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Another NBA Live 15 title update has arrived this morning. It includes Christmas uniforms and weighs in at 948 MB. The patch is currently available on the PlayStation 4.

We will update this post once it is available on Xbox One and/or we get any additional information on the update.

Let us know what you are seeing.

UPDATE: NBA Live 15 title update #2 will be available for Xbox One users tomorrow. Below are the details, taken from the official blog, which contains more than 400 improvements.

UPDATE #2: The blog has been updated. The patch will not arrive on Saturday, it has been changed to "Coming Soon".

Synergy will affect rosters both offline and online. If a player doesn't dress, he will not be available in online or offline Play Now. This will not affect Dynasty, Rising Star or Ultimate Team.


Added 15 scanned player heads including:
  • Noah Vonleh
  • Shabazz Napier
  • Gary Harris
  • Elfrid Payton
  • Zach LaVine
  • Dario Saric
  • James Young
  • Nik Stauskas
  • T.J. Warren
  • Doug McDermott
Added uniforms that teams will wear on Christmas Day

More than 50 bug fixes, as well as an improved interface for LUT Fantasy Challenges. Also added Quicksell Value view to Items, as well as Pack Bundles.

Adjustments to three-point shooting percentage and effectiveness, for both CPU and User controlled teams.

Tuned collisions and contests when driving the lane and going up for a layup for more varied results. Expect more misses if there is heavy contact in the paint.

Added more authentic shooting animations for players around the league.

We’ve made timing for releasing your shot more forgiving for both online and offline play. Now, the timing feels more natural and predictable.

Tuned the shot arc and rim physics for more organic shot types and results. Gone are the days where every made three-pointer is a swish.

Players will recover much quicker and have better overall positioning while defending dribble moves and fakes.

Tuned the AI during inbound plays to be more responsive and initiate more movement.

Enhanced the feedback system to include your player’s rating for that particular shot type and whether you were open or not.

Cleaned up some of the invisible boundary issues when moving along the baseline with the ball.

Tuned stealing to address spamming issues with results in more fouls being called.

Address late game AI issues where players would not react or respond naturally – often causing them to dribble the ball out or not attempt a shot with the clock winding down.

Adjusted the intentional foul animation to address player warping issues.

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Member Comments
# 1 WTF @ 12/12/14 07:13 AM
Yep, was just coming to post this as well. I'm going to assume we'll have some faces and shoes in the mix. We'll see shortly.
# 2 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 07:13 AM
Yes...948MB. Grabbing it now.

That is a fairly promising size.

Some patch notes would be very much appreciated.
# 3 Mintsa @ 12/12/14 07:14 AM
Impressions please !!!!!!!

Or patch notes......
# 4 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 07:18 AM
Even their Twitter feed has nothing about it.

Weird. This is the worst communicated product in history.

If it wasn't for WTF there would be literally nothing said about it.

Hoping the patch update will mention something when finished installing.
# 5 WTF @ 12/12/14 07:43 AM
Raise your hand if you were updated in the patch today!

Unfortunately I'll be heading to work in a few. I'm trying to scour through real quick to see what I see, but I'm running thin on time.
# 6 Mintsa @ 12/12/14 07:47 AM
WTF, didn't it have any patch notes on the PS4 screen like the previous patch/update ?
# 7 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 07:51 AM
All it says is "minor bug fixes".

Was Hoping there would be something like the notes that came with title update one.

For now though all it says is minor bug fixes.
# 8 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 07:55 AM
Well....the bad news is that there are no sliders still..

And no editing has been added.
# 9 WTF @ 12/12/14 07:57 AM
Chistmas Day jerseys are in. No Blue Cavs Jerseys, no Lebron shoes, unless the team hasn't updated them through the rosters (which I'm assuming is the case).
# 10 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 07:58 AM
PJ Tucker is on the bench for Portland.

I haven't watched much NBA this week...was he traded?
# 11 therizing02 @ 12/12/14 07:59 AM
Late game AI?
# 12 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 08:04 AM
Originally Posted by therizing02
Late game AI?

There are no patch notes.

Only way to tell would be if someone plays a game where the cpu are down with a few seconds to go. Hopefully notes are released.
# 13 DirtyJerz32 @ 12/12/14 08:07 AM
I'm assuming they'll have patch notes in a blog shortly.
# 14 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 08:08 AM
No Cavs blue jersey for those interested.

They do have Christmas jerseys though. i haven't played for a few weeks...were those already there?
# 15 WTF @ 12/12/14 08:15 AM
The Rosters are 10 kinds of Jacked up. No Big 3 in San Antonio. They're missing. No Demarcus Cousins, he's gone. No Carmelo Anthony, not sure where he is. DJ Mbenga in the starting lineup for the Cavs, What?
# 16 The 24th Letter @ 12/12/14 08:25 AM
Please grab a screenshot of Mbenga in a Spurs jersey WTF

I don't know if it's because they're in video game form, but the X-Mas jerseys don't look as bad as I originally thought lol
# 17 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 08:32 AM
Just played the Cavs and I forced Kyrie baseline and trapped him...

Went into replay and his foot is out of bounds.....i.e. The out of bounds bug is STILL there.

He just played out like nothing happened despite stepping out of bounds.

I don't want to sound harsh, but the team responsible for this game should be ashamed leaving bugs like this in for two releases now...and just ignoring it.

How can you run out of bounds in basketball and just play on

Sorry to be negative, but this stuff has just dragged on forever with this game. I would bet the late game AI has been ignored also. Just unnaceptable.
# 18 WTF @ 12/12/14 08:33 AM
I can't, Mbenga is on the Cavs. I'll throw it up.

The rosters are MESSED UP currently. I'm assuming that a new one will drop, and these were mistakely uploaded? There are no inactive players currently.
# 19 Walt Frazier @ 12/12/14 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by WTF
The Rosters are 10 kinds of Jacked up. No Big 3 in San Antonio. They're missing. No Demarcus Cousins, he's gone. No Carmelo Anthony, not sure where he is. DJ Mbenga in the starting lineup for the Spurs, What?
I have only checked afew teams, but the rosters have gone haywire.

PJ Tucker is on the bench for Portland etc.

I saw DJ starting for the Cavs...are you sure he was on the Spurs also?
# 20 WTF @ 12/12/14 08:39 AM


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