenario. It also effects nature of general draft, too (If I remember correctly) so that would be fun, too. After drafting 40 man roster from existing teams, have rest of draft play out by drafting from a large free agent pool (bigger than what game currently has) so teams that lost players can also restock.

With minor league affiliates, have ability to pick from already fictional teams in real cities. I think it's asking too much to have to create jerseys and logos for all those teams so have a pool of already created teams that announcers already verbalized so it would make it easier. The teams would be located near already existing divisions in minor league systems and computer would be able to rejuvenate new schedules by placing each team according to their nearby conference. If Single A affiliate is still by name only, have that open for using whatever city and name possible (good for people with small home towns).

I think this is the best way to realistically do a create a franchise mode. Of course, create a franchise implies create a stadium mode as well but I think doing it this way doesn't ask too much.
# 128 bobloblah1980 @ 11/25/14 10:59 AM
Create a stadium, Create a stadium As A Jays fan FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD CREATE A STADIUM! You Can polish a Turd as much as You want it's still a turd!.....

Whoa.. sorry about that people I got carried away there.

Also can they please fix the franchise trade logic

And someone earlier mentioned the scouting of undrafted players, I'm ok with the scouting of them but with the limited amount of time to scout it should be clearer right away so time isn't wasted.

Either that or bring back season long scouting seeing as last time i checked scouts don't stop scouting once the draft is over

Oh Yeah and GO Ticats!
# 129 Turbojugend @ 11/25/14 11:34 AM
Watching Ken Burns' Baseball brought another idea to mind; video filters that emulate different eras of television, a'la NBA 2K12. If there ever was some sort of historic mode, playing as Ted Williams in black-and-white with a grain filter would be awesome.
# 130 jackarias1999 @ 11/27/14 08:50 PM
1)Better commentary I'm tired of hearing the same thing over and over.

2)Endorsements like in 2k.

3)Real companies for cleats,batting gloves, bats etc.

4)Have a story mode for rtts like in 2k.

5)Longer tape for players edits

6)Retractable roofs that work

7)More animations for celebrations

8)Press conferences like in 2k

9)I want rtts to have a retirement tour like jeter and Mariano had

10)better trade and contract logic
# 131 MikeFlu @ 11/28/14 01:34 PM
I'm not greedy. I just want the standings board on the Green Monster in Fenway to update. I don't understand why it wasn't done years ago.

Edit: Oh yeah, and tell us the length of every home run. There's nothing you can hurt by announcing or putting an overlay up.

2nd Edit: Ok, maybe I am greedy. Minor League rehab assignments.
# 132 Teigh Cubs Teigh @ 11/29/14 04:07 AM
Originally Posted by encbase13
5. Also, how about giving us the ability to control one player in game instead of controlling the entire team? Kind of an RTTS capability but that would work for Exhibition games Franchise etc. This would allow people to control their favorite player and play a season/game with only control of them when playing.
Well I have good news for you, that feature was added in 14. I believe you hit either R1 or R2 while on the lineup or rotation screens before any game and you get to play as that player just as you would in RttS.
# 133 Bullit @ 12/03/14 08:02 PM
I'm sure this has already been mentioned, but I would like the ability to name my save files. It gets really complicated to try and run multiple 30 team franchises' when the save files have the same name.

I would also like to see financials added back in to Franchise Mode.

I agree that RTTS needs a little more depth added to it and that the commentary needs some freshening up, if not changed entirely. I like Matt but the other two drive me nuts. (Just my opinion, of course)
# 134 dodgerblue @ 12/04/14 01:03 AM
1- Better player models
2- Better uniforms. The positioning and size of the numerals on the front of the jersey.
3- Capture the speed of the game. Yes, baseball is a leisurely paced game, but when it's fast, it's fast. Baserunners, rocket shots off the bat, line drives into the corners skipping all the way to the wall, high 90's heat from live arms.
4- Make fielding more responsive. The casual animations need to go.
5- Make outfields to scale, they just seem too small to me.
6- Realistic stadiums, especially the skyline stuff, trees, buildings etc.
7- Lighting and real time shadowing. Stadium specific, time of year specific.
8- Night game lighting, better last year but still not like a real night game should look.
9- Some real spring training sites and stadiums.
10- Quicker animations for fielding, I hate when you can't tag a runner out with the catcher because he goes into a big sweeping animation. Or when you field a ball out in front of the plate and can't throw the runner out at first.
11- More connected audio from the 3 man booth. It's not that I want new voices so much as they aren't talking to each other.
12- During gameplay in dynasty, show other things going on in your virtual world so it is more connected.
# 135 MauerMorneau09 @ 12/04/14 10:32 PM
Had already posted it in the "Three keys" thread, but decided to move it here for obvious reasons.

Idk about you guys, but there's 2 small uniform details that would be nice to see fixed. They're very subtle changes, but it helps with realism. 1 is having the underarm "vents" on Cool Base jerseys. If you look at pics of players, you'll notice the underarm area is a darker, mesh type material. Not all uniforms in the league are Cool Base, but since they go through Majestic, it would be cool to see it added in. Another thing is players' hats. It bugs me that players hats always seem to be too small on them. Most players wear their hats down so the edge of the cap goes along their line. Hard to explain, but I'm sure most would know what I'm getting at here. Those are changes that an equipment junkie like me wants, nothing too big.
# 136 g-burn @ 12/05/14 09:26 PM
I want expanded stat tracking on player cards. I've been wanting this for almost a decade now and yet no improvements. I hope this is the year (I'm starting to sound like a Cubs fan...)

As far as animations go, I'd love to see them implement unique player swings. In addition to the offered one handed and two handed swings, include slap swings (Ichiro), violent swings (Thome), long swings (Griffey), front foot swings (A-Rod), and etc.

I'd like for there to be some warning about player retirements. I want to pull my hair out when the 35 year old vet on in my rotation decides to hang em up out of the blue. Especially if I have a 2 year plan involving him. They should let us know at the start of the season if they are thinking about retiring or maybe you should hear some grumblings about it over the season. That way you can prepare for it, or try and convince him to stick around for a few more years.
# 137 andrewochs615 @ 12/06/14 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by g-burn
I want expanded stat tracking on player cards. I've been wanting this for almost a decade now and yet no improvements. I hope this is the year (I'm starting to sound like a Cubs fan...)

As far as animations go, I'd love to see them implement unique player swings. In addition to the offered one handed and two handed swings, include slap swings (Ichiro), violent swings (Thome), long swings (Griffey), front foot swings (A-Rod), and etc.

I'd like for there to be some warning about player retirements. I want to pull my hair out when the 35 year old vet on in my rotation decides to hang em up out of the blue. Especially if I have a 2 year plan involving him. They should let us know at the start of the season if they are thinking about retiring or maybe you should hear some grumblings about it over the season. That way you can prepare for it, or try and convince him to stick around for a few more years.

Yup between that and a franchise mode that isn't broken, are both things I have been waiting for 5 years now. If franchise mode isn't fixed this year I a skipping out on this game.
# 138 LashtonBryth @ 12/06/14 10:11 AM
This game needs more attention to detail in certain areas:

1. A simple, but meaningful change would simply be a more through tracking of statistics in online franchise mode. Upon starting a new franchise, give players the option to start keeping league/franchise statistics or import them from MLB history. Keep and show league, team, and user records for everything with the ability to compare it to other users in the league. If I hit 41 doubles with Johnny Baseball in year 2 of my online franchise, I want to know where that ranks on the all-time doubles list, my individual franchises doubles list, and among my fellow users for a season. Keep track of both seasonal and career totals for any statistic that is possible to measure and put it in an easy to access menu.

2. Adding menu's devoted to statistics tracking and ranking, including a more thorough player's card, wouldn't be difficult. Making franchise mode more dynamic would be. I'd love to see a much deeper financial experience in online franchise mode, complete with a sophisticated free agency experience, AI generated events like expansion and relocation, and maybe even a more cut-throat experience (as an option) where poor performances and bad financial decisions can lead to situations where you are forced to sell and that franchise mode ends. I'd love to see a more sophisticated minor league system. Obviously there are a lot of ways that franchise mode can become a deeper experience that other statistically driven games do better than this one.
# 139 kbusch22 @ 12/06/14 11:26 AM
The ability to edit coaches' numbers. Editing names would be cool too but I MUST be able to change their number. Drives me mad when I sign some random coach and it turns out he's wearing the same number as my star player or a retired number.

Speaking of retired numbers, I know they've pre-programmed the real retired numbers, but I'd like to be able to retire more, for my team and others, as the franchise progresses. I know you can edit players' numbers and stuff but still. If I'm playing against the Yankees next year and some guy comes up wearing #2 (because it's not officially retired by the team yet) that hurts the immersion.

If they could pre-program World Series banners or something that would be great too. Like the Giants have banners for their World Series-winning years on the outfield wall. They'll add a 2014 one next year. If I'm playing as the Giants and win it again in 2016, I want another one added, etc. Basically just copy the designs of whatever the team does to acknowledge its World Series wins and set it so more get added to the stadium the next year if they win. As it is now if you win the World Series the next year will start and it's like nothing happened.
# 140 merchant1874 @ 12/06/14 11:26 AM
Most major things are all covered here.

a small graphical thing id like to see that NBA2k nails is the shimmer effect material for numbers. On the Show they are flat and matt looking, even a waxy texture.

Anyone who has played 2k on last gen or this gen will know what i mean and how realistic looking they got that material looking

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