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Tony Hawk is currently working with Activision on a console version of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, with plans to release it sometime in 2015.

GameSpot mentioned the mobile game, Tony Hawk's Shred Session, has been placed on an indefinite hold.

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# 1 Blzer @ 11/08/14 08:38 PM
Good. I'm sure these games have phased out in my life, but if it's alongside THPS 2 - THPS 4 and is less than $40, I will for sure give it a fair shake.

Actually, I take that back. If it's a $60 title, that might mean the game had some serious attention given to it. I'll give it a look regardless.

What we really need is a new Skate game.
# 2 jyoung @ 11/08/14 09:27 PM
I wonder who is going to make this new game, since long-time Tony Hawk developer Neversoft no longer exists after their remaining employees merged with Infinity Ward to continue working on Call of Duty.

If it's Robomodo's job again, it's hard to have much enthusiasm when the three Tony Hawk games they've made (Ride, Shred, Pro Skater HD) have all been terrible.

Originally Posted by Blzer
What we really need is a new Skate game.
Sadly, the studio responsible for the Skate trilogy (Black Box) was shut down in 2013.
# 3 grodbetatted @ 11/09/14 10:07 AM
Skate never did it for me like THPS did... There was a fun factor that was unmatched in THPS vs skate
# 4 Blzer @ 11/09/14 08:08 PM
Originally Posted by darkknightrises
I want a good tony hawk game again but I think there is a better change of even a good madden game before we get a good tony hawk game again.
There are a lot of problems with this statement:

1) Many consider Madden 15 to be a fine game (sure there are broken items, but even the great 2K games had broken issues too).

2) TH games get to create an identity, and feel they have to be creative without being stale... Madden must follow an identity, and as long as they do nobody will ever complain of it being stale. So, they did Pro Skater, American Wasteland, Underground, Project [8], then Motion, Ride, and Shred. They have to keep changing the style to cater toward their crowd that will enjoy their game, and this was especially true when Skate jumped in and said, "We're going simulation."

3) Madden releases every year, thus I'd say it has "more chances" to get things right. There sure have been a lot of Tony Hawk games, but they don't release yearly. If this one doesn't get it right, they will take a while before making another one again. I'd say even those who aren't in love with Madden now (including myself) will hold onto more hope they'll "fix it" before TH. This only makes more sense that Madden will get it right first, so this isn't really a fair comparison.
# 5 Blzer @ 11/09/14 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by darkknightrises
1. NBA 2k ...
... has nothing to do with this conversation.

It is interesting that they completely ditched a mobile effort. Are the first two THPS games available in the PSX store? I would get THPS 2 for Vita in a heartbeat.

Outside of career, my friend and I played Tag at the school on THPS 2 for hours on end, literally.
# 6 eaterofworlds888 @ 11/09/14 10:00 PM
I really hope it does well. I put so many hours into THUG1 and 2 as well as American Wasteland.
# 7 JazzMan @ 11/09/14 10:20 PM
I'm dying for Skate 4, but if we could get a return to a THPS/THUG style game, I'm all for it.
# 8 AUChase @ 11/11/14 05:11 AM
I haven't played a Skateboarding game in a long time.

If it's along the lines of Underground 1-2 that would be awesome.

After those two, I haven't enjoyed any Tony Hawk games that much.

Skate, on the other hand, has been amazing.

It's not as popular of a thing, but a BMX game would also be welcome (Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, anyone ? ), but that's a discussion for another day
# 9 jyoung @ 11/11/14 06:18 PM
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, anyone?
The first two Dave Mirra games were actually better than Activision's competing Matt Hoffman titles at the time -- probably because Activision was farming out their BMX series to some smaller studios instead of giving them to Neversoft.

I loved the "Biggest Bail" competition in the original Dave Mirra where it would judge how hard you crashed, how many bones you broke, and how far your rag doll body flew.

Dave Mirra 2 was a huge improvement on the original. You could free roam through the entire level at once instead of being limited to a series of 2-minute runs.

I never played Dave Mirra 3 on Wii, so I dunno how that one turned out. It wasn't made by the original team (Z-Axis).

Z-Axis also made Aggressive Inline, which remains one of the best extreme sports games ever made.
# 10 Blzer @ 11/11/14 07:04 PM
BMX XXX had bad gameplay, but boy did I love renting that game...
# 11 jyoung @ 11/11/14 07:51 PM
BMX XXX...what a disaster that was. It was the game that finally finished off Acclaim and put them into bankruptcy.

Dave Mirra himself took Acclaim to court to get his named removed from the series after he found out about the "adult" direction they were taking the game.

Then Acclaim spent a ton of money promoting BMX XXX that they never made back in sales, as the game was banned in some countries and not stocked at all in most major American retailers.

Supposedly it sold less than 100,000 units worldwide on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube combined.

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