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We've talked about it several times on the Press Row Podcast recently, but we've never asked all of you: Do you think Online Franchise type of modes are on the endangered species list?

Many games have scaled back their offerings in this regard, and some have actually cut out the modes entirely -- with little indication from developers they are actually coming back. Despite all of this, several of these modes have made past sports games come alive with a vibrant online community -- no matter how niche their offerings are to many people.

What do you think? Are these modes on the Endangered list? Are you even concerned if they're in the game or not?

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# 1 slick1ru2 @ 11/25/14 09:52 AM
It's too big a part of Madden to cut out.
# 2 CHAPEdawg45 @ 11/25/14 09:54 AM
I wouldn't doubt it. People are so fixated on Ultimate Team modes that it just diminishes the value of a franchise mode. Can't make anymore money off of it after launch. Pathetic. Ultimate Team can be fun, but I think it's ruined sports games for a BIG chunk of people.
# 3 SVCbearcat10 @ 11/25/14 10:16 AM
It's funny, there was all this talk about the death of offline gamers. For sports, at least, I do think online franchises will be minimal in the near term. The infrastructure needed to make these work properly costs too much money. Plus, as mentioned before me, all the money is in Ultimate Team.

It'll be interesting to see if net neturality has any effects in the gaming industry. Developers like EA have the pockets to pay for internet speeds, while someone just entering the field won't have the means too. Could change the face of online gaming.
# 4 geisterhome @ 11/25/14 11:01 AM
For an mostly offline gamer like me those modes are a waste of resources.
# 5 elgreazy1 @ 11/25/14 11:16 AM
As others have stated, it's not its own money-making entity such as Ultimate Team, hence the reluctance for companies to put more resources into the modes.

This is a shame, of course, because this niche of online franchises serve as the home for some really hardcore, football fanatics who go the extra mile to make these immersive experiences. You see it here throughout OS, from Madden, NBA2K, NHL to even games as old as APF2K8. But again, developers aren't putting in the extra time to give users the tools to make these modes more robust.

The truly unfortunate aspect to these modes is that they are essentially canned and refreshed every season with a new game installment. Generally, most gamers want the new, shinier version of a game **rosterupdate** and thus the franchise doesn't carry over. Companies need to figure out a way to close this loop while also making a profit from it and still not losing on sales each year.
# 6 Dubsonic @ 11/25/14 11:56 AM
If EA ever decided to omit dynasty leagues or deeper online modes this would be to its own detriment and ultimately give rise to opportunities for other companies encroach on their bottom line. This demand is already being realized in small part with SEGA Interactive's Football League Manager series.

For too long there has been too far of a divide between the annual graphics heavy EA roll outs and the deeply engrossing experiences offered by little known text sims. For example if OOTPD ever incorporated a well playing graphics engine to their Out of the Park Baseball series, and sprinkled in some social elements such as maybe running an online franchise, they could have a dynasty on their hands.

Only on small but talented groups of individuals (who are clearly passionate sports fans) at VC (2K Football and Basketball) and SEGA San Diego (Baseball) have ever come close to realizing this divide.

For now, as long as their stock continues to rise I don't think EA cares, and is blind to what a loss cutting deeper modes would bring. I say cut em' EA I dare you.
# 7 CM Hooe @ 11/25/14 12:03 PM
I buy Madden to play online franchise, to answer the question. Without online franchise I'm not playing Madden.

To stick with the case of Madden, I think that EA may tie in Ultimate Team rewards to successes in the mode as to try to get more people playing MUT.
# 8 mestevo @ 11/25/14 12:23 PM
This is the only reason I buy Madden, just as superstar mode is why I ever even consider some of the other sports games. Remove the ways I play and you better hope the other methods of monetization make up for the lack of gamers like myself and already a few in this thread from buying the game.

Now that I can see the poll questions, not sure any really apply to Madden players. CCM is still stretching it's legs and figuring out where it wants to go but is so much more than we've ever had for a franchise mode thanks to the commingling of previously separate features, sustained franchise seasons via retirements and recreation, etc.

I thought the games that were missing these were games that recently came back or are finally making the transition to next gen?

What established games have outright removed them?
# 9 thawkprime 21 @ 11/25/14 01:41 PM
For me the online franchises need to be there so that i can play NFL seasons with friends. The offline franchises are no fun alone as for me im good enough to beat the computer 9 times out of 10, and need to have freinds in the season to have some comption for super bowls.
I feel that if they get ride of this feature it will be much like a few years ago when they rmoved fantasy draft and everyone went crazy untill they patched it in.
# 10 murph17 @ 11/25/14 01:54 PM
I would kill for a NHL online franchise mode 1/2 as good or in-depth as Madden CFM. No one played the last gen NHL franchise because it was AWFUL. Slow, few options, and you HAD to play 82 game season. Give us something worth playing and we will.
# 11 Cards_King70 @ 11/25/14 07:08 PM
Probably not. Unless they don't come up with something that can deter gamers being cheaters or prevent gamers to disconnect online, it could happen in the future. However, I think it's impossible to make online modes disappear unless someone comes up with better idea for online.

I can image Dynasty/Franchise users will depress if the online ends up eliminated.
# 12 lynkraid @ 11/25/14 11:43 PM
No online franchise and forget about Madden.
# 13 Lilgoosy @ 11/26/14 05:26 AM
it is really weird to say that, but as it is now, i think those modes are a little frustrating and not funny, that is why.

first , i bought an xbox360 in late 2008 only to play online with some friends, we had a pretty cool NBA2k online league, but then after couple of years they totally ruined it so we stopped playin that...

i was also in a pair of madden online leagues but there were just too many factors that played a role in ruining my experience ( lag, cheaters, servers down etc..)
stickin' with Madden, i am happy with all the improvements on the presentation they are making, but at the same time i am a little pissed that you don't see anything of that online and it kinda make the experience worse.

i feel like having a really good experience against the CPU with an improved AI is way funnier than playin against peolpe with lag, disconnections and stuff and frankly i don't see a way to resolve that
# 14 jeremym480 @ 11/26/14 08:58 AM
Being a gamer from the 80s and growing up on Tecmo Bowl, offline will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm actually still a big offline gamer today, however offline AI in both gameplay as well as off the field simply leaves a lot to be desired.... and always will. In games like Madden it's just simply too easy to grab a prized Free Agent or target an easy late round pick where he's slotted to go in the draft because the computer will never be as smart as other humans.

We've seen games like NCAA and Madden succeed with their online franchises because they're a fully functioning, working modes that bring the competitiveness level up tenfold. If other sports games built their online experiences similar to what Madden has, then more people would flock them. However, if the continue to half*** the modes - whether it be by not including everything offline has or having bad servers, bad UI or whatever, then people will continue to shy away from them. Basically what I'm saying is #ifyoubuildittheywillcome.

# 15 NoTiCe_O @ 11/26/14 03:06 PM
I Think they Haven't even Tapped into the potential that these Modes Have..
# 16 HustlinOwl @ 03/05/16 09:47 AM
Another year and no new features or a true franchise for MLB The Show 16's online franchise I think so

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