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First teased back in October with a subtle "Like" by Ramone Russell in a Forum post by seanjeezy, it is now official.

The first news on MLB 15 The Show is scheduled to be announced at the Sony PlayStation Experience on December 6th - 7th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What are you hoping to hear?

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# 61 Splitter77 @ 12/01/14 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by tnixen
I absolutely hate the HR Celebration Camera! Why Sony took away the option to turn it off in 14 is beyond me. Even though you don't get the HR Celebration Camera a lot thank god but when it does show up I just hate it as it takes away the excitement and suspense of the Home Run. I never want to see the Home Run Celebration Camera. NEVER!
sad. but its the main reason i didnt get the game last year.
# 62 Lacser @ 12/01/14 09:53 AM
In order of how much I want them

1) Create a Ballpark. It seems like every year I am waiting for this feature to come out. Baseball in unlike any sport when it comes to the stadium, because the actual field makes a difference. I would love to be able to spend hours upon hours perfecting the perfect stadium for my team. If they do end up putting it in the game, it better be fully customizable, and not just a few outfield wall options.

2) Improved Franchise Mode. I would like for there to be a way to relocate a franchise. This could go hand in hand with the Create a Ballpark. When relocating there could be fully customizable jerseys and team name just like in Diamond Dynasty

3) More in depth RTTS. I am not asking for a NBA2k style RTTS with cut scenes every 5 seconds, but it would be nice to make the mode more personal.

4) Instant Replay.

5) Manager Argue Ability.

6) Rain delays and wind

Cannot wait for saturday
# 63 PhilliesFan13 @ 12/01/14 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by Nwo4Life75
I'm a diehard Phillies fan,when I played at home in Citizens Bank park when I hit a homerun as the Phillies at home there are no fireworks when you do the homerun celebration. Just the liberty bell lights up and swings,it doesn't light up that good and doesn't swing very good! I also would like to have it where you have to manage your bullpen,for example your closer or middle reliever or setup guy can't be used because they have pitched to many innings and are tired and can't pitch until they get enough rest,so they are unavailable and can't be used,it adds strategy just like in the real MLB . Does anybody know what I'm talking? I would like to see if one of your players gets hurt on the big league club,you have the option of putting him on minor league rehab assignment before he comes back to the big league club. Last but not least,bring back having to adjust ticket food prices apparel tv contracts revenue,and the ability to do game promotions like you used to be able to do, like Madden and NBA 2k franchise modes are like.and even add a the single A level to the minor leagues.
The Phillies have never had fireworks for home runs. The game got it right this year. I will say the Liberty Bell animation needs to be addressed. The bell was also not lit up entirely when not moving. The stars should also be flashing as the bell is swinging after a home run. Bell sound also did not match up when it swung.
# 64 Ghost Of The Year @ 12/01/14 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by DemurOnion
Just saying, before any stadium creator even sets foot in this franchise they need to overhaul the stadiums they have and make them look even half-realistic for next gen. They have loads of work to do. A stadium creator is something for 17 imho.
I'll be optimistic & hope for 16 lol
# 65 tyler289 @ 12/01/14 12:50 PM
I just really want a franchise mode that resembles OOTP.
# 66 cdeiss @ 12/01/14 01:38 PM
Franchise and online franchise should be the main focus in my opinion.
# 67 mlbtheshowfan7 @ 12/01/14 03:22 PM
Improve franchise mode realism and online play. Improve diamond dynasty and it will be perfect for me.
# 68 Armor and Sword @ 12/01/14 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by Splitter77
sad. but its the main reason i didnt get the game last year.
# 69 nuckles2k2 @ 12/01/14 05:32 PM
I want "late inning guy" to be an option in RTTS (obviously with a more refined title, lol.)

But I love it when I sometimes get slotted into the set-up role in the bullpen during spring training. So with the boon of late inning guys (Betances, Herrera and Davis of H-D-H, Clippard, etc.) to their teams, I think it should make it's way to RTTS.

I would dig being the bridge between the starter and closer.
# 70 aguero90 @ 12/01/14 05:53 PM
I want an option to be a leadoff guy in RTTS. Hs anyone gotten to do this? If so, how. I always get moved to the 3 or 4 spot.
# 71 Blzer @ 12/01/14 11:07 PM
Player models, proper time of day progression, authentic broadcast camera, fans catching balls, corrected spin ball physics, and this and that... there are tons of things this game can improve on, but there are things I'm just waiting on from this series first and foremost.

Originally Posted by Sporting Zoo
My wish is the most simplest of things that no one would ever notice and it would take minimal effort to implement yet for some reason is very rarely in sports games.

I have an apostrophe in my last name, but it can't be seen in game on my player's jersey. It's such a weird thing not to include. I remember NHL2K series had it, but no other series that I can recall. Again, it's not a gamebreaker obviously, but it kind of kills the immersion for me a bit.
Sounds like it would be easier for you to just improve your last name.
# 72 ajblithe20 @ 12/02/14 09:26 AM
I'd really like to see player models taking a leap forward this year. Would also love to see every player with their own Pitch motion/batting stance. Making the players look and move authentically really goes a long way in making it feel like a baseball sim.
My other big wish is to see defense getting revamped. It seems like I only make a diving catch or diving stop once every 20+ games. I'd like to see some way to make "flashy" plays on defense. My only other gripe with gameplay in the Show are balls hit down line not making it to the wall.
# 73 Mikeiavelli @ 12/02/14 12:21 PM
As long as the servers allow for games to finish, and when they do, be counted, I'll be happy
# 74 catswithbats @ 12/02/14 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by Mikeyo918
please please improve trade logic and free agency logic. Although we have 30 team control to help this, I think its important. I cant tolerate Scherzer signing with COL, or Lester to MIN.
A flyball pitcher like Scherzer signing in Colorado makes perfect sense!
# 75 PsychoBulk @ 12/02/14 04:03 PM
No chance all these get in, but, if i had the power to pick what would be, heres my list...

1. New commentary - i think everyone can agree on this to some degree. If not new guys then freshen up the dynamic of how its done.

2. More stat tracking - i play a lot of OOTP and then come to The Show and think, wheres my WAR, wheres my FIP, wheres my BABIP etc, baseball lives and breathes stats, its crying out for more in this game.

3. Graphical overhaul - it looks good yes, but it doesnt to me look next gen, time for the The Show to really land on PS4

4. Beefed up franchise mode - its the guts of the game, go to town on it.

Roll on the weekend and first glimpse.
# 76 I_HATE_THAT_DUDE @ 12/02/14 04:29 PM
This game needs a MAJOR over haul in commentary and presentation.....if they can somehow duplicate 2k's TVs commentary and presentation this game would be great.....I love the series bc other aspects like gameplay has been far better in Sony's series...this series has to be better going forward into 2015 on next gen..2014 was a great start but other than graphics and stadium design it seemed too much like an updated ps3 version than a next gen game on ps4 so please Sony make a better game on ps4 this new baseball season other wise if 2k can prove to be better since they have had a full year and a half now to put out a solid game I may jump ship bc really after awhile the show can become boring only bc the commentary and presentation gets boring and repetitive.
# 77 Bobhead @ 12/02/14 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by Blzer
Player models, proper time of day progression, authentic broadcast camera, fans catching balls, corrected spin ball physics, and this and that... there are tons of things this game can improve on, but there are things I'm just waiting on from this series first and foremost.

Sounds like it would be easier for you to just improve your last name.
I remember some old WWE video games that offered this solution - and it was a great one. You pick two sets (first, last, nickname) of names. The first was for displaying, the second was for speaking.

The first set would visually appear wherever needed. Each alphanumberic character was individually associated with different fonts and stuff, so it displayed wherever it needed to. You could type anything you wanted, because this name was never vocally referenced.

The second set of names was used only by announcers and commentators. It came from a predefined set of names, each of which already had voice clips and stuff associated with it.

This would do wonders in The Show. It doesn't matter whether your last name is Wright, Wryte, or Right. All 3 have the same pronunciation. With this system, you'd be able to spell your name out correctly on jerseys and stuff, and still be able to retain the color commentary and announcer intros associated with the name "Wright".
# 78 RobbieMacc @ 12/03/14 08:45 AM
Me personally, I think this will be a HUGE leap from '14. I hate to even mention The Show in the same sentence as Madden but just take a look at the jump the visuals made from year one to year two on next gen. Now, I'm not saying that I strictly expect the visuals to be improved but with how well the devs listen to feedback (most of the time) and how active they are on these forums I anticipate a lot of our input will/has been heard and they are doing everything they can to give us what we want. The bar has been set pretty high in my eyes, but to be fair....I'm buying the game no matter what they do or do not add.
# 79 PattyIce @ 12/03/14 02:58 PM
This is a great thread! A lot of great ideas/asks. I would welcome most of them. I do have to say though that if this game never evolved from where it is now they would still get my $70 every year. best game play out there IMO.
# 80 whodeycin85 @ 12/04/14 03:48 PM
I would love a true 20 to 80 rating system!

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