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NBA 2K15 roster updates arrive much more frequently this year. Whenever one is available, Mike Stauffer (bedwardsroy19) will provide us with the details.

Check out the changes for this mornings roster update below.

NOTE: If you have a roster update request, please post it in this thread (comments will be locked for individual roster updates from now on). The requests in this thread, should be exclusively in reference to inaccuracies in specific jersey team colors, player accessories, shoes, jersey numbers, player information, rotations, contracts, and missing players. The thread is NOT meant to discuss player attributes/tendencies/badges/art changes.

Hey All,

Here are the notes for today’s update:

Updated a great amount of rotations and starting lineups

Accessory Updates:
  • KJ McDaniels- Remove compression pants. Add both mid calf sleeves
  • Brandon Knight- Remove knee sleeves
  • Larry Sanders- Remove compression pants. Add knee sleeves. Change to medium double socks
  • Khris Middleton- Remove knee sleeves. Add compression pants
  • Jimmy Butler- Add left hand wrap home-white away-black
  • Nikola Mirotic- Add left arm sleeve
  • E'Twaun Moore- Remove hex pads
  • LeBron James- Add compression pants
  • Kyrie Irving- Remove compression pants
  • Mike Miller- Add right arm sleeve
  • Joe Harris- Add compression pants
  • Brendan Haywood- Add left knee sleeve
  • Rajon Rondo- Add headband. Remove left wrist wrap. Remove right rubberband. Remove hexpads. Add knee braces. Change to medium socks
  • James Young- Remove compression pants
  • Vince Carter- Remove arm sleeve
  • Paul Millsap- Add compression pants. Add knee sleeves
  • Kyle Korver- Add right arm sleeve
  • Pero Antic- Remove compression pants
  • Chris Bosh- Remove arm band. Remove arm sleeve
  • Bismack Biyombo- Remove arm band
  • Trevor Booker-Remove knee sleeves. Add compression pants
  • Derrick Williams- Remove compression pants. Change to medium long socks
  • Ryan Hollins- Remove calf sleeves. Add compression pants. Change to short socks. Add both rubberbands
  • Jose Calderon- Add right arm sleeve. Add both mid calf sleeves
  • Nick Young- Add right hand wrap-black
  • Channing Frye- Remove knee sleeve. Add compression pants. Change to short socks
  • Deron Williams- Remove compression pants
  • Brook Lopez- Change to medium long socks
  • Javale McGee- Remove knee hex pads
  • Roy Hibbert- Change to medium double socks
  • Rodney Stuckey- Change to medium socks
  • Lucas Noguira- Remove calf sleeve
  • Bruno Caboclo- Remove hex pads
  • Jason Terry- Remove knee pad
  • Steven Adams- Add right knee hex pad
  • Lance Thomas- Remove hex pad
  • Anthony Bennett- Add right knee hex pad. Change to medium socks
  • Glenn Robinson- Add knee sleeves
  • Brandon Rush- Add left small arm band
  • Bradley Beal- Change padded sleeve to arm sleeve. Add left protective wrist band. Remove compression pants. Add knee sleeves
  • Paul Pierce- Change Small Elbow Sleeve color
Shoe Changes
  • Shawne Williams- Nike Kobe IX EM
-Mike Stauffer (@2Kstauff)

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