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Electronic Arts recently emailed select NHL 15 owners a survey that asks for feedback on this year's game and attempts to judge fans' interest in a few potential features for NHL 16.

Forum user NJDEVIL30274 posted a cell phone screen capture of the survey on Electronic Arts' official forums, showing some of the new features that the company is considering:

GM Connected, the 180-player online franchise mode that debuted in NHL 13 and was dropped from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of NHL 15, is disappointingly absent from this list. Though given EA's statements on the mode's metrics during a public Q&A that was conducted back in August, its absence is perhaps expected.

It's no surprise, either, to see Ultimate Team receiving so much attention, since EA continues to tout it as the series' most-played mode. Recent earnings reports have placed Hockey Ultimate Team's year-over-year digital revenue gains at 50% and 113% for the first two fiscal quarters of 2015.

The return of the EA Sports Hockey League (which also brings in digital revenue via paid attribute boosts) seems inevitable, and will likely win back some fans who skipped NHL 15. Rebuilding old modes from past titles, however, may not be enough to reverse the franchise's negative momentum in North America, where retail sales have decreased every season since NHL 11.

Surely EA will have some bigger surprises to share with its fanbase by the time E3 arrives next June.

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Member Comments
# 1 gator3guy @ 11/29/14 11:49 AM
World Cup of Hockey with authentic teams is intriguing.
# 2 BaylorBearBryant @ 11/29/14 12:00 PM
Just bring back EASHL and work on that, incorporate the Team Creator if you need a 'new' aspect. Don't need Zamboni Racing. SMH
# 3 UofMfan13 @ 11/29/14 12:08 PM
I really like the creat a team aspect. Incorporate that with Gameface. EASHL would be phenomenal
# 4 TheKid40 @ 11/29/14 12:15 PM
I'm assuming there is no BAGM with the Owner Mode taking over? Owner Mode does look pretty cool, as does The World Cup of Hockey. But Zamboni Mode? Really? Why even bother... Spend your time on the HOCKEY Modes, don't include some kind of racing Zamboni Mode...
# 5 TSGuy @ 11/29/14 12:24 PM
Owner mode!
# 6 maltliquor23 @ 11/29/14 12:29 PM
How about just a regular season mode. I enjoyed its reintroduction in NCAA. I love it in NHL on the PS3. Its implemented in 2k. I don't typically have the time to play multiple seasons in multiple games. I may be in the minority here but my gaming time is limited by things like work and family. I can deal with skipping through half a season. Play one game sim one in NBA and NHL. Or play through a whole season in Madden, FIFA, or PES. I'd rather enjoy multiple games playing one or 2 seasons rather than having to stick to one devoting the predominance of my time to scouting and training.
# 7 Thomas Veil @ 11/29/14 12:50 PM
I just want the regular season mode back in where I can edit all teams...if that's not back I can consider any future release a disaster. GM mode does not do it for me.
# 8 T5063 @ 11/29/14 01:14 PM
Where the heck is GM/coach mode??

I want to be able to build a team by drafting and trading players but i have zero interest in setting the ****** popcorn prices at the arena. Also, the threat of being fired or offered a job with another team is not possible in ownwr mode.
# 9 canucksss @ 11/29/14 02:29 PM
GM Mode or coach mode....... not in the mode but Zamboni race is In as well as 3 on 3 big head? SERIOUSLY EA!!!????

What about those who just want to have an existing game/mode that is similar to the real NHL? I

Yearly my hatred toward's EA effort in making NHL game is increasing in alarming state. HOW i wish another company will release straight forward hockey game in PS4/X1.
# 10 FBeaule04 @ 11/29/14 03:38 PM
GM Connected is too much time consuming as ressources versus community playing the game, but in the meantime, they are offering Big Head Hockey and Zamboni Races.

Since I don't want to get ban from this site, I won't say what I really think about people around NHL for EA Sports, because it would get me into trouble.

It's just amaze me on the priorities this team has as a group. It would be just like if MLB The Show team making a survey asking what modes to include in MLB The Show 15 while they drop RTTS to offer time and ressources putting in Sausage Races and Big Head Baseball as options instead.

Seems like NHL 16 will have the exact same amount of money from me than NHL 15...Why don't bring back create-a-fan while your at it EA NHL???
# 11 N1ghthors3 @ 11/29/14 04:41 PM
"Zamboni Racing" - are you kidding me? With everything dropped on NHL 15 for next gen and they are legitimately considering this?
# 12 Nas160 @ 11/29/14 05:05 PM
I'm interested in the facelifted custom teams mode. It's about time we got something different than we had for the past, about 5 years.
# 13 THESHAMISASHAME @ 11/29/14 05:22 PM
World Cup , Big Head Hockey and Zamboni races seem like it would be a fun get away but too bad no Hockey Trivia between Periods .
# 14 CHAPEdawg45 @ 11/29/14 05:41 PM
World Cup for sure. And if that can be implemented in career mode would make it prime.
# 15 Simple Mathematics @ 11/29/14 07:09 PM
Out of that list, I would like Team Creator the best. I'd love a team-builder esque mode for NHL.

As for the rest, I don't want them to add any of them. I want them to work on BaGM. And that zamboni thing must be a joke.
# 16 canucksss @ 11/29/14 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by Simple Mathematics
Out of that list, I would like Team Creator the best. I'd love a team-builder esque mode for NHL.

As for the rest, I don't want them to add any of them. I want them to work on BaGM. And that zamboni thing must be a joke.
Originally Posted by N1ghthors3
"Zamboni Racing" - are you kidding me? With everything dropped on NHL 15 for next gen and they are legitimately considering this?
Now we can clearly see why EA is avoiding a realistic hockey game. Their heads are not in the right place when thinking/designing NHL game.

No BaGM (i dont know if this even close with Owner Mode) no BAP no Buy for me.

Team Creator should be incorporated to BaGM (like moving a team to another city).
# 17 infernoisdead @ 11/29/14 08:12 PM
I would love to have an offline multi team controlled be a gm. If I can have that this game would be perfect (in terms of game modes only). Create a team similar to the NCAA series and international tournaments would be a definite plus as well.
# 18 Dazraz @ 11/29/14 08:17 PM
Single Season mode with Multi Team control is all I require. Of course I fully understand that Zamboni Racing would be a much higher priority!!!
# 19 MizzouRah @ 11/29/14 08:20 PM
I don't care what modes are in NHL 16 as long as BeaGM is back and enhanced. So much more needs to be done to immerse us into BeaGM.
# 20 ven0m43 @ 11/29/14 10:22 PM
The only mode that I play or care about in sports games are Owner/GM mode. I like taking a team/franchise and playing multiple seasons with that team, while making changes via trades and free agency. I like to adjust my sliders to make the stats and scores to be realistic.

My suggestion would be to improve the game play and not worry about adding new game modes that will be replaced in a year or two.The AI, Penalties and the fore checking need the most attention.

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