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There have been several games with somewhat disappointing showings this season. From NHL 15's many gaffes, to NBA Live's improvement but not quite there quality, to the online fiasco with NBA 2K15 -- this year's sports gaming genre seemed to have plenty of areas which need improvement.

To you, what game has the most to prove next year as a yearly AAA title? Vote for one of the three options or pick one of your own by selecting other and letting us know in the comments!

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# 1 Equinox831 @ 12/09/14 12:47 PM
For how frustrating NBA 2K15's release was, they actually did put out one hell of a game that addressed a ton of issues from 2K14 and everyone should be able to acknowledge that it's an excellent basketball game. NBA Live is actually a somewhat decent game that plays well, but it just gets overshadowed by 2K. NHL on the other hand.. That's a flaming pile of trash that EA should be embarrassed for. It's a stripped down beta for NHL 16 that's not receiving any support and with this most recent "New Era" bait-and-switch they pulled, EA should be walking the plank with most NHL fans. The good news is NHL 15 has great on-ice gameplay and excellent visuals, so EA really just needs to flesh out their features and add in everything that was present on current-gen and most people would be happy. If they're actually going to do that is a different question though.
# 2 taydev1225 @ 12/09/14 01:08 PM
Regardless of NBA2k15's online issues the gameplay is beautiful and the game looks gorgeous. Madden is the game in my opinion that needs to elevate its game to the next level.
# 3 ven0m43 @ 12/09/14 01:28 PM
Answer EA games. Now which one has the most to prove? NHL or NBA, I'd have to say NHL, for the fact that the game has been going in the wrong direction and actually getting worse.
# 4 Ghost Of The Year @ 12/09/14 01:32 PM
NBA Live 16, at least until EA proves they're committed to putting the game out.
# 5 Retropyro @ 12/09/14 01:42 PM
# 6 thisgrilledcheez @ 12/09/14 01:57 PM
How the hell is Madden not a listed choice?
# 7 bxphenom7 @ 12/09/14 02:07 PM
Hard question, I'd say it's between NHL, PES, NBA 2k (not happy with a story in career mode, this isnt wwe), and wwe 2k. I guess I'll go with wwe 2k.
# 8 Turbojugend @ 12/09/14 02:26 PM
I haven't played the Live series, but from what I've read it seems to at least be on the right track. The sports game with the most to prove would have to be NHL 16 as it's the game that has the farthest to go to regain consumer trust.

I have friends who are casual gamers and diehard hockey fans, and even they were disappointed with this year's offering. Hardcore gamers are usually going to find flaws in any given product, but if you manage to distance both the hardcores and the casuals, you're going to have an uphill battle next year.
# 9 HustlinOwl @ 12/09/14 02:37 PM
Dont play any of those, so for me its easily MLB The Show and its annual online problems. We were finally introduced with an Online Franchise, but with commissioners not having complete control (GOD mode) there were issues with bad league members causing clubs to go in serious salary cap hell with releasing of players etc. I can list a dozen issues with online play and online leagues, but will save for a later date in the proper forum
# 10 pjburrage @ 12/09/14 02:58 PM
For me, Madden and FIFA are the only 'AAA' Sports games I regularly (never really been able to get into the NBA or NHL games and prefer my Baseball in the form of OOTP). FIFA is very good and needs only slight tweaking to improve for next year. As for Madden, as it currently stands, I'm not intending to purchase the game on release next year, instead waiting to see the reaction here and elsewhere.

The issues in order of importance that might make me change my mind:
1. Sacks - or more accurately balance.
2. Give CFM some 'feeling'
# 11 BezO @ 12/09/14 03:09 PM
Other - Madden
# 12 nate1986 @ 12/09/14 03:20 PM
i think WWE 2k16 has a hell of alot to make up for removing so many customization options
# 13 XMrAngryEyesxX @ 12/09/14 03:28 PM
NBA 2k and MLB both have firm, grounded games who both compete each year very well for best sports title. NBA Live needs to improve but isn't the one with the most to prove. NHL just made a mistake, while a key one, of thinking they could come out with a game having not near enough content and modes. FIFA is FIFA. Madden with it's gameplay and presentation aspects the way they are needs to improve and prove the most. Football is one of the major sports and the other sports have games that seem to have gotten so good they have to try to build on their successes, excluding NHL here. No one would say that about Madden and with NCAA being gone I'm sure many people would love to turn to Madden for football. Madden 15 was a great step but it still needs work to catch the other guys. When was the last time anyone would have voted Madden over FIFA, NBA 2k, or The Show? They have to prove they can take a step forward and continue to move in that direction. Not step forward then fall backwards.
# 14 Str0mTropper @ 12/09/14 03:41 PM
I voted 2k before I read everything the new update fixed. But I wish they fix those damn servers. I still get disconnected at least twice a day. I rather get disconnected from the servers and not earn any VC then have to keep starting over.
# 15 Vikes1 @ 12/09/14 03:56 PM
I'd say NHL 16. Of course i'm no expert, but man...if '16' bombs anywhere near as badly as '15' has, EA's hockey game maybe very close to the edge.
# 16 RipCityAndy @ 12/09/14 04:16 PM
Personally - NBA2k15. I know plenty of people here enjoy it, but the release seriously soured me on basketball games. I haven't touched it in over a month.
# 17 Halloween @ 12/09/14 04:44 PM
Other - Pes 16

15 is basically PES 6 in HD. It sounds like a good thing, because PES 6 is probably the best soccer game (Fifa 03 would be second imo) but it's not 2007 anymore.

They need to show me they're still capable of making an up to date soccer simulation.
# 18 NC12 @ 12/09/14 04:53 PM
Should be unanimous... NHL no doubt
# 19 jjggf @ 12/09/14 05:06 PM
Madden 15 made a lot of progress, but madden 16 should be the year we get the best football game of all time.
# 20 kingsofthevalley @ 12/09/14 05:35 PM
I'll go with Madden. 15 stepped up the game a bit and I actually think 16 is going to be amazing!! The building blocks/foundation are finally back in place, i.e. presentation, true step, etc. All they need to do is expand upon the foundation next year and they'll be golden.

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