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Amazon is currently selling NBA Live 15 for $25. This includes either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 version. Not sure how long this price lasts, but if you are on the fence about buying it, now is a good time.

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# 1 Scholz @ 11/28/14 09:06 AM
So cheap, but I still don't see any point in buying this.
# 2 Izzy Snow @ 11/28/14 09:08 AM
C'mon OS community. If you guys truly consider yourself a gamer, regardless of how you feel about this game, the least you can do is give it a shot especially at this price point. It is an enjoyable game of basketball to play if you just give it time to learn it instead of playing it like the other game. I've personally logged many hours playing just the solo challenges in Ultimate Team. Yes the game has flaws but most games do. The key for this game, for me anyway, is that it is a lot of fun to play and watching YouTube videos or Twitch broadcast does not do this game justice. You have to see it for yourself. The graphics have improved tremendously. The animations are a bit stiff compared to 2K but you sacrifice a little bit of canned animations for total control of your player and the responsiveness of the controls is something you have to experience for yourself.

I have 2K15 on PC and I logged 30+ hours during its 3 weeks before Live came out. I liked the game a lot. But I'm more of an NBA Live guy. Always have been since the very first one. If you guys want both companies to continue to push each other to do well, then support both, not just one. Again, just give it a shot.

# 3 Fist Of Kings @ 11/28/14 09:13 AM
It's been 32 bucks on xbox live before black friday I think. I would have jumped at the offer when the game first came out, but reading about this game's crippling late game ai, no sliders, and playing the demo where I saw mediocre gameplay and players not playing like themselves, I went in another direction as well.

You know things are bad when you pass a game that's half the cost of it's competitor.
# 4 ridemooses @ 11/28/14 09:46 AM
Haven't played 2k15 but this was still up on Amazon for $25 for XBOne! I'm going to give it a shot, I enjoyed the demo here's hoping it's pretty decent.
# 5 dsk1317 @ 11/28/14 12:16 PM
They pace of the game is much more realistic than 2k, and you can't use the cheese that is available in 2k, either. If you are willing to give it a real chance, and take the time to learn the controls, it will be a great $25 investment.
# 6 poloelite @ 11/28/14 01:04 PM
$25 is about the right price for this, they just waited too long to do it. Now my video game money is going to Halo and GTA V smh. I wanted to support it at this price for competiton sake, but there's only so much time and money I can allocate to games lol.
# 7 BrianFifaFan @ 11/28/14 01:27 PM
Done! Thanks.
# 8 poloelite @ 11/28/14 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by Playmakers
$25 is a steal IMO....

I was hoping to get it for $40 but hey they shocked me at $25 can't complain much at that price now.

As for Halo I'm about to get rid of Madden 15 in a trade in for that game.
I feel you, I said it was the right price, just too late. Between 2k, COD, WWE, GTA V and Halo, I don't have enough time and video game budget to squeeze out another $25.
# 9 babythug23 @ 11/28/14 03:37 PM
Finally a good price for $25 its nothing to lose. I enjoyed the demo
# 10 sooperb @ 11/28/14 04:36 PM
IIm not mistaken UFC is only 13 dollar RIGHT NOW(PSN). This is the game that should be on the front page too.

Does live have an online 5 on 5 team up mode?
# 11 noshun @ 11/28/14 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by dsk1317
and you can't use the cheese that is available in 2k, either..

Live has its own cheese:
# 12 ffaacc03 @ 11/28/14 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by noshun
Live has its own cheese:

I was laughing and frustrated at the same time.

Even after knowing this tho, I would have bought it, had I had the money ... it is extremely affordable at this price (in normal cases), just that I am not within a normal case right now, hehehe ... hopefully things will get better and I will have the pleassure to enjoy the game further on.
# 13 Fist Of Kings @ 11/28/14 06:42 PM
Yikes, that was brutal lol. That was another complaint from the demo. I wonder why they chose to make a force field instead of going out of bounds? Even at a reduced price, stuff like that would drive me crazy.
# 14 jyoung @ 11/28/14 07:07 PM
Originally Posted by sooperb
Does live have an online 5 on 5 team up mode?
Not this year. Maybe next year.
# 15 zrohman @ 11/29/14 12:43 AM
Originally Posted by dsk1317
They pace of the game is much more realistic than 2k, and you can't use the cheese that is available in 2k, either. If you are willing to give it a real chance, and take the time to learn the controls, it will be a great $25 investment.
Look. I am the first to defend NBA Live in many respects.

The defense is WAY funner to play. It actually responds to what you do. Because there is no online lag, you can actually play man to man defense. On 2k I can't even play defense offline because of input lag, let alone online.

Nba Live is much more realistic with dribbling. While some people might hate the shot timing, I love how it's more based on your timing than your players skill. Your players skill plays a big part, but when you get great releases it really matters.

The crowd is unmatched. Why 2K wouldn't actually get live audio from crowds I don't know. You can add 5 million modes, but when it's clear you hvae gameplay issues like input lag, and no crowd reaction overall, it's pretty sad that you wouldn't focus more on those core issues.

BUT. With all that said.

Live definitely has more cheese. As much as I defend live even on here, the cheese is pretty bad on live.

There are so many driving moves that are completely uninteruptable in live. Yes, again, they do a great job of collisions in the paint.

But if you've played Live against a great player you know you get cheesed the whole game.

Both games have cheese. I think Live did a great job of putting the cheese in the game that is necessary.

Some people think taking a charge before halfcourt is cheese. I say if your stupid enough to run me over you should get a foul. 2K avoids you. Live lets it happen. I think this is something some would call cheese but I feel is necessary.

Again. I spent 95 percent of this post defending live. But my main point is there is a ton of cheese too. The out of bounds thing is only the tip.

But if your intent is playing legit and realistic, the fouls, gameplay, defense, are all great. Post play is terrible right now (hopefully they patch it) but Live does a ton of things great that 2k doesn't. The atmosphere is great, and the game plays fun, close games feel great. While 2K can have a boring atmosphere making close games seem more dry.

It's give and take. But I don't want people lying saying Live has little to no cheese. Live still has a lot of cheese. But I feel like they will patch most of it. And I think there are so many great things about live, it's worth the $25
# 16 tb24ster @ 11/29/14 04:32 AM
At least you can control your player with good response time on the controllers with live 15
# 17 The 24th Letter @ 11/29/14 05:26 AM
This game is definitely worth $25 IMO....if you can afford to go give it a try I would definitely recommend it.

It's funny though: as many people talk about responsiveness, a lot of people seem to gloss over the lack of it this game can have.

If you timed a full swing around the perimeter in both games, Live would be a full second behind. Passing can feel like a chore sometimes and I think that's why they took away the ability to play passing lanes as a band aid for this.

Also the 'catch and go' game is just rough right now. You drop a pass to a big, there's a half to full second before he makes a move to get the basket, which can get you blocked in this game...that's if he doesn't take a jump shot because of the lack of contextual shots.

This stuff > crowd noise for me....
# 18 lakers24 @ 11/29/14 05:31 AM
Crap, I missed it. Ah well, guess I'll get it for $15 around playoff time like I did 14 last year
# 19 GisherJohn24 @ 11/29/14 08:15 AM
I paid 60 and have no regrets. This is the time to budge!
# 20 rawdog805 @ 11/30/14 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by Nwo4Life75
Apparently this game must not be selling well on Amazon and or EA sports. Makes you wonder. Ill stick with NBA 2k 15! I wouldn't buy NBA live if it was ten dollars!
Nothing to do with how well the game is selling, it's simply a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Kinda like how NBA 2k15 is only $29.99 now.

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