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Saturday is the final day to take advantage of Best Buy's ongoing Gamers Club Unlocked sign-up deal. As part of its weekly circular ad, the retailer is offering a complimentary two-year GCU subscription (a $120 value) when you purchase any cell phone in the same transaction. Your selected phone doesn't need to come with a contract, nor does it have to be activated, per the ad's fine print:

"Offer includes no-contract phones without activation needed."

Some of the cheapest cell phones in the store include:

TracFone LG 440G -- $5 after a price-match with Kmart's or Radioshack's weekly ad.

NET10 SIM Activation Kit -- $7

The latter is not actually a phone, but rather, a sim card. Nonetheless, Best Buy's promotion still recognizes it as a cell phone once it's scanned at the register.

You must visit your local Best Buy to take advantage of this deal, since Gamers Club memberships can only be activated from inside a store. If you're already a member, a two-year extension will automatically be added onto your current expiration date.

If you're having trouble finding a blue Gamers Club sign-up card to bring to the register, simply ask a cashier if he or she has one that you can use. Even if the employees fail to find a sign-up card, you can still have the cashier type in the card's SKU 3081375.

If you don't have any use for your new phone(s), consider donating to a local charity, or to a charitable program like Cell Phones For Soldiers.

Check out this chart below for the full list of Gamers Club Unlocked benefits:

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# 1 Jakeness23 @ 11/07/14 08:26 PM
What does it mean by new video game software? And what's with the asterisk?
# 2 jyoung @ 11/07/14 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Jakeness23
What does it mean by new video game software?
It just means "new video games that come on a physical disc." The 20% discount doesn't apply to gaming accessories or to digital downloads. And pre-owned games have a different discount percentage (10%).

And what's with the asterisk?
To discourage resellers, the 20% is only valid for up to 3 copies of the same game.

So if you tried to buy 4 copies of Madden 15, you'd only receive 20% off 3 of them, and the 4th one would be charged at normal price.

You can view the full terms and conditions here:

# 3 Revar @ 11/08/14 05:11 PM
Thanks Steve and OS! This was almost too easy. My Best Buy didn't have the actual phone, but it had the sim card noted in the article. Worked without a hitch. Thanks again!
# 4 Jakeness23 @ 11/08/14 06:23 PM
Thanks for the help! Got 20% off of new games for 2 years for just $6, can't beat that. Buy new at Best Buy, used on Amazon or at GameStop, simple as that.
# 5 RdubYa @ 11/08/14 09:42 PM
This was great! Worked great for me, and a friend of mine happened to be in the store when I got there. Walked him through it at the cashier next to mine at the same time.
# 6 iqra6500 @ 11/19/14 01:09 AM
Great discount and I will get it soon.

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