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The Stage for NBA 2K15, which was exclusive on PlayStation 4 for the first month after release, is available now for Xbox One users. To get there, simply go to MyCAREER, then head to the main nav bar and you will see The Stage (Ante-Up) under MyPARK.

What is The Stage? Check out the details below.

The Park makes its return on the rooftop of a building located in the heart of the city in the form of The Stage. This is a neutral site where the love for your park is set aside for your love of VC. Itís time to put your VC where your mouth is. Step up to one of the courts and Ante-Up the amount of VC displayed. Win and you split the pot with your team. Lose and youíll be walking off the court with lighter pockets. Squads are supported here as well.

For those of you that enjoy high-stakes gaming, we have the High Rollers area, where your highest limits will forever live exclusively on PS4, with Ante amounts up to 45,000VC for a single game! Time to step up that game!

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# 1 2k10Fonzarelli @ 11/08/14 03:56 PM
Thanks for the post Steve!

Now I can experience for myself what its like to lose a wager due to 2k's rough servers.

For those on ps4 who have played a good amount of stage, do games play out like the rec center games or do they play out like park games?
# 2 Hornetz @ 11/08/14 06:47 PM
Looks much nicer than being in the ghettos (rivet city) also more fun than Anticipated
# 3 BigBadTom @ 11/09/14 04:09 PM
MyPark gameplay is not laggy or glitchy--the issue is that it is that there is a MASSIVE input delay. The players react much slower to your commands than they ever should and it results in issues such as shot timing and attempting to time rebounds and blocks. In addition, the gameplay is terribly tuned. It is supposed to be like street ball (not my problem with the mode) but basically you either shoot the three ball or dunk. It is nearly impossible to play solid defense because the ability to dunk over rules any attributes relating to blocks (5'8 guy consistently slams on my face with average skills, while I am a 7'1 defensive monster with maxed out defense attributes and all of the gold blocking and defense badges). I understand how they want everything to work regarding lots of dunks and points, but they took it WAY TOO FAR. Please tune everything down, because while I get street ball isn't focused on defense, this makes the game just not fun unless you can shoot the three and steal. The post up offense seems to be toned DOWN! Which blows my mind because this completely makes the Center useless in street ball without any ability to score outside of a put back, their purpose on defense doesn't exist because once they enter the paint to dunk, no matter how good you are you can't block their shot. I understand the JRC is supposed to be the counter to this, but this is ridiculous regarding how easy dunks are and how impossible it is to play as a center. BALANCE. PLEASE.
# 4 haloofduty @ 11/09/14 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by Shady Mike
Happy to say that it is also available on PC! #PCMasterrace
Isn't this masterrace stuff and criticizing a GAMING console kinda nerdy?

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